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      Happy Birthday.
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      I was reading your last journal entry. I think I may need to pay more attention to them. It's nice to see another who attempts the OBE's. I've had my own fails & successes on this subject, but of late my son has been home from college & he is a gamer & loud so I'm pretty stoked we are taking him back to college for the new semester. If you have any particular tips I'd love to hear them. Or maybe places via the internet that you felt particularly helpful.
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    Convenience Story (Summer Comp 2023 - Night)

    by Oneirin on 06-03-2023 at 01:39 PM
    Dream Fragment
    I'm in a convenient store and I'm directed toward the back. I make my way around the shelves and see the reflection of my black shoes in glass. I'm thinking of becoming lucid. I grab 2 waters and make my way around to the registers. It appears to be on the outskirts of an airport.

    The Dream Timer; Tribal Elixirs; Purple Portal to the Dream Sanctuary (Summer Competition - Night 1)

    by Oneirin on 06-02-2023 at 09:06 PM
    The Dream Timer; Tribal Elixirs; Purple Portal to the Dream Sanctuary
    The Dream Timer
    I begin to see light through the back of a car window appear. I’m aware as images start to form in the slight bluish light. There appears to be some kind of machine to the left which looks like a box of some sort – possibly a microwave. The shapes then becomes two cars. I get excited as I recognize that a dream is beginning to form and calm myself slightly so as not to make the dream fade. I begin to gently move my dream body ensuring that my physical body won’t be affected. I begin to make my way out of the back window and realize that I’m good to go! I’m struck by the sheer vividness of the dream. I exit the back window of the car and begin to slide down a small metal bronze platform on the back of the car. I consider dream goals and think back to the summer competition. I don’t want to puruse the dream sanctuary due to risk of having the dream collapse; I want it to last a while. I then remember that eating/drinking something was one of my personal tasks. I anticipate a chocolate bar being in my left hand as I raise it, yet nothing appears when I do. I slide a bit further and there is a glass with what appears to be a small amount of red wine and I have some, yet there isn’t any taste. I float farther down the dream scene, down an area of what appears to be a wide alleyway with rooftops converging two stories overhead to shelter the area from the sun. It appears to be a bazaar of sorts with muted brown colors and some reds and greens that pop out. There are a few female dream characters on the fringes as I glide down the alleyway. I shout “Aware!” as I want to raise the vividness and clarity. I think back to a podcast and continue to move my eyes around the dream scene so as not to fixate in one area and collapse the dream. The alleyway converges into a large square forum area of sorts with additional colors and the presence of some foliage. I begin to hear a ticking from behind me and interpret this to be a timer of sorts counting down to the end of the dream. I attempt to counter this my counting backward from ten, progressively more slowly, in order to dilate dream time. I make my way down from ten, yet the dream goes black.
    I begin spinning within the dark scene, along with streaks of gray, motivated to hold awareness. I begin seeing a bluish scene form, but decide I don’t want a blue dream scene, and attempt to change it to green.
    Tribal Elixirs
    I emerge into a dream scene roughly 20-30 feet in the air. It’s an exilerating feeling an upbeat song begins to play within my mind, reflecting my excitement. I consider the dream goal of consuming a magic elixir. I look below and view a very vivid body of water resembling the pool in M street. Small red-tinged plants are growing out of the water which resemble plants in Serrano. I turn in the air to my right and notice a very tall narrow wooden pole, almost like a tree trunk, ascending into the air. The surface is covered within intricate white and yellow flowers, somewhat resembling orchinds. I begin to ascend the ‘totem’ in search of an elixir. At the top I find a very small thimble of sorts, but decide this won’t suffice as the elixir. I turn to my left and take in the view of a simple village consisting of huts, some with roofs, some without. There don’t appear to be any DCs at this time. To the far right appears to be a area strewn with several mats for sitting with a somewhat elaborate color schemes and adornments. I decide this must be the dwelling place of the tribal leader and the perfect place to look for the magical elixir. I approach the center of the area and a tray has several glasses and a goblet – two of the glass have liquid in them: one with wine and one with appears to be a champagne of sorts. I drink the one with the lighter liquid and it has a very bland taste – it’s not the elixir. I continue to fly in the heart of the village toward structure with simply a wide wooden base yet no roof. I female DC character is laying in this area and appears to be very life-like. I look at the DC briefly, taking in the detail, but quickly move on in order to move farther into the village. I make my way in a bit farther, but the dream begins to fade.
    I am once again in a dark void with swirls of gray. I insistent on maintaining my awareness as I swirl.
    Purple Portal to the Dream Sanctuary
    A scene rapidly appears, yet appears to be very cartoon-like. There are orcish/penguin looking figures adorned with spiked armor in an area which appears to resemble the foyer to the castle in Mario 64 mixed with the design theme of Orgrimmar. I begin to focus intently in order for the dream to become more vivid and life-like, and have a degree of success; the scene becomes slightly more realistic. The area maintains it’s orcish theme, and I float to the upper level of a walkway to the side of the main area. I turn and notice that behind a wall with large opening lays the heart of the city – a central area to the orcish stronghold which resembles the central gathering area of Orgrimmar. I fly into this area and notice two large structures. I decide not to stay in this dream scene and begin to consider finding a portal to go through. I find my way to a nearby wall and start to phase through. My vision begins to go black as my head enter the wall and I realize I may lose the dream. I re-emerge from the wall hoping that the dream will sustain – it does. I move forward a bit and notice a small half-sphere of what appears to be purple crystal, with fragmented portions containing dream scenes inside. I reflect that this would be the perfect way to find the dream sanctuary. I begin to phase into the center of one of the fragments and the scene expands into a small clearing with an earthen tunnel at the end. Inside the tunnel sits what appears to be a hut in the forest. I enter the tunnel and suddenly find myself within the hut structure. It is an earth-hewn cavernous room which extends down in a sort of tunnel-like shape. The area to the left begins to rise up to a sort of half-story area. I want a meditation area, so I imagine one around the alcove approaching on the left. I also want it to be more adorned and ‘homey’. I enter the alcove and notice a large stone tablet protruding form the well with roughly seven circular stone button in an arch. Each circular stone button is correlated with a symbol, two of which I remember as a moon and a crystal. I decide I want the sanctuary to morph into the ‘moon’ phase. I press the button and sense that the dream reacts. At this point the dream fades
    and I wake up.

