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      hiii...im so sleepy!! but I get to sleep in which means more dream time for me, yay
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    scary dream about a "game" that makes you see shit

    by Oceanboy on 12-29-2014 at 08:34 PM
    [2:16:01 PM] shakunabat: started out with me and a bunch of other students heading home at the end of a day of school
    [2:16:19 PM] shakunabat: i remember seeing this teacher opening something and going under ground, like a manhole but not
    [2:16:33 PM] shakunabat: just remember feeling bad cause i think the dream implied she was homeless or something
    [2:17:11 PM] shakunabat: i dont remember the transition, but at somepoint, where in this bathroom of tile, its a public one that looks like it would be attached to a gym with showers too
    [2:17:16 PM] shakunabat: were just in the bathroom, about 6 of us
    [2:18:00 PM] shakunabat: and were playing either a game, or were just trying to fuck around, cause we were trying to get this ghost to make an appearence
    [2:18:43 PM] shakunabat: i recall one of us having some kind of screen that was showing the room, like a security camera
    [2:19:03 PM] shakunabat: and randomly one of the people said they just saw her on their screen
    [2:19:30 PM] shakunabat: and as were all gettin a little more anxious
    [2:19:53 PM] shakunabat: were standing at the corner of this room, that ther is a wall coming out from the center, making a u in the corner of just urinals
    [2:21:24 PM] shakunabat: and all of a sudden someone says shit shes right there
    [2:21:54 PM] shakunabat: we all turn and sure enough on the screen showing the room, shes standing with her back to us, in a white gown, just standing at one of the urinals
    [2:21:59 PM] shakunabat: me being the punk ass i am
    [2:22:17 PM] shakunabat: am playing with the spot, looking at the screen and hten like punching at the air that is empty
    [2:23:09 PM] shakunabat: ima just say she screamed and everything went dark and we were in another room
    [2:23:12 PM] shakunabat: kinda of like
    [2:23:33 PM] shakunabat: the upstais room of some wooden building, with just a window in the center side wall facing the door
    [2:23:51 PM] shakunabat: like a 15x30
    [2:24:06 PM] shakunabat: and at this point were all noticing sounds and shit
    [2:24:22 PM] Takkun Somme: eep
    [2:24:29 PM] shakunabat: and one of the people im with randomly grabs a fire work thing and starts playing with it on the ground
    [2:24:43 PM] shakunabat: and pretty much murders theirself with it
    [2:25:13 PM] shakunabat: were all starting to trip cause he seemed distant and possesed almost when he did it
    [2:25:54 PM] shakunabat: so we find ourselves in a living room, similiar to the one back in potterville, that has a wall to your right, a couch ahead and one to the left, and a glass door ahead too
    [2:27:09 PM] shakunabat: were all freaking out trying to focus on what we want to do while we hear like loud whispers and shit, all of a sudden everything goes quiet and one of us gets the attention of the rest and we look out the glass door
    [2:27:32 PM] shakunabat: and see the teacher from earlier that day, slicing open the belly of one of us that was Just in the room
    [2:27:48 PM] shakunabat: like somehow they got tp'd out there and their guts were being spilled
    [2:29:18 PM] shakunabat: after that it was just a lot of scary sounds and weirds shit popping up in your vision like words in another language(kinda of like the silent hills trailer PT ) eventually its just me and this other chick, and shes like cowering into one of the couches which at the same time seemed like a good idea to me
    [2:29:22 PM] shakunabat: so i just lay down
    [2:29:27 PM] shakunabat: and start talking to the girl
    [2:29:33 PM] shakunabat: what the what fuck...
    [2:29:42 PM] shakunabat: what do we do how do we end this
    [2:29:46 PM] shakunabat: hellooo?
    [2:29:49 PM] shakunabat: talk to me please
    [2:30:00 PM] shakunabat: Helllloooo bitch you still there?
    [2:30:17 PM] shakunabat: "just say 'hiding' and it'll end"
    [2:30:55 PM] Takkun Somme: x.x
    [2:30:56 PM] shakunabat: so i just said it and closed my eyes..... like imagining in my head within the dream some guy running through brimstone and death and taking cover in something
    [2:31:11 PM] shakunabat: and i just kept my eyes closed and all the scary sounds just faded away
    [2:31:21 PM] shakunabat: and i know im probably not remembering parts
    [2:31:24 PM] shakunabat: just the way it played out
    [2:31:29 PM] shakunabat: was so fucking perfect

