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      Happy Birthday.
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      I was reading your last journal entry. I think I may need to pay more attention to them. It's nice to see another who attempts the OBE's. I've had my own fails & successes on this subject, but of late my son has been home from college & he is a gamer & loud so I'm pretty stoked we are taking him back to college for the new semester. If you have any particular tips I'd love to hear them. Or maybe places via the internet that you felt particularly helpful.
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    1. Watching Shadows (LD) 2. Lightning Burst (LD)

    by Oneirin on 11-04-2023 at 02:31 PM
    1. Watching Shadows (LD)
    I continue to walk around the various rooms of the building which appears to be an office building. There's a green hue throughout the rooms, and I continue to explore. I begin to reflect on how the area looks like the location of a previous lucid...
    "This is a dream"
    I'm lucid and take stock of what's in the immediate area. I continue to notice the slight greenish gray hue over the scene as well as a co-worker sitting at the desk in front of me.
    "Hello dream An"
    I think about engaging logic. I reflect on what he has on his desk. I then look at the shadows, and how they're being cast off of the chairs and tables slightly to the left. I notice that the shadows are actually quite accurate.
    The lucidity fades.

    2. Lightning Burst (LD)
    I'm standing in front of the dining room table in the main house in Meadow. I begin to think about spotting the difference. It's pretty dim and I notice that the dining table is turned ninety degrees and has two large brown candles on it. I find it a bit strange. I become lucid and realize the dream is still continuing to form. I move slowly, repeating "I'm dreaming" quite a few times. I make a left and head down the hallways into the kitchen area. I decide to grab some chocolate in order to stabilize more. I figure I'll look in the cabinet to the left, and quickly find a bar, yet two thirds of it is eaten. I search for more and find one full one with many thick bulging sections along with a smaller square one. I decide to start exploring and look toward the family room area. I remember back to my meditation session in a past lucid and consider doing that. I take a few steps forward, continuing to think about where I want to explore, remaining in awe of the lucid feel and the environment in general. Suddenly, there's a massive burst of white light along with a loud thunderclap, seemingly coming from the left by the far window. The visuals soon go to void and I reflect on how I don't want to lose the dream. I take a bite of the chocolate bar and it's like in real life! I clearly taste the chocolate and apparently caramel that was in the center of the thick areas. I begin to feel myself waking up.

    Updated 11-04-2023 at 10:25 PM by Oneirin


    1. Super Speed (LD) 2. Hotel Room (LD)

    by Oneirin on 11-03-2023 at 11:08 PM
    1. Super Speed (LD)
    I head to the door of the dim room, away from the ladies I've been speaking to. I begin to think about dreaming and my awareness stirs. I open the door, walk through, and begin to recognize the balcony in the main house in Meadow. I'm lucid. I glide down and go out into the front yard. It's the middle of the night and a large crescent moon looms overhead. I slowly walk down the driveway and stop for a moment. I decide to slow, down, soak in my surroundings, and my sense of self within the environment. I walk notice what appears to be a baby stroller with a baby in it on the middle of the driveway. I decide to begin engaging logic while verbalizing what I'm seeing. The scene becomes extremely vivid, the crisp blue colors emanating throughout the nighttime dreamscape. I make comments about the cars passing by and what they're carrying on the rooves. One truck is carrying a few layers of some type of wood. I then turn to my right and decide to exploring farther down the road. I see several people walking on the sidewalk. There seem to be slight hues of green to the scene and I decide to move much more quickly down the road - I go for super speed. I remind myself that the scene is entirely my mind - it's all me. I begin to zoom at super fast speeds. The dream characters in front of me begin to blur a bit as I rapidly approach. I see a couple more pairs on the sidewalk as I zoom ahead, blurring by and begin to think of other LDers who must experience these things quite a bit. The scene soon fades into a void. I retain my sense of self within the void, expecting another dream to form. I stay here for a while, maintaining awareness. I slip into a non-lucid.