    *After review of the dream journal, entry to the 'Moon Phase' of the dream sanctuary is something I'm eagerly working toward. This will be essentially a hub where I will work on Dream Yoga stages. I hope to have a mediation area, a portal area which shows locations I may venture to (using the crystal phasing technique used in the 3rd portion of this trilogy so as not to collapse the dream), as well as a precipice to ask questions directly to the dream (subconscious mind).

    I remember another dream fragment in which I'm speaking to my mom about going into enforcement. We then find ourselves in a car and there's a screen in front of the center console depicting an officer. I have my work radio attached to me.

    WBTB Success: 2
    First WILD: 10
    Eat/Drink Something: 5
    Fly: 5
    Hand Through Object: 5
    Phase Through Solid Object: 10
    Complete Old Personal Goal: 10 (Counting it as old although this is the first legit looking sanctuary)
    *Not going to count time control since I can't determine if it truly had an effect
    Non-lucid Fragment: .5
    Total: 47.5

    Updated Today at 12:20 AM by Oneirin


    Apartment Chat

    by Oneirin on 06-02-2023 at 12:02 AM
    I find myself in an apartment on what I believe to be the second floor. I suddenly realize I知 in a dream without any prompt. I reach a low level of lucidity and take in the dim room, which appears to have a bed in the middle and a DC standing toward the edge of the room. I make my way to the DC to start a conversation. I lose lucidity and slip into a normal dream.

