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    A message to everyone from a man in my dream

    by Overt on 01-31-2016 at 10:47 PM
    Ok I just fell asleep for like a 5 minute nap or something and in the dream a hooded figure came up to me and started speaking in some strange language. However, he suddenly started to make sense. "Go to the dream website," he said calmly. "Tell them that you are the best at dreaming in the world and they should bow down to your unquestionable superiority, the inferiorities." So I was like, OK my subconscious has got some sort of power complex going on here, but then I realised, yeah actually I have always been really good at dreaming. Maybe I am some sort of omnipotent god like figure who should rule over everyone. Then the hooded man gave a parting message "don't drink ginger beer, even if you are tempted." I nodded, and upon waking I suddenly found myself craving ginger beer. Lucky that the man warned me about it or I might have died.

    Trifle Dream

    by Overt on 01-31-2016 at 12:34 PM
    So last night I was wandering through the abyss of life that is the 4th astral plane and I discovered something a trifle odd. Yes, I discovered a trifle floating in the darkness. My natural instinct was to eat the trifle, but then something stopped me. On further inspection I noticed the trifle contained apricots. Now, In my waking life I associate apricots with a difficult time in my life. I was 17 and I was dating a girl I really liked, but then I accidentally nearly killed her. I baked her an apricot pie without even realising she was allergic to them. She started gasping for breath after the first bite, and then she passed out. I phoned an ambulance and they managed to keep her alive, but after that she refused to ever speak to me again.

    So I decided against eating the trifle. I think it represents my inability to move on from my girlfriend that I nearly killed with an apricot pie. I think by not eating the trifle I will be one step closer to moving forward with my life. As a random man I met in the street once said, "you can't shoot fish in a barrel if you don't have anything to shoot them with." However the trifle is always there, resurfacing like a huge guilty omen in the back of my mind. I don't think I'll ever be over her...