    2. Hotel Room (LD)
    I look toward the screen in the hotel, with my parents to the right on the bed. I think about what would happen if I viewed this as as dream, and used dream powers to show them something on the screen. I become lucid. I face my parents and begin thinking about things I could do in the dream. I turn toward the window, think about exploring a bit. I consider that the dream may fade, but ignore it and face through the way. The dream goes to void and I hand out in the void for a moment before phasing back in. I walk toward the opposite end of the hotel room. I head to the bathroom area and begin thinking of finding DCs to interact with. I begin heading toward the other end of the room. The dream slips into a non-lucid.

    Updated 11-03-2023 at 11:40 PM by Oneirin


    The Playground (LD)

    by Oneirin on 11-01-2023 at 01:53 AM
    October 30th
    The Playground (LD)
    I’m on the second floor of a fairly large structure looking out at the yard below. There appear to be a couple of large pools, to the left and right as well as some deer to the right side of the field. The pools remind me slightly of Meadow. It looks like Meadow…but these pools are too large… I begin to float through the window and outside into the daylight. I put right hand in front of me and begin to inspect it. It looks very realist and I see all of the texture of the skin as well as noticeable scars. The scars…aren’t in the right place…I’m dreaming. I become lucid and float down to the ground. I float down into the area in the center of the yard which I recognize as a playground. I head into the middle of the center structure which is constructed of tan plastic material. Several kids are coming through one of the tunnels toward me. I remember my dream goal of asking the dream what will improve my life. I ask the dream directly, yet don’t get a response. I ask one of the kids coming through the center structure but he responds:
    “I don’t know”.
    I then see a kids I recognize:
    “You’re smart…what would make my life better”
    “I don’t know”
    I ask a third kid, but get the same response. I let the next kid simply go through the area, then enter the center from my side, transitioning through it. I see two young girls to the left as I move through. I ignore this group of kids and exit to the far end of the playground. I wake up.

    1. Midnight Boat (LD) 2. Mirrors And Couches (LD)

    by Oneirin on 11-01-2023 at 01:49 AM
    October 18th, 2023
    Midnight Boat (LD)
    I roll my memory back to the previous scene in which the narrator was explaining that the people working are from South America. I turn to H. That doesn’t make any sense. How could these people be from South America- were joy in South America. I go for a noseplug. This is a dream! I’m excited as I look toward H sitting next to me on the boat. I have a big smile, and she turns to her left smiling back at me. I turn toward the front of the boat and take in the view of the rows of seats in the dim light. The scene grows dark rapidly and I take a few steps forward, farther into the boat. I imagine a chocolate bar being in front of me, and as I reach down, I quickly find a bar. It’s quite large, probably a foot long by eight inches wide and I undo the foil wrapper by peeling it back. I take a bite, yet it doesn’t have much taste. I continue to take a couple more steps toward the front of the boat, but begin to feel my body. I soon wake up.

    Mirrors And Couches (LD)

    I look into a mirror and intensive my practice of illusory body. My awareness begins to raise and I go for a nose plug. I’m lucid. I turn and head into the scene beyond me which is essentially a large square one story room in the dim of night. There are several white couches in the room around the perimeter of the majority of the room. I float into the room and the scene begins to dim rapidly. I begin to rapidly rub around the surfaces of the scene, engaging my tactile sense. I begin to feel my waking body. I soon wake up.

