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      Hey, nice to see you online!
      Wishing you a happy holiday season!
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      Glad to see you back.
      I've had pink hair before too, but it's currently purple.
      Good luck getting back into dreaming! Hope to see you around more.
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      Are you around these days?
      Did you know your old comp is starting back up?
      Come join us!

      Your purple/pink theme is amazing, btw! And your hair, wow... So many pretty colours on this page!
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      Dem colors are nice mmmmm
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      * killing pokes nito89
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      You be'er! I be comin' down to ya in a couple of weeks meight!
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      Oh mah gawd!!!!1111 SuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuP???????
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      Haha, it's alright, you're a busy man .
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      Pleasure to be here and to be a friend of yours!
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      Thanx for accepting my friend request!
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    Simply because you can breathe, doesn't mean your alive, or that you really live....


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    Recent Entries

    Lucid flight and dream BMX'ing.

    by nito89 on 03-12-2012 at 02:12 PM
    Im in a house that is not mine, I pass a mirror in a hall and look at my reflection, I notice that one of my front teeth it turned completely sideways. I stare at the tooth for a while, examining it, all the time thinking "this isn't right..." I fiddle with the tooth a little, it's really loose and comes out very easily. I touch my tongue to the gap where my tooth once was and can feel the hole my tooth has left, it freaks me out a little.

    I remember that this is a dream sign for me, so i plug my nose but i can breathe!

    I float up to the window that is above me, i open it. Its very small so i have to wriggle through the window while flying. I exit the house and immediately swan dive towards the ground, its exhilarating! I wait until the last possible second before i hit the ground, then fly up again. Im surprised at how easy flying seems to be for me in this dream. I fly up to a shed and land on it, i know what i want to do. I want to call for my dreamguide, i try to call out but no sound comes from my mouth and the dream starts to collapse.

    Dream 2.

    I am riding towards my granma's house on a BMX. There are speed bumps in the road and whenever i go over them i bunny hop to get some air. a car is coming towards me so i move to the pavement until it passes. I turn a corner onto my grandparents street and arrive on their driveway. My grandad is stood there building a gate, we talk for a while and then i head inside to see my grandma, shes with one of my cousins friends and im watching a video about lucid dreaming on a laptop.

    lucid , non-lucid

    Lucid fight & team task and a FA

    by nito89 on 12-22-2011 at 12:45 PM
    I'm standing in the bathroom, looking into the mirror. I think I've just finished brushing my teeth, I notice a weird sensation coming from my teeth and when i check in the mirror i see a giant whole in one of my canines. This freaks me out a lot and upon closer inspection i see one of my teeth is MUCH bigger than the rest, its huge. This is weird, really weird.

    Of course! Im dreaming! I think about doing a couple of RC's but I'm so sure its just not necessary. So i think to myself "what the hell, im dreaming...." i poke at the giant tooth and it seems pretty loose, so i grab it and gently pull it out. I giggle to myself.

    I walk down the stairs and out into my garden and begin to shout for Misslucy. I keep shouting and a girl appears, i run over to introduce myself. This girl says she is misslucy so i ask her about the pm she sent me but she had no clue about it. "your not misslucy are you..." i say. She answers "nope."
    Im confused as thats never happened to me before. I think to myself "i wonder if matte could help me out..... THATS IT, ill summon him"

    "MATTE!...... MATTE87!?" i shout, i turn around and see matte bounding towards me with a grin on his face "cool, you summoned me man, thats awesome!" I make a joke about how tall he is and keep repeating something like "omg this is so cool, feels too real" and he just agrees with me. "Remember to stabilise man" Matte tells me so i begin rubbing my hands together and smelling the air.
    I finally calm down and ask him to start helping me summon misslucy, so we both begin to walk around my garden shouting for her. After about 2 or 3 minutes i finally get an answer "um.... Yes?"
    Matte shouts and points "over there man!" - we both run over to her and talk to her for a few mins, although i cant remember what about, but she seems really shy and like she wants to get away. So i tell her ill find her again next time i LD, she smiles at me and turns to leave.

