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    I believe in power of imagination, in kindness and in Universe.
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    Portal into a Lucid Dream Mapped

    by Ohsupernatural on 01-23-2017 at 05:43 AM
    I decided to keep my journal colour coded, so it's easier for me to re-read them and jump into lucid parts or parts that are somehow important. So blue is going to be lucid and red will indicate any insights or an outtake of the dreams.

    In my sleep today I was finally able to fully realize and complete a mental map of my own portal into a lucid dream. Not that I didn't know about it before. I always kept a mental map of it. But it was rather intuitive and I never actually tried to draw it on paper. Today however I was able to "finish" it in my dream and give it structure.

    So my personal portal leading to a state of lucid dreams is a particular building. It means that whenever I see it or find myself inside of it, I know I'm dreaming and thus, start lucid dreaming. I've been there a number of times and took my time to explore it. I know its every corner and every door. It's always the same and always works like a charm.

    It has two parts to it. It has a facade and a rear side that leads me into a reoccurring town. Its left wing leads into a state of a regular dream, meaning that if I choose to go to its left side I will always transition into another dream, usually non-lucid. It's a great way for me to escape an unwanted LD or beat/hide/run away from monsters.

    If I, however, choose to exit through its rear door, which is situated in the right wing of the building, I will inevitably end up in this re-occuring town. The town, just like a building, always stays the same but has a very large territory which i haven't explored fully yet.

    What is interesting though is that in order for me to get to its left side (i.e. regular dream exit) I need to climb a secret staircase in between the building's walls. I access that staircase through a kitchen of a restaurant on the ground floor. There is no other known way to get to the left side. Until today I didn't question why it works this way. Why does it have to be secret and located between the walls? Why is there no easier way to exit to a state of regular dream? Is it because our minds always have to have "doors" to carry us from one place into another?

    The building itself has about 5-6 floors, is non-residential and have numerous offices, where I see people working away. They usually do some kind of office work, using a lot of paper. The building is pretty harmless and nobody usually pays attention to me. They have a restaurant on the ground floor and a pool.

    There is also a scary part to this building, and I don't like it when I somehow end up in there. It has underground floors that go deep below the ground level. From the look of it, it looks like an old hotel with A LOT of similar doors. Its halls seem endless and there is always something chasing me. One time I decided to face it, and it looked like a tall human-like creature with very long hands. I don't know where the doors lead because I am afraid to open them. I tried opening a door once to runaway from that creature, and I found myself in a small room. There was a boy watching TV in that room and he was very surprised and frightened to see me. I wonder what these creatures represent and why I am scared of them.

    So, in my dream today I wondering in a quiet forest and was thinking about this portal. It's funny that mine looks like an office building. I also thought that our mind is a very clever thing always giving you two options to choose from: walking into a LD (in my case, it's a town) or find my way into a state of a regular dream. In 99% of time, I choose to climb the secret staircase to get to it's regular dream side if I'm ever given the choice.
    lucid , side notes

    Today I Met my Dream Guide for the First Time

    by Ohsupernatural on 01-20-2017 at 10:51 PM
    Today I met my dream guide for the first time. It all happened while I was completing a task: searching for gold in an old house/warehouse. There were two teams and we were competing against each other as to who finds the gold first. I had several people in my team and only one of them survived. Turns out it was my dream guide who chose to stay unnoticed waiting for me to complete the task.

    At some point during the dream I realized it was not real, and in order for me to complete my task and beat the other team, I should create some sort of a secret door to the gold. The old house looked empty at first and I figured there should be a basement. I decided that the gold is there and I created my secret door in the wall in order to get there. Once the door appeared, the game stopped and we decided to divide the gold equally between the two teams. It was the end, task completed.

    Once everyone were done wrapping up, my last surviving team mate approached me and told me that I've done well. I saw the clue: the hidden door and used it to achieve my goal. He said that in every dream, there is always a clue that helps us to solve a problem, beat the nightmare or just escape into the next dream. He said that clues are everywhere even when you're running away from someone. It's useful to learn to notice them and use them to your advantage.

    He was a tall man, in his 30s, with glasses and a thin, big nose. He looked very familiar but I don't think I saw him or knew him in my real life. He looked very smart and had this "mentor" air around him. I felt secure and safe when I was with him.

    He took my hand and we flew very fast, up and up among the clouds. He said that in my dreams I can travel to, and see any part of the Earth. I imagined beautiful snowy mountains and they appeared below us, majestic and calm in their cold beauty. For some reason I knew it wasn't my imagination. It was a real mountain in some real place on Earth. Realizing that, it came to me that I could see what's happening on Earth, right this moment. I decided to fly down the mountain to its base to see what's happening there. I saw a little northern forest and a mother duck with its babies quietly swimming in the pond. It fascinated me.

    Once I was done exploring, my Dream Guide took me back to the place where we came from. This time there was a hotel in the place of the warehouse. He told me he wanted to see if I learned my lesson. I found myself inside the hotel and someone was chasing me. Remembering his words, I started looking for clues. There was an odd object at the end of the hotel hall that showed me to go right. I turned and saw a table full of snacks like chocolates and doughnuts. I decided that doughnuts were poisoned and tricked my enemy to eat it. Once he was dead, my Dream Guide appeared and seemed pleased. Once again he told me I did well and took my hand to lead me out of the hotel. On our way out one of the room doors opened and a guy appeared. He saw my Dream Guide and asked me what we were doing here. My dream guide answered he was showing me around, and the other guy smiled approvingly, disappearing back into the room. My gut feeling told me it was someone else's dream guide who happened to open the door to our dream. It was a tall, black gentlemen, with greyish hair and a kind smile.

    I'm very excited to meet my Dream Guide for the first time and am looking forward to seeing him again in my next dreams. I'd like to know where he's from and what's his personality like. I have a feeling it's going to be a good encounter.