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      ur avatar freakin rocks
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    The mmmhmmiimmhm-ing

    by omgsh on 03-11-2011 at 03:44 AM
    Me and about 5 of my friends were having some sort of competition, of endurance or something like that, for a while we were just biking around this area and thats all. But eventually we all met up at this strange mans house, he looked like Zak Galifianakis, I think it might have been him. It was a tiny house and one of my friends knew him so we could go there. And he was holding some animal when we got there, he had a ton of animals in his house. But I walked over to his kitchen, and there was this ledge that went straight down to his basement, and I just saw this polar bear running at this huge white gorilla probably 3 times bigger than the big polar bear. Its like it was was grabbing around the white gorilla and walking forward and ran into a wall. I wish i could remember more of what we did there but we were there for a long time. Eventually we left his house to go to this other guys house, and at this house I didn't even see the outside first, we just appeared in this room. We were going to sleep there and it was some random room. We were talking about all trying to have the same dream, the whole thing I just dreamed including the competition, and the weird guys house, we were all talking about that like it was all a dream. And I remember asking if anyone remembers seeing a polar bear tackle a giant white gorilla, but no body seemed to know what I was talking about. A while later everyone was gone but me, and I decided to explore the house, I didn't even realize we were staying in this huge creepy mansion. But I kept trying to go downstairs but I was too scared of something. Later I ended up in some weird part of the mansion and got out side. And there was some guys out on the lawn. And apparently the owner was this guy laying down in one of those chairs at swimming pools you la on. And this guy was fanning him with a leaf, I think there were like 10 other people there. Then I noticed they were all middle eastern and wearing very strange clothes. But for some reason all of the men would sing this tune, but it wasn't singing really it was odd, it like was singing from their noses or something like that. And I was supposed to find something for him, and I couldn't find it, and everything turned into stone and non modern things. And I climbed up this wall and found a rope, so I pulled it. I heard some weird noise come from a woman in the mansion everytime I pulled the rope. Then I twisted this rock like I knew what I was doing, and then I pulled the rope again. This time when ever I pull the rope the middle eastern men would sing that weird tune. Then all of a sudden everything that happened in this dream just seemed to disappear, and I was on this lawn in front of this nice house, with all these teenagers I didn't know but it was like I knew them. And this girl told me to follow her, so I followed her. She was wearing a fluorescent yellow-green bikini, and we were going to find her brother, and I noticed her brother was wearing the same fluorescent yellow-green bikini as his sister, then I woke up..

    Omgsh's superb DJ

    by omgsh on 03-11-2011 at 03:35 AM
    Oh hi! Here I will share as many dreams as I can remember. I may post some of my past dreams every so often too.
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