    I walk up towards the house and start chatting with matte again, i hear a shout and someone is stood on the roof of my house looking angry at me, he throws some sort of grenade type object at me so i put my hand up in front of me and stop it mid-air using TK, i throw the grenade to one side and send lightning right at his face, he screams and keels over, hands clutching his head.
    I hear shouts from behind me, matte is in front of me and grinning at what i just did, he sees the bad guys but jumps and disappears into the sky. For a second i panic, thinking hes left me on my own. I turn around to see where the shouting came from and as i turn i see a blur shoot down from the sky and crash into all 4 of the people standing there, there is a lot of smoke and i cant see, i wait a few seconds for it to pass and it reveals matte, standing there laughing inside a pretty big crater....
    "quit laughing man you ruined my garden!" i shout at him, he just laughs harder.

    I wake up into a FA pretty suddenly.... I'm on a sofa and Keirnan and Darvz are with me (these are my RL friends that i usually talk about LDing with) "whoa i just woke up from a REALLY long lucid dream"
    they both laugh at me and tell me i was out for a while, but they want to hear about it, so i tell them.
    Darvz tells me how cool that sounds but they gotta go so i wave them off. I'm about to try to sleep again so i can have round 2 but there is a knock on the door so i answer it.
    Its soph with some guy named kyle. She wants to hang out, i say fine so we are sat on the sofa talking for a while then kyle says he has to go to the shop for something so he'll see us in an hour.

    I wake up for real.

    Lucid - 07/12/2011

    by nito89 on 12-08-2011 at 03:29 PM
    Going through beeston square on a unicycle. Dad is with me. I ride past a bench and hear a girls voice shout "alriiiiight gorgeous!!" its hayley. I ride over to her, jump off my unicycle. It goes flying towards the group of people hayley is with, over their heads, smashes into a shop and continues bouncing around. "that shit is CRAZY!" i say.

    Im in my grandparents house with my family. They want me to do some weird dark, ritual. Apparently to give me certain powers and make me live forever. I'm turning it down at first but then decide ill go with it. My uncle - who is slouched on the sofa - instructs me to take out a lightbulb and turn it on with my own power. i take a chair, stand on it and un-screw the lightbulb. hold the bulb in my hand and try to make it turn on, nothing happens. I look around the room and everyone is giggling... "WHAT?" I shout. They tell me to hold it the other way round, so i grip the metal bit and try again, i focus REALLY hard, putting all my concentration into lighting up the bulb, the bulb lights up - so bright that it hurts my eyes and everyone yells at me to turn it off. The room goes dark and they start asking me to do some really evil things, i refuse and walk out of the house. My uncle follows me and tells me if i dont do them, he will be forced to kill me.

    I run out of the house and down the street, i can hear my uncle running after me, suddenly i stop.... Holy shit, THIS IS A DREAM! I nose plug RC, i can breathe. i can hear my uncle's footsteps and he is laughing, i turn around just as my uncle gets close to me, with a raised knife, aiming towards my throat. His face is twisted in hatred, it scares me a little. I tell myself not to think about his expression too much as i don't want to lose lucidity and put my left hand up in front of me in a "stop" kind of motion. he freezes in place. I grin at him, I KNOW im dreaming you idiot, his expression changes to one of fear. i slowly bring my right hand back, as if im firing a bow, but keep bringing it back until its fully stretched out facing behind me. All the while smiling, i focus as much energy into my hand as i can muster and force it forwards, it doesn't hit him, it wasn't suppose to. My hand stops just before his chest but my Uncle is instantly thrown backwards, so fast, i could not keep up with his movement. I cant see him anymore so he must of gone REALLY far.

    I turn to see my silver, fiat punto. Think to myself this is a lucid, cant be driving round in that. I turn away from my car, think about a dodge challanger, when i turn around there is one parked in front of my punto. I get in and start to drive really fast. I notice that my petrol is really low and wander where i can fill up with gas...

    I wake up in my bed with a huge grin on my face.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    04/12/2011 - 4 dreams in one night.

    by nito89 on 12-05-2011 at 07:04 PM
    I'm at my old house on burford road. Me & Joe are folding and packing up some cloths, i find a dress and some shoes, neither one of us knows who it belongs to. "its probably hayley's, she stayed here a while back - must have left it here" i say to Joe. He agrees with me, the dress is black with white pokadots and a green thread around the edge of the dress.

