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      Happy Birthday.
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      I was reading your last journal entry. I think I may need to pay more attention to them. It's nice to see another who attempts the OBE's. I've had my own fails & successes on this subject, but of late my son has been home from college & he is a gamer & loud so I'm pretty stoked we are taking him back to college for the new semester. If you have any particular tips I'd love to hear them. Or maybe places via the internet that you felt particularly helpful.
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    Haven Mountain Fortress (LD)

    by Oneirin on 04-14-2024 at 02:12 PM
    I'm looking at a counter top with some items and suddenly become aware I'm dreaming. I continue to walk forward, engaging the dream, and the stability increases. I soon realize I'm in Meadow main house and I see the railing on the second story walkway. I feel a sense of confidence with control as I fly over the rail, and through the second story window on the top of the receiving area. After phasing, I descend in the night, turn and decide to do some control. I want to teleport to Haven. I basic summon the gravity bracelet by raising my right arm and create a circular motion to create a gravity portal. I black spot appears on the front bricks of the house. I expand it and a warbling effect appears in the brick as the portal grows. I fly upward, phase through, and enter void. I imagine myself moving through a cave in Haven Mountain. I soon find myself in a valley of Haven Mountain with massive screens of black mists at the outskirts. I want to make my way into the cave at the peaks. A long structure sits at the base of the mountain, with a metallic exterior along with gold and red coloring. It appears to be some type of fortress. I consider flying through the mist above and raise rapidly. I realize I may destabilize the dream by flying into darkness, so I quickly descend and fly toward the middle area of the main section of the fortress. I gradually approach, then turn toward the far end and fly in that direction. I approach a singular concave wall and notice an open doorway. I make my way through and enter a rectangular room with sparse decor. I simple bed with light cream sheets sits on the far end and an elderly Japanese man with a gray beard is standing in front. He seems quite kind and looks at me.
    "Do you know how to get to Haven Peaks from here?"
    He looks at me.
    "We have to go through the Ratt Room".
    He then hands me a keychain with several sets of keys attached. I wonder if I'll be bale to make these keys persistent.
    We walk together toward the outside area and curve around toward the side of the structure. There are many chairs set up around small, circular tables. I go to use telekinesis on some of the chairs, yet they don't move. I soon turn from the area and continue to move into a back area with the man. We approach a back section that's a bit dim.

    Updated 04-14-2024 at 02:16 PM by Oneirin


    The Glowing Building (LD)

    by Oneirin on 04-13-2024 at 03:52 PM
    The Glowing Building (LD)
    I知 meditating by a window and my eyes open. I wonder when I値l get lucid again. I stand and head toward the opposite end of a room, which appears to be part of an apartment. I begin to sense that I知 moving through a dream I知 lucid. I turn back around and head toward the edge of the room with the large glass window. I feel a sense of excitement as I head toward the window and I'm interested in exploring toward the glowing building in the far distance.. I head back over to the window and set my sights on the building, glowing orange in the dark of night, some forty stories below. I phase through the large glass window and begin flying out toward it. It's pretty far away. I don't want to risk destabilizing the dream. I should fly to it really quickly. I get ready to zoom toward the building. I focus solely on the image and imagine myself zooming toward it rapidly as it simultaneously rushes toward me. I approach it at rapid speeds and I'm suddenly right in front of it. I float down slowly as I approach the entrance. I wake up.

    Piano Telekinesis (LD)

    by Oneirin on 04-12-2024 at 09:58 PM
    Spring Competition 2024 - Night 14

    I知 in the backseat of a car, leaning over the center console. I wonder when I値l get lucid again...this is a dream! I see a bunch of lights illuminated on the center of the dashboard. I may as well use some electronics. I lean forward, hit a few buttons, and see lights glow. Nothing directly happens. I should interact with these guys. I place my hand on the driver痴 shoulder.
    滴ow痴 it going man!
    He doesn稚 quite respond. I look up and notice that we seem to be heading out of a neighborhood in Meadow. I decide to just fly out of the car. I phase through the door to my right and fly upward. The car continues on it痴 way down the road in a wooded area that looks like the entrance to a development in Meadow. I fly upward and decide to ground. I look at my right and breathe slowly as I float slowly forward. I see the car turn around and head back toward me quickly, passing me and heading into the development. I stick my arm out and go for hook shot. I hear the chains clanking and I知 pulled rapidly and directly toward the front of the car. Sweet! I disconnect as we reach one of the first houses at the entryway. As I walk, I tune closely into gravity, studying the sensations. I notice that the sense of gravity is quite heavy as I walk. I begin thinking about dream goals. I notice a large building diagonal and across the street and another immediately to my right. I head toward the one on the right and notice a massive glass wall, raising two stories tall with a piano player seated to the right in a massive, white room. I phase through the glass and see the male piano player in a tuxedo at a black grand piano and another half-grand piano in front of that one. I値l get something to eat for the competition.
    泥o you have any chocolate? The piano player looks at me, yet doesn稚 respond. I begin digging in a large plastic container at the base of the half-grand piano, I expect to find a bag of chocolate underneath some of the contents. I don稚 find any at first, yet soon find a bag underneath. I take it out, expecting chocolate inside of aluminum foil. I quickly find it and begin eating as I walk back over to the piano player who痴 now eating a thin piece of dark chocolate. I turn to the half-grand piano. Time for mass TK. Look at it and notice it suddenly move to about three feet off the ground. I quickly raise it to the ceiling, then lower and raise it once again. I then use TK to throw the entire piano across the huge room, roughly twenty meters to the ride and it crashes into a massive grand piano without a sound, embedding itself into the top. I begin exploring down in that direction. I think more about dream control and consider time manipulation. I begin raising up my watch to go for it, then see some type of machine against the wall that looks like a gray ATM and decide to play around with advanced summoning instead. I go for portal, yet it doesn稚 work and follow it up with fireball which doesn稚 work. I revert to trying portal a couple times as I continue my way down the hall. I soon enter an area with shops on both sides that resembles a cross between a mall and the shop section of an airport. I see several teddy bears on a display in the center of the hall and try to both multiple then advanced banish, yet neither works. I continue to walk, taking in the sights, and checking out the shop entrances. I go to cast my dream catcher into a wall to make a portal, yet it doesn稚 appear. I see a a guy who appears to be a father with some kids and I pass the group. I begin to hear a song play and I enter into a large black room that appears to be a large restaurant area with a section for music playing. I wake up.