    cube cave

    by Oceanboy on 08-12-2014 at 09:23 AM
    the last dream before waking up, the only one i could recall, was one that I remember finding myself at the top of a rocky sliding path with water runing through itthat ended, opening up into the cave, it was cube shaped, a bit open. I rode the natural water slide until i found myself going over the edge and and landing in a yellow tarp that I continued to slide down until I was in the water.

    At the bottom was water, to one side a wooden dock with a few shacks against the wall of the cave.

    I got out of the water feeling like something was lurking in the water.

    I got to the top of the cave somehow and as i was looking down I thought of a game that would be fun, and then like text appears like im playing a game, nothing i can read but its like the admin is speaking saying that we would just do a round since no one else was joining. I jump down in the water and all of a sudden i can see a massive shark coming up, I jump onto the dock again, and the water is rising this time. Just as i jump for a shack the shark smashes through the dock and is right at the edge of the roof of the shack.

    and i woke up

    reentry 2

    by Oceanboy on 08-06-2014 at 09:50 PM
    cannot remember the driving segment

    But i do recall the last dream where I was with a group apparently fighting another, it all seemed rather game style in the lack of real urgency, kind of something like Rust or WarZ/Infestation, where you can group up/fight other people in an open world game. I remember calling out to the group we followed into a building, ended up deciding to try and be peaceful,

    I remember stepping out through a window onto a roof meeting 2 others, I was with another who i cannot remember the detail of. I had my gun down, but one of them saw fit to keep a laser on my head, they even closed the distance and kept their aim right on me..... their eyes wide, serious.... it was a bit much and I just lost all sense of safety, like at any second they could pull the trigger and end me..... so i quickly shot the one aimed with laser down, i think the other took off.

    re entry

    by Oceanboy on 08-05-2014 at 09:35 PM
    seeing if i can get my recall back up again so i can once again reach for lucidity

    Most I remember for my dream last night was going on a long drive, somewhere to northern central united states, my mom randomly joined me, which is nice cause I've not seen her in years. I guess she was going to do a rest of the drive, I calmly grabbed the wheel though and gave it a jerk as to cause her door to shut because her dream character just left it open for some reason when she began driving

    Wasn't much else I recall after that.

    @[email protected] watched my cat die the other day.... really sucked, hope I get to see her alongside my duck sometime soon in my dreams

    meeting a shapeshifter

    by Oceanboy on 08-28-2013 at 10:12 PM
    First dream was of me parking my car on a pizza delivery and getting some ticket, ended up meeting who gave me the ticket, asked em if they could do anything about it cause i already have registration and smog to do for it... couldn't afford a couple hundred bucks, then he said its was actually 5000 which made my jaw drop. He ended up saying he would see what he could do to get it dropped.

    I woke up, went back to sleep

    I woke in my room at night, went to go outside, and i noticed one of the cats we feed was chasing a tiny little deer.

    I was talking calmy to it once it was stopped ontop of the brick wall, having not seen any deer here in the city i found it odd. As i kept talking "hi, how are you" blah blah blah, it suddenly turned into this beautiful dark skinned lass. I was flabberghasted, cant recall much of the dialogue other than me asking if she would like to joing me in smoking a bowl of some herb, to which she said she would like. I came back outside and i guess one of my friends who was staying over followed me out. I noticed this huge fat cat sitting in one of the chairs. My friend asked about the cat and where it came from I kind of jsut mouthed to him "thats a person : o"

    Woke up before we could share that bowl of herb x.x