    I ask Joe if he has seen Hayley Lately & he says yes, im slightly taken aback by this as they arent actually friends.

    We leave the house and get in my car.

    Dream 2

    Im now with my italian family, round a dinner table they are telling me about some aftershave i left there, its in a baby blue bottle, they place it on the table and tell me to take it with me, i say something like "oh i had completely forgotten about that"

    My family continue to talk to me about things but i blank it out and stare at the aftershave bottle, its a really weird shape...

    Dream 3

    Im on a beach, its really nice, its hot, sunny and the sea is really blue. Im with my italian family again, i walk away from them all down to a little shed with loads of towels draped all over it, it has a sign that says something about 10 euros. I reach out in my mind to my cousin, Nicola, i ask her a few questions. To my amazement, writing starts to appear on the towel that is closest to me, and its answering the questions i asked!
    We talk back and forth for a while, then I turn around and go for a stroll at the seas edge, i end up on a mini island where the sand is more raised and the tide is coming in, i turn back and look at the shed, i see a huge crows of kids all standing there, pointing at it. I figure that nicola must still be communicating so i head back there.

    As i get there i find that there is more writing on the towels - i decide to freak out/ show off to, the kids. I strike up the conversation again, out loud this time so they can hear me. The kids are amazed when they see the writing appear, my other cousin Natalia comes over to see what the fuss is about she doesn't believe that i am talking to Nicola, so i say "nic, Natalia is here and she says hi to Daniel" we wait for a few seconds, then writing appears "hey Talia!" She is shocked & gets the whole family to come over.

    Dream 4

    I am in an urban environment, i am given an option to select a mech suit and choose a red one that looks pretty cool. Once i select it i am INSIDE the mech and enemies start to appear pretty much straight away, i target and lock onto them by imagining my xbox controller and pressing LT. I then fire at them all by pressing A.

    I figure out how to use the mechs jet pack and begin flying around above the enemies shooting away. I land on a rooftop and see a load of vehicle type mechs but through a wall next to me, as they are coming out im hammering the LT button and targeting them all, once they are locked, i jet pack up again and blast them whilst in the air.

    Updated 12-05-2011 at 07:13 PM by nito89


    Lucid, back garden antics.

    by nito89 on 11-19-2011 at 02:36 PM
    I wake up in my bed, decide to nose plug RC I can breathe!
    I get up out of bed, walk out of my room, its still really dark, I float down the stairs, my dad is slumped at the bottom, against my front-door. He mumbles something to me as i pass him, i ignore him and carry on.

    I walk through my living room to the doors that lead to my garden, when i reach them i start punching the glass in the door, it doesn't break and i can feel my hand connect, i try again, harder and harder but still nothing happens. I give up and just open the door to walk outside, its light out now, i walk down the patio section and try to fly, i manage to float a few metres forward but thats all. I'm determined to fly so i start jumping hoping that i will get higher and higher, but i don't. I decide i want a fight and see my mother appear from my bedroom window at the top of the house. She looks stern and angry (which is just NOT like her) She throws a small brownish like box at me from the window, i raise my hand and stop the box in mid-air with TK and send it flying back at her. She disappears from the window so i try to bring the entire side of the house down with TK, i manage to make it shake and dust and steam flies out of the top but other than that, nothing happens. My mum comes out of the double doors that i just used and steps onto the patio, sword in hand. I need to find a weapon and reach into my pockets, after a few seconds of feeling around i can feel a sword-hilt, i take it out. The sword is very small, but its all i got.

    We start to fight with the swords, faster and faster, until they are just a blur and i wonder how i can keep up with this. Then i start to hear noises, screams and shouts, from a few gardens down, they don't sound bad, they sound like a few people having fun. "enough of this, i want to go over there, it sounds like fun" my mum walks back inside while i walk to the end of my garden, listening to the noises.

    I wake up in my bed, but its outside in my garden, its daytime and i get up and walk towards my house, on the way i find a huge sword, laying on the grass but cant make sense of it.

    I wake up for real.
    lucid , false awakening