    Updated 04-12-2024 at 11:18 PM by Oneirin


    1. Water (LD) 2. Dire Wolf Form (LD)

    by Oneirin on 04-12-2024 at 12:23 AM
    Spring Competition 2024 - Night 13

    1. Water (LD)
    I’m in a dim room, drinking water from a red solo cup. This would be a few points in competition. My awareness raises – I’m lucid. I look at the drink in my hand and take a sip. It’s simply water. I put the cup down on the square counter and look around the dim room. I realize that the area looks somewhat like the kitchen in Meadow main house. I begin to think of dream control. I look around and see several items on a counter nearby, but don't want to do TK and I don't see anything nearby for super strength. I want to get out of the area and explore a bit more. I drop to the floor and begin rubbing to stabilize as the dream feels a bit fuzzy. I turn toward the sink to my right and head toward it. I go to fly, but gravity resists a few times, yanking me down. I finally fly toward the window and phase through it. I end up in the backyard, continuing flight. It's a bit dark, so I figure I'll just phase back in and explore. I begin flying back to phase I wake up.

    2. Dire Wolf Form (LD)
    I’m in the kitchen in Syrano main house. It’s competition time…when will I get lucid again. I look around. I’m lucid.
    I look toward the counter and see a pile of food to the right. I’ll do some telekinesis. I begin focusing on the pile of dishes and food to the right, imagining it moving to the sink. I see a few items flicker, then suddenly see them in the sink, with water running over them. Let’s see if I can move them do the drying board. I focus on TK and soon see a few items in the drying board. I see a pile of what appears to be bread loaves or croissants on the back counter. I go for a mass TK, waving my arms to move the entire stack. They don’t quite lift off. I decide to focus on exploring and other control. I drop to the floor and rub a bit to stabilize and rise back up quickly. I see a Himalayan lamp, but don’t bother with it as I realize it’s not an electronic device. I decide to go for levitation. Meditation. I sit in meditation posture and raise up a bit. At first, I bob up and down but finally get it to a steady levitation. I set my mind to zazen and maintain awareness steadily. I begin to float down the hallway in zazen. I hold awareness for a bit, and begin floating back down the hallway. I soon head toward the back sliding glass window which has the blind drawn. I phase through and notice what appears to be a long black walkway leading to a chasm. I run across it and finally jump over the chasm, going into flight. I fly to the other side and notice a dream plot beginning: three woman seem to antagonizing another, seemingly ready to start a fight. Time to transform. I begin to shrink down, think of quadrupeds and the thought of a rat crosses my mind. I’ll do wolf form. I rapidly transform into a wolf as I run forward. I feel front legs come out in front of me as I run and a feral energy runs though me. I charge toward one of the attackers and slash down with my paws. I turn to the one on the left and do the same. I approach the center one and tell her to leave the area. She begins speaking back to me and drop to the floor and I step on top of her. Enough of this plot…I’m going to explore. I revert to humanoid form and head into the large building ahead. I soon find myself in the central area of what appears to be a Syrano mall. I look around the area which has several different stores and white walls around the area. I begin to wake up.

    Updated 04-13-2024 at 03:11 PM by Oneirin


    Floating Into The Dark (LD)

    by Oneirin on 04-11-2024 at 12:13 AM
    Spring Competition 2024 - Night 12

    Floating Into The Dark (LD)
    I’m floating down a hallway with brown walls and a tile floor. When will I just get lucid already…oh…this is a dream! I’m lucid. I realize it’s competition time and I should do some control. The dream begins to dim quickly. I begin to fly upward and the scene becomes very dark. Soon, it’s near pitch black and I go to phase through a side wall. I head to the right, but lose visual of where the wall is and continue to head in that direction. I soon wake up.

    Updated 04-13-2024 at 03:12 PM by Oneirin