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    First WILD

    by paperplane on 09-02-2013 at 09:16 AM
    I'm home with a cold, thought of going to work today anyway, but decided to not. I went up around 06:00 and went to the desktop to send some work realated mails I had to get sent and at 07:00 I was done. Why not go try another WILD. I've tried for about 3 weeks now, only rewarded by DILDs so far. I know that your not supposed to do wake related things at all on a WBTB, but I decided to give it a go anyway.

    So I lay down repeating my mantra self awareness in my mind and tried to relax one limb at the time until I was completely relaxed. I cant tell how long I was laying there. But at some points I decided to get up and do a RC witch did not work, I wasn't dreaming. So I went back to close my eyes again.

    Suddenly I saw a face of some kind in the blackness, a face of a stone statue. At the same time I felt this statue begun to spin around in circles and the face was replace by other shapeless objects. the spinning altered between my body spinning around the darkness and the darkness spinning inside of me. I suddenly saw a woman's figure. I knew at this time it was just a creation of my imagination, so I started to slowly turn it around and change the way it looked, almost like changing a characters appearance in a video game. By now the girl started talking to me and when I looked around I saw the walls in my bedroom around us.

    My first LD

    by paperplane on 08-01-2012 at 12:49 PM
    A glass of apple juice and a banana before going to bed.
    Mantra before going to bed "I Will remember my dreams"
    Woke up around 4, went to bathroom, thought and read about LD.

    Wrote down my previous dream about skating elks in my Dream Journal. Me and some other people i knew threw elk stew and other frozen elk steaks at them, what made them furious.

    went back to bed after 20 minutes. Iso-tones while thinking "I will remember that I'm dreaming."

    I was fighting something/someone with My GFs brother at his work? Then I was in the school restaurant and when we walked out from it I recognized some people from school many years ago.
    Then I was at my grandfathers lawn. This is where i got a feeling that i was dreaming!
    I crawled around to stabilize my dream. Then I saw a DC acting and looking like a zombie. I thought "if this is a dream I can make out with that thing, and I did. It started out well but then we started to fight. I had no weapon and tried to put my hand behind my back to get a weapon but when i pulled my hand in front of me nothing happened. I spun around with my arms in the air, hoping to get away. I came to a table with some DCs sitting around it. we were having dinner, and they told me that I'd got Rabies from the zombie I kissed. I told "no, because its only a dream" they said "no, this is real life". I got worried and tried to pull my finger through my left hand. (My first RC). I wasn't happy with the result and got worried. Tried the nose pinch but couldn't breath. "What is this, two failing RCs in a row?" I read the text of a can of baked beans. "mr. Bean". I looked away and read it again. "Vogue". I was still dreaming.

    I spun and imagined to meet a celebrity, pulled my hand behind my back and pulled it in front of me again. didn't work. So I spun and tried to think of someone more specific. I thought that I would go to Hollywood and meet Cameron Diaz for some reason. I got to her kitchen and she were sitting there in her underwear's, together with her boyfriend. He got pissed at me and thought i was skinny. It seemed like Cameron were flirting with me at first, but then she started to yell at me to get out. I though I should try to float and it worked, I floated up and down their hallway. I think I met her boyfriend on the way back, he was also floating.

    Then I thought I wanted to go to a Hollywood party. I spun and got there, crawled around to make the dream more stable. I felt that I started slipping away and loosing lucidity. A band entered, it was ABBA. This made me somehow very happy, and I woke up.

    It felt that I had not much control of things in the dream, except when I was spinning, or crawling.
    I have to practice this more next time. And to focus more on the dream, not on all the things i want to do in it. I guess LD will get more vivid if I do.