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    1. On the whole doing well, things have been quite busy though so trying to find that balance and reclaim my dream life ! Definitely helps we’ve got this place to go back to and many of our long time friends are still around or returning. Happy to hear you’ve been getting more lds along with better sleep! Do you think you might go for one of the totms next?
    2. Heyyyy!! Things have been pretty crazy on my end. But I’ve been getting better sleep lately and therefore more lucid dreams so I thought I would check back in to this old beautiful place. How are you?
    3. Hey Ophie! How have things been? Miss having you around here, your persona always lifted the spirits!
    4. Thanks ma'am!
    5. Love the Japanese spirit!
    6. Happy birthday, awesome lady!
    7. We you!!! What you have done is more than enough for gratefulness to extend into infinity....
    8. Fuck Yeah!!

    9. Ahhh! Happy DV Anniversary!
    10. Just saw the gab one! It's a great idea, you guys rock!
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