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      I love your signature, that llama seems so evil lmao
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      You could have been a majestic alpaca. I'm disappointed.
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      How is the DV's domination plan going ?
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      I really like your gif of that llama in your signature. Its so funny and cute. XD
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    Morning of February 13 2016

    by ParanoidLlama on 02-13-2016 at 05:49 PM
    So yeah..... lucid dreaming practices is pretty much non existent for me as of now. Nothing special really, I almost never stay with my commitments (a flaw I'm trying to fix). This morning, when I woke up, I was still pretty tired so I tried a whack at WILd'ing, and oh boy was it worth it. I chained up to 7-8 lucid dreams (albeit being rather short)!

    I'm just lyin' there trying to WILD. One mistake I made throughout the process was trying to calm my heart rate, as I thought it was because of unconscious fear of hypnogogia and it would harm the development. I kept doing this until I finally let up, and there was a loud buzzing in my ears. Everything intensified and I was in the dream.

    The first dream had me right where I was in waking life. I immediately remembered one of the goals of summoning someone, so I tried calling out for them but at the back of my bed a monstrous arm lifted me up in the air from the back of my shirt. Of course, not being scared I recall saying, "hey! put me down buddy!"

    This next dream brought me into this school like building. The vividness wasn't bad even without engaging my senses, so I went around to look for some women. I was about to get the attention of one, but another one (who I recognize in waking life) walked by me and I went for her instead. I asked her if she wanted to do something cool, and without even waiting for a response I put my arm around her and strolled her along into, apparently, a mixed washroom. There was a large amount of people there in front of the mirrors just looking at themselves, as well as in the stalls, but I managed to find a free stall to start doin' da thing with her. She somehow disappeared when I went into it though, and the wall to the stall next to mine collapsed to reveal simply a hand stretching out across it.

    After chaining to about 2-3 more lucid dreams which I can only recall being fuzzy and short, my next dream had me in a grocery store. Contrarily to what I did in the previous ones, I took my time to ground myself and the dream became very vivid. Also, this time I did a good job of not thinking of my sleeping body, keeping me in the dream for longer. I walked around and met a helper and I wanted to ask him where I can find a product, but there was another man next to me asking something else. After he had left, he brought me over to an area where there was a shelf really high up and asked me to bring down two types of chips up there. When I did so, I seemed to have forgotten about him because he wasn't there anymore. The chips wasn't the product I wanted, but eh, whatever. I was about to take a bite when the dream faded and I chained into another dream.

    I was outside my house when it was around noon. It was really vivid and I wanted to fly to go somewhere else. After failing, I decided to just jump up the rooftops like a ninja instead. I backed up all the way into the neighbour's yard where he was sitting on the front porch, and after a running start I couldn't jump up high enough. I tried again on the neighbour's rooftop where the front yard was sort of like a hill so the ground was closer to the roof, but again I failed. I gave that up and went back to flying, doing a parabolic flight out on the street and flying back down near a car. The dream ended and, you guessed it, I went back into another one.

    This one brings me into a motorcycle race. There was about 3 racers and I had a motorcycle but wasn't in the race. They left off but one of the racers' motorcycle vanished, and I felt bad for him so I gave him mine. Since the other racers were long off, I gave him a boost by giving him turbospeed by putting fire behind his pair of wheels. I was stepping side to side in front of him to make sure nothing happened to the motorcycle while it was going so fast. He easily passed 1 of the other racers.
    It's complicated to explain. It didn't feel like the motorcycle was going SUPER fast that the speed I was walking at must have been the same, but it felt like the racers' time were slowed down. Despite it all, his motorcycle eventually caught up to my foot and he swerved to the side to hit a tree. Oops. I teleported to where the last racer was and he kept going to eventually win the race. Going the opposite direction to where he went, a woman on a motorcycle came up and parked right in front of me, right on the street. I walked up to her and simply said, "hey, beautiful," and she was instantly attracted to me. When I approached her, her appearance changed but it didn't really matter to me at the time as she was beautiful either way. Also, my appearance changed as well as I suddenly became buff and tall, as well as probably good-looking. We wanted to have sex so we started taking off our clothes, but it kicked into us that we couldn't do it right in the middle of the street! While still being nearly naked, right to the side of the street we found a hotel so we went right behind it to start. Right before our intercourse, two middle aged men walked up to us and said we can't do it behind here. I suggested that we could just rent a room in the hotel and do it but they responded by saying they don't allow that. I finally gave up and we went back to the street to find somewhere else but the dream faded.

    A couple of non lucid dreams that I can't recall here as I lost awareness.

    Night of January 18 2015

    by ParanoidLlama on 01-20-2016 at 02:27 AM
    Yeah, I've been pretty disconnected with lucid dreaming in general. At this point I can't promise anything, but I hope to have more entries available. On a side note, I had a nice WILD tonight. I feel confident that if I can WBTB and WILD every night, I could have lucids every night!

    Besides that, I didn't remember any other dreams...