    1. Orange Glow In Syrano (LD) 2. Snowy Fields (LD)

    by Oneirin on 10-29-2023 at 03:11 PM
    1. Orange Glow In Syrano (LD)
    I'm aware as I'm looking at the coffee table in Syrano, sitting up partially on the couch. I cautiously begin to move and quickly discover I'm able to move my dream body freely. I stand up fully and move slowly toward the other end of the room. I feel a bit of excitement stir up as I know I'm about to enter a full WILD, yet quickly bring my awareness back to the present. I grab a game controller to engage tactile sense and begin clicking a series of buttons as I walk. I continue toward the kitchen area and place the game controller on the edge of the counter where I usually record dreams. I look toward the corner and notice a microwave in the back right as well as to the right. I consider looking at the time, hesitate as I feel that it will distract me, yet finally look to see a time of 3 something. I decide to grab some chocolate before the adventure. I go into the usual cabinet and quickly discover a bar at the top right. It doesn't feel complete. I quickly imagine there will be more to the left and quickly find a black Ghiradelli bar and another small one. I take the first, then place the second in gray bag on the counter with the small one beside it. I head toward the sliding glass door with blinds, ready to explore the area beyond. I take a bite of the bar and it's great! It tastes like chocolate in waking life. I phase through the blinds and glass and end up in a beautiful area with orange glow spilling out of the homes lining either side of a small canal which extends narrowly through the middle of the town. There are people in front of each structure, each of which has a massive glass wall in the front of the home. The shape of each home slighly resembles the shape of the components of the Sydney Opera House. I consider exploring, but feel that I want to go back to grab the rest of the bars. I wonder if the dream will destabilize, but want to test it. I phase back in, head to the counter, and find the gray bag right where I left it. I put the bar in my back left pocket, then phase back through the sliding glass door. I suddenly end up in an area with gray wall in which a walkway leads to an area beyond with a massive public pool to the right. There are several kids in the pool and a steel ladder leading down. I see a co-worker to my right and say hi. I continue walking down the path next to the massive pool and wonder if the dream will change to something similar to the previous scene; I'm not really interested in the current one. As I walk farther, I notice small, narrow restaurants to my left, similar to what you'd find in an airport. There restaurants are fairly full, with many families at the tables. Each has a slightly different theme. I reach the second then third restaurant and look intently at a couple of the DCs, marveling at the details in one of the faces. I continue farther and notice a sign on the far wall resembling a fish and it appears to the the emblem for an elementary school. There are kids eating at tables to the left in the final area of this floor and I imagine that it's essentially the cafe area of an elementary school. I see a massive ladder leading to the floor below to my right and begin to descend. I quickly find myself in an expansive room with massive glass window, roughly three stories tall, providing a view to the outside. It's a forested area with massive, lush trees and a small dirt walkway next to the building. I turn to my right and see light tile floor extending to the end of the massive room and an elderly lady working slightly to the right at a desk - seemingly a receptionist of some sort. I turn to the right even more and see another seating area. It appears to be some type of cafe, like one you would see on a school campus. There are several groups of older students scattered throughout the long tables leading far down into the room to my right. I feel that I'm beginning to wake up. My vision goes into a brilliant white. I want to hold onto the dream so I imagine rubbing a seam on the front of a shirt that I'm wearing and continue to wait in awareness of the white light. I stay in this state for quite a while and eventually return to waking.

    2. Snowy Fields (LD)
    I'm driving down a road which is running between two massive fields of what appears to be a snow covered hay field. I look at the dashboard and see my hands, and say "I'm dreaming" as I do so. I was just lying down on the couch...I'm dreaming! The car continues to travel down the road as if it's on cruise control. I decide to climb into the passenger seat and grab some chocolate from the glove compartment to start of the adventure! I climb into the seat, search the compartment, and quickly find a plastic bag with a bar inside. I feel that I should begin driving the car a bit more with the wheel and begin to climb to the center. I turn to the right and see that we're passing a Japanese style structure, and I feel that it's a monastery. I begin to wonder if it's a section of Uburu Migu. I see that the road is beginning to end and there's a small building directly in front of the road and a playground slightly to the right of the building. I lean over, hit the bakes with my hand, turn the car to the right, and shift the car into park next to the building. I begin to explore to the left of the building. I turn and notice a multi-level parking garage built of steel beams. There are several levels of cars parked inside. I begin to shout "Clarity! Clarity! Stabilize! Stabilize!" at the dream and it responds slightly. I head toward the back of the monastery and head toward the back door to look inside. I open the door and see a massive dream character in a black robe facing a wall. I figure he's some sort of monk. I turn back around as the character seems a bit intense. There's a friendly character in front of me and Han appears next to me as well. The tall thin man who appears to be a monk walks with us to the building across from the monastery with a smile and takes his hoes off. I take mine off as well, which appear to be tan loafers which are in good condition. I mention to Han that I like them. I then make a comment about his shoes and begin to use telekinesis to fling them back to the monastery with a grin. I only see black flickers moving to the monastery. I wonder why it didn't work, try again, yet don't have success. I begin to approach the doorway of the building in front of me with Han and get ready to descend a staircase. I begin to wake up.

    Updated 10-29-2023 at 09:16 PM by Oneirin