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    1. Haha YAAAAAAY!!

      There's nearly 9 years well spent eh?
    2. Oh my god you hit 10,000 posts. Congrats!!!

      (I don't know if you see that as cause for celebration but I certainly do lol.)
    3. Oh, so you're into that now, huh?
    4. Thank youuuuuu
    5. I'm officially saying happy birthday here. Woo!!

      *more confetti*
    6. Sorry this is a little late, I've been kind of distracted. My motivation hasn't really increased. Though, I have been taking some supplemental vitamins in the past few days so I'm excited to see if those will have any effect. Those high-control non-lucids are really weird, aren't they? I have to wonder how the brain registers lucidity, because it really makes it seem like you can become fully lucid on a subconscious level and just happen to not really pay too much attention to it normally, you know? 'Cause the way I act in those dreams is definitely not the way I act in regular non-lucids. But yeah, at least we've got every night to work on it. I think my problem is all the hallucinogen use I did, it kind of got me in that instant gratification mindset as far dream-like experiences go.
    7. So any luck with the motivation? Sorry I had to bail last night, I was just about to go to bed. I reread your message, and I know what you mean about the part where even your nonlucid mind treats some dreams like lucids. This has been happening to me a lot more frequently lately. Like I have this amazing control, and I use it without a care in the world, or fear of consequences, but I still accept it as normal. And it doesn't occur to me that I'm dreaming. I don't know if the solution is more awareness or what. Even last night, I woke up around 7, and I had WILD vibrations, but I never slipped into a lucid. Just straight up sleep, then later those high level control non lucids. I dunnooooo... just keep at it I guess. I know this though: no reason to give up, because we have to sleep every night anyway, so every night is another opportunity for lucidity. And naps count too!
    8. Alright, thanks for the help. XP Goodnight, Ophelia.
    9. I thought you might say that. >w< *sigh* I am in that exact situation lol. I've thought about doing that kind of alternate reality thing (though not the part about aliens, that sounds awesome ). I have all kinds of ideas for what I could do to essentially keep myself occupied every night for the rest of my life, but I'm so... lazy. I really do get lucid frequently while practicing no techniques at all; I think I honestly just get a little better at telling the difference between dreams and reality every time I gain lucidity. Lately even my non-lucid mind has been treating some of my dreams like lucids, I use the same powers and act the same way, and understand the lack of consequences even though I don't realize I'm dreaming. I think if I practiced ADA or something I probably could make it a nightly thing, but that's just an assumption because I know so little about it.... I need motivation.
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