    Failed Powers

    I'm awake in my bed. I get ready to start WILD and, like usual, paralysis comes in a matter of seconds. Only auditory hallucinations, which I can't seem to remember, come and it all goes silent. At first, I'm sitting there thinking about when the visual hallucinations which create the dream will come, but I realize the dream may have already started. I get up, do an RC and find I'm in a dream! Strangely enough, this is where my memory of the dream is blurry, as I can't remember which RC I did, or if I even did an RC in the first place. Details become so bright in the dream, and when I start to make my way out the door of my room, I remember the tips to remember your waking life memories and it all comes flowing in. I decide to go in my sister's room, and I find her lying down on her back smiling. She doesn't even blink or move in my presence, and I saw her face being so detailed and accurate. I motion my hand over to her face to get a feel for it, but she kicks me away. I get a bit more aggressive now and start to get in a position to lie on top of her, and I try my earlier move again but she again reacts the same way. I decide to leave her. Yet another blurry part until I reach outside. I see most of my family and I believe I greet them? I'm not sure. I head outside and recall wanting to summon up my tulpa. I tried summoning a door to find her but that failed and the area was so detailed that I could even see that blotch of colour that you see when you focus really hard. I started to lose lucidity at this point. Out on the street I was on, people from both sides started walking towards me, and if I recall correctly the scene sorta looked like it was morphing into a school setting with lockers (but hadn't completely changed into it). To prove to myself to be completely sure I was dreaming, I tried launching a fireball at one of the people, but to no avail again. I then woke up quickly before I had the chance to chain it. Or the dream just went on non-lucid, and I can't remember it.

    When I woke up that morning, I asked my tulpa about it and she was sleeping at the time. Heh..

    Night of January 6 2016

    by ParanoidLlama on 01-08-2016 at 12:25 AM
    Oh boy! Been enough time since I've written a DJ entry. I have been consistently writing in my physical one (what I'd like to think ;-; ). I've been doing WBTB for the past few nights and I'm happy with my recall when I do so. Unfortunately, I keep waking up after the first WBTB and being too lazy to write the new dreams. I've missed writing around 5 dreams like this. Tonight's no different, but I managed to have a short LD tonight! The dreams I recalled after the first WBTB are sometimes just me writing in my DJ (lol). Anyway, here are some dream fragments:

    In the dream I wanted to "better myself" or something similar.

    There were a few dreams where I wrote in my dream journal. I distinctly remember one where I tried to WILD after doing so.

    And for the other dreams, and the lucid:

    Get the program, hurry!

    My brother said we had to obtain this piece of software to fix the broken computer. We had to hurry to the store quick or else some other guy would have taken it. I asked if I could have a new PC after this and he said, "maybe". We never did end up searching for the thing and, though I'm not sure if this is in the same dream, there was this dangerous maze I had to navigate that had monsters and was really bloody from all the other unlucky people to have ventured there.

    After quite a few awakenings, I came across this dream again:

    I was controlling this strong man and was entering the maze from the ceiling. I was thinking the monsters'll never catch me from up here, but surprisingly one jumped up very high and nearly bit my legs off. I was back at my real body's view and my brother said, "Come on, we have to go get the software! Remember last dream?" I got distracted by Saitama and Genos (from One punch man) walking down the stairs and had followed them. But I pondered over what my brother said earlier and realized I was dreaming. I was at the bottom of the stairs and there was a turn that led down to more stairs, which led to a door outside. I was at that middle section, and there was a guy standing there. I decided to wear Saitama's hero clothes, and the show's opening started playing in the background. I punched that guy, OPM style. Strangely enough, I did it with my left hand and I'm right handed. Interesting. I went to the bottom of the stairs in front of the door, and I tried using my cape to teleport myself (sorta like Meta Knight) to Boros so I could fight him. That didn't end up working, and I woke up.

    Night of December 21 2015

    by ParanoidLlama on 12-22-2015 at 06:28 PM
    ' '
    ' '
    ' '
    ' '

    Night of December 20 2015

    by ParanoidLlama on 12-21-2015 at 07:17 PM
    I couldn't remember any dreams the other night (mostly 'cause I didn't put any effort), but I have a very long dream tonight with some dream fragments.

    All he wanted was blank papers

    I don't really know how the dream started, but I was this knight with a different appearance (something similar to Marth in physical appearance and armor, but without the cape). I wanted to save Yato (from the anime Noragami) because he was apparently my friend and he was kidnapped into this castle. I almost forgot about him but remembered him from a distinct memory of when we were together (In the show, he's a god so if you stay a certain amount of time away from him you will forget about him). I was in front of the castle but there was a moat with no drawbridge, and a large group of people were behind me. These people couldn't really fight, but some could. Suddenly, a darkness from the castle enveloped everything, and everything looked black, even with the sun up. Panic was setting in for a few people. The scene sorta changed where we had to push back incoming monsters in the complete darkness. Everyone was safe. The scene changed back and the darkness was gone. We had found a way to get up by using a sort of wooden bridge and tilting it against the castle wall to climb up. Fast forward and almost everyone was up, and it was my turn. My perspective changed to a few people at the bottom, and when the knight was near the top he was shouting at them asking for some help. The thing was about to fall, and it did but it did so in a way to act as a bridge to the castle. The knight thanked them anyway, and my perspective went back to him. The circumstances changed in which I was Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan trying to save Armin and Mikasa from Dr. Eggman. I was the same age as he is in the show (15) and I apparently hadn't seen them since 8 or so years. I was walking through this tunnel-like place where many of the people earlier were trying to find some blank pieces of paper. All Dr. Eggman wanted was a stack of blank lined paper. I easily supplied him with it and he let my friends go. I was surprised to find them the same age as before, and they hated me for some reason. I had aggresively asked him if he did experiments on them and he replied with a yes. I demanded him to revert the effects, but all he could do is give them children's toys and videos and he ran away, leaving me with my toddler friends.

    Couple of dream fragments

    I was playing this red, blue and white card game with my little brother and he really wanted a white checkered, to the extent to cry for it. I had hidden it from him but showed him, and he was pleased.

    There weren't a lot of boots around in stores, so we had to find some other shoes outside of town.I believe this happened the full dream above, which might explain why there was a lot of people with me?

    I was shopping for something.