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    Noob Me-bot

    by PantsParty on 07-26-2010 at 05:41 PM

    I had a dream that I was in some sort of virtual Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 game. I remember scrolling through and selecting Noob Saibot. I then physically embodied him and fought in some weird, factory-esque place (lots of metal, low lighting) after watching Cage fight several times. I remember jumping down an open pit so that I could join the Brotherhood of the Shadow (as a side note, I'm surprised I still remember all of this stuff cuz my nerd-dom days are totally over). It ended up being suicide when I did, during which i was warned by a narrating voice something about the pit being bad because the BoS are bad people. After which I took the perspective of a boy discussing college prospects with his father, which makes sense because I partly watched Accepted yesterday. I remember pushing some large object across a stone bridge over a huge gorge. It fell off, with "me" going with it. At which point, the suicide of Noob scene and other scenes as the boy alternated and repeated themselves a few times.

    Then, I was myself in a high-tech looking hallway with a partner unknown to me. We decoded a door at the end and entered into this large room. An alarm modestly sounded and "emergency" supplies dropped, including pillows and pixie stix. Lol. I tried to get away by going through the door we had entered, which was now an elevator. As the door closed, I saw people so I opened it again. It was a family being held captive, a family I presume to have been my partner's. We folllowed with the group when instructed. We went up several stairs. At one point, there were large windows we could look out. We were hgih in the air, there was water below us and land off in the distance about half a mile. It was evening, but not completely dark. I realized we were on a cruise ship. Eventually, we made our way to a concert hall where an orchestra was playing.

    This is where I determined I have been watching too many episodes of scrubs. Dr. Cox started playing a trumptet to my left, and Dorian played some weird conk-shell-esque horn to my right. After the performance, we all went back to the room where we were "caught", only there was a lot of traffic and I couldn't get past people. There was suddenly another concert hall to my right. I seat jumped to the other side where there was no traffic and went into the lobby. I saw my father, then he disappeared. I asked for how to get to the room to an attendant. He said it was below decks. I think I asked what all the hubbub was about, and he told me the baby jesus was pregnant. This ended up being the name of the piece that the orchestra was playing, and not a mis-spoken way of saying Jesus was back. I lol'ed. It's especially funny for an atheist. That was all I can remember.

    Doom O Negative

    by PantsParty on 07-25-2010 at 03:17 PM

    Woke up around 9:30, realized I had only slept about 7&1/2 hours, so I went back to sleep for about a half hour. I woke up and remembered my dream. It wasn't a long one. I was in a dark Doom 3-like room, circular, with 4 'corners'. Type O Negative (Pete included, even though he's now deceased) was playing in the center of the room. They were playing prelude to agony as trites from Doom 3 poured out from underneath vents in the sides of the room. I killed the trites off with the shotgun. After they were all dead and the intro was almost finished, I went into one of the alcove corners and up 3 or 4 stairs. I turned around to see Type O was much closer with half-empty stadium seating. Last thing I remember is Pete pulling a name out of a hat... it was one of my friend's names who I had looked up on facebook last night. I remember she got excited and stood up. That's it.