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      Hi Owen! (It's Owen right? haha)

      That is indeed awesome, and well, I used to love the earth kingdom, but somehow I'm always from the water tribe in my dreams. What about you?

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      yeah man, when on wednesday? after school?
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      lol, yeah you have to be a registered member for 1 week before you can put on a sig, and I'm really not shootig for jealousy
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      Sadly, I have to wait 6 more days until I can upload it...
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      lol just wait until you see my sig man! I think it's pretty legit
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      hahaha thanks man
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      ahha yeah its tight, im stoked
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      Owen its Michael get on here and add me, By Names MichaelDreamer
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    Zombie apocalypse!!!

    by OwenLucid on 06-17-2012 at 04:31 AM
    So starts out I already know its a Zombie apocalypse and I'm kinda rogue'in it out around a city.(First part of dream is kinda fuzzy :S) I meet a girl and a guy and we set off exploring places together. This girl tickles me fancy and I feel really protective of her throughout the dream. We go to my cousins place to see if there is any survivors. We get there and walk down some hall when my zombie cousins start busting through doors and walls! We have sharp crowbars and hockey sticks(not the best weapon selection) and are beating down and impaling zombies before they get to us. After ive killed almost half my family, we go outside and see more zombies. A car drives by with two guy in it and they start acting like zombies driving the car(although their clearly not zombies) So we start acting like zombies too, to not draw any attention, but apparently my acting skills are lacking and they start chasing after us. I fall down and almost get bittin when my super hot, fancy ticklin girl, kicks the shit out of the zombie. I thank her with a makeout sesh and we go back into the city to the library to research up on zombies. We find nothing but more zombies there and leave the building, only to discover I left my cell phone and coat in there, so I decide to be heroic and go get it on my own. The dream goes slow mo as I dodge zombies to retrieve my coat and once I successfully do that I return outside to be aplouded by my comrades. I start walking like a d bag and accidentally step on an open zombies mouth, who bites my foot clean through my shoe. I pry it off and immediatly start panicking cause I know I only have a few hours left before I turn. I decide to ask my mom for money so I can get a antidote from some crazy guy.I see her busking with popcorn for money and she gives me a twenty after much begging. We head off to get the antidote when my mom wakes me up (irl) to go fishing....DAMN IT! did I survive?!?!?!
    non-lucid , memorable

    First Lucid Dream(Old) On my First WBTB

    by OwenLucid on 06-14-2012 at 05:15 AM
    I went to bed at 10:00 pm
    Woke up at 4:15, drank aj went to bathroom and back to bed at like 4:15.

    I was at this nice autumn dog park with my friend Mike. It was a really nice day and there was a nice lake there. I had been to a similiar place a couple days ago and used that setting to dream incubate when i first went to bed, so then I realized I was dreaming and decided to do the finger through palm tech. It took a couple of tries, but i eventually got them through and yelled out "Yippie!!" (kinda dumb I know) I told myself alright I have to calm down. I was with Mike and we were at a picnic table and I remember trying the breathing through nose tech just for fun and it also worked! I remember me and mike were getting excited so we started to stick our hands through the picnic table (like the palm tech) and after countless failures for both of us (just two kids hitting their hands on a table ) I told myself, "this is a dream I can do whatever i want." and concentrated really hard and finally stuck my hand through the table! The whole top part of it! I cant remember if it went through easily or if i straight up smashed it, but w/e i did it. Mike was pumped and hooting for me. There was also an old man who kinda reminded me of morgan freeman sitting on a near by log who had witnessed the whole thing, and was shaking his head like he approved of my concentration. Some other people were walking by saw the end of the event and were looking dumb founded by what we were doing, so i tried to show off and do it again for them, but i just couldn't do it, i couldnt concentrate, so i rammed my fingers through the table so hard that the wood broke in half. The DC's were impressed and started clapping, but i knew it wasnt the same and said screw off to them. I then walked to the water with Mike and we were up to our nips in really cold water, but we didnt mind. I did another reality check and said "hey mike lets waterbend!" and i morphed some water into a ball and tossed it in the air, it hit the water with a HUGE splash. mike then made a water ball and threw it at me, it was so on! he swam away but i created a whirlpool and tried to suck him in but he got away. I decided screw this, this is a dream so I stood up on the water. It was awkward at first like trying to walk on jello but i got the hang of it, me and Mike fought for a long time and it was on eof the most amazing expirences ever!

    It then faded into a non-lucid dream, must of been because i got too caught up in the water fight
    lucid , memorable

    First Dream entry on the computer!

    by OwenLucid on 06-12-2012 at 11:07 PM
    Lucid Dreams in Blue
    NonLucid in Green

    So first entry on the computer since I need to for the dream acadamy lessons. I'm not gunna write all my old ones, so im just gunna start with one I had last night.

    I woke myself up at 2:00AM in hopes of recalling a dream, because dad always agressively wakes me up in morning.

    My dreams starts where im at home and im really bored. I complain to my mom fo help and she tells me shes already invited this girl that I really like over, but we have to pick her up. At first im pissed but then I agree and get my dad to come pick her up with me ( inr I only have my L) we get to her house and find out theres a party there. I go in and see her and she says hi, then runs upstairs saying shes going to get her things. I wait in a room with a bunch of my friends and my old chubby friend talks to me about walnut donuts in a near by freezer( we musta talked for an hour about that donut ) then a really hot girl comes to me and starts talking about how she loves hunting, she starts dry humping and licking this rifle, when I get called by the girl i like saying shes ready. I go to get my dad so we can go when i finally find him passed out sleeping by the mini bar. I decide well just sleep at her house.
    Then dream changes to me outside chasing after a motorized DVR tv box waving my arms around and yelling. That dreams really fuzzy.

    I guess I could use the motorized DVR coulda been a dream sign