    Black Dragonscale Forest Temple

    by Oneirin on 05-30-2023 at 10:55 PM
    I find myself continuing to rise rapidly in flight next to a massive structure in broad daylight. My awareness raises and I suddenly realize that I知 dreaming. My right hand comes out in front of me during this realization, but doesn稚 cause lucidity in and of itself. I take in the beautiful vivid surroundings. It痴 mid day and I see the edges of the forest far in the distance, wrapping around in all directions. I 僧 in a large clearing of roughly several hundred acres, and there are several structures. Behind me sits a massive, narrow building with four sides of pure glass/mirror. The top is sharp and slanted. I consider going in this direction, but figure that it may not be very interesting and look slightly more to the right. The clearing extends very far in this directions, with quite a bit of grassland. I turn farther to the right, and there is a large shrine with what appears to be shining black scales covering the top portion. It痴 a mix of what looks like dragon scale or carapace of sorts. I think of dream goals and consider finding my dream sanctuary. I then then of time dilation an unofficial goal and get interested in doing this as I really want to extend the dream. I think to myself that I壇 like it to last a solid half-hour. The dream is very stable and vivid and my awareness is stables as well I feel it痴 a definite possibility. I look farther to the right and the terrain slopes down and leads to a body of water. Slightly more to the right is a long structure with a very large rectangular pool of water toward the nearest side. In the back right sits a one to two story structure butting up against the pool portion, with squared off sides. The structure is a bronze/brownish color with slight luminosity. I consider going in this area, but get back to my dream goals. First, I count backward from ten to try to dilate time. I make sure to go a bit slower this time than last. Next, I try to imagine ahead of time that my wrist will have a watch when I pull it up. I raise my arm and I have a button-down shirt sleeve on. The imagination pulled through as there is a slight bulge by the wrist. I pull it back to reveal what looks like my watch in real life, however, it has an extra dial resembling those I saw in the mall the day prior in waking life. The hands are a bit blurry but I quickly find the second hand and attempt to gradually slow it. It continues ticking on at what appears to be one tick per second. The dream becomes quite blurry and unstable. I find myself awake in real life.

    Black Tornado Sunrise

    by Oneirin on 05-28-2023 at 02:21 PM
    I'm in a car, thinking about how I really wanted to have had an LD at night. Something doesn't seem quite right. I look at my hand instinctively. The hand didn't quite trigger lucidity - it was simply due to awareness raising - but I suddenly realize - this is a dream! I look around and everything looks extremely vivid and realistic. think to myself that this looks more real than waking life. I look at my mom and she's wearing a light green outfit, but her eyes look different and she's staring blankly forward. I make my way to the back seat and my dad is sitting there with a typical horizontal-striped blue polo. There is a child who I don't get a good look at sitting in the back seat. I tap my dad on my way flying out the back window and say "see you later". I fly out of the car and there is a beautiful sunrise. I see a metropolis in the distance and it looks almost like there's a desert stretching toward it. I consider my dream goals and the dream sanctuary comes to mind. I then think of an informal dream goal that I get excited for: time dilation! I imagine a watch on my arm as I draw it up in front of me. There's only faint outlines and I don't quite see hands. I ignore this method and simply count down from down, going increasingly slowly. I then have the thought that I want the dream to last at least 30 minutes in perception. I then begin to fly toward the city, and soon notice a large sand colored pyramidal structure in the back left. I think that the sanctuary may be in that direction. I may my way through several alleys looking at DCs and takin in their realistic faces. I make my way into a building and down a staircase - it appears to be somewhat like a mini factory area. I decide to fly through the basement window. I take in a lumberyard scene with a green and red machines and don't quite like this scene as much so I backtrack, wondering if the dream will materialize the same scene. It remains very similar although I need to squeeze past three small DCs with disgruntled munchkin faces coming down the stairs. I end up in a playground area and consider my dream goals. I look up and see four massive swirling, vivid tornados far in the distance and think the sanctuary may be in that direction. I feel weight on my back and notice I have a bookbag on which I take off as I feel this may slow me down. I figure it may have useful dream items I could use later on. I decide to hold off moving forward for a second and try to throw a few fireballs, doing a pullback motion with my arm. I try twice, however the visuals are not very clear and appear stencil-like. I consider in the dream messaging Sivason for advice when I wake up. I move forward quickly scaling a net on the playground and then burst into flight. The dream fades and I wake.