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      Thank you!! ^o^

      Congrats on completing the ToTM, I haven't been able to do that yet.
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      Heya Parker, thanks for the friend request ^^
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      hi parker, thank you for the friend request happy dreams
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      Thanks man, I appreciate it.
      I'm actually 16 as well, I've just neglected to update my profile!
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    2 stupid lucids

    by parkmeats on 03-20-2014 at 04:59 PM
    I feel ill. I can barely stand. I simply can't spend more than 5 minutes typing this so lets go. I am leaving details out for privacy reasons.

    My first lucid of the night was a WILD. I felt a goblin whispering in my ear during some HH, I did a nose plug, and had to spend a few minutes stabilizing because I could barely stand or see.... I headed outside and changed it from nighttime to daytime. I crunched around on some leaves. I decided to roll around on them and feel the crispiness underneath me. I summoned a DC to continue stabilizing, but as I started feeling it, I woke up.

    Next up was a DILD, I just had the feeling I was dreaming. I was sitting in the backseat of car with a few friends of mine. I said, "start flying this car... you know, cuz it's a dream right now." they seemed very unamused. We talked for a little bit. I went to the front seat of the car and commenced in an activity that I guess was a little too stimulating, and I woke up.

    Tonight I'm going for an epic LD, a journey into the land of Oo.

    3 LD's - Sentient Dream Figure - Etc.

    by parkmeats on 03-14-2014 at 07:50 PM
    Wow, what a night....
    3 LD's...and 2 DEILD's...
    I have so much to write and so much recall, so I will just skip the non LD's and get straight to the good stuff.
    I'm writing this in first period on my phone which pains me because I want to put a lot of effort into this but I'm just too eager to post.

    My first LD of the night left me needing more. I was sitting in darkness looking at a wall when I just realized this was a dream. Suddenly I'm in my bed trying to stabilize. This turns into a nightmare. Satanic creatures approach my bed growling and snarling, and I create light with my hand to fend them off. I try to yell to the dream "Take me somewhere else" but my words sound like they are under water. I begin to float up and I am trying to fly away, but the dream is too much... I awoke around 4 AM, determined to have a successful LD. What I got was a step above what I was expecting.

    After 2 intense non LD's... I find myself in my room standing up. I realize this is a dream. On my way out to the front door, I stabilize the dream. My feet against the cold tile couldn't feel more real. I remembered in my last dream I was having trouble teleporting, and thanks to BrandonBoss, I tried a technique to teleport. I passed my hands through my front door and suddenly I'm on the other side, but I'm at the beach. A mix between a grass park and a beach. Already happy and confident, I decided to try my step task of advanced flying. Within seconds after takeoff, the wind and g-force were pushing against me at hundreds of miles an hour. I land, and start the lose the dream- so I perform a DEILD.
    When I'm back in, I decide to teleport again. I spin around and I'm in a courtyard with a fountain, which is nice because I wanted to do some water bending. However as I decide to do something different- I fade out into blackness.

    The next dream I remember, I am in a parking lot next to that same courtyard. I become Lucid again. I summon some pieces of scrap metal, and some cars. I expect these pieces of metal to be explosive, and I blow up a car by throwing the metal at it. It's awesome. I walk around and see some people by the fountain- and I remember something Robert Waggoner did... I turned around and said "When I look back- there better be some beautiful women" and there are. But as I'm taking a look at them, I notice one of them looks different.... this is when stuff turns up a bit... her presence awakens me- but I re enter the dream again. She's the only one there now. She looks about 20, sandy blonde hair. She has the body of Lara Croft and is sort of dressed like her. She wears black, and has on a backpack. I approach her with the intent to satisfy my primordial instincts but she stops me. "Whoa whoa whoa- back dude dude" she says.... wow. I ask what's going on and she says "listen- I am somewhat very important" and then she starts giggling. I've never encountered a dream figure with such intelligence. I ask her what her name is- and mind you this lucid sequence was my longest one so far, so it's hard to remember everything... but I think she said her name was "Ba Berper". I asked her what her middle name was and smiled... she rolled her eyes and smiled too as if she knew this was the TOTM, and said- "I don't have a middle a name". When I got distracted by two girls to my left, she disappeared. As a result of not paying attention to the most sentient being I've ever come across in a dream, I lost lucidity.

    I woke up, sweaty, and stunned by this amount of progress I've made. I can't remember everything due to all the dreams I had last night and my sloppy DJing, but hopefully you guys enjoyed this read. I hope to have much more experiences like this.

    Night 4

    by parkmeats on 03-12-2014 at 06:27 PM

    First dream started off on my friend Connor's birthday (which is actually tomorrow) and everyone was giving him a card. A friend of mine gave him a funny card with doodles all over it. It was just a happy day, at school all we had to do was sit around outside (it was a different looking school) and have fun. Each of us had to go into the video production class and create a short horror video because apparently it was also Halloween or something. The other videos were cool, and I think that class has penetrated into my subcon, because I have been having dreams about it frequently. The special ed kids at my school were waving hi to me and walking past and then one of them, a kid named Dorion, tripped and fell. All of a sudden they all started tripping and falling over, it was like a comedy movie.

    Then I remember a fragment about two kids from my school.

    I woke up and failed a DEILD, so I did a little WBTB after using the restroom etc. I guess it was MILD because I just went to sleep thinking about my last dream.

    My next dream, well I've never had something quite like it before. As far back as I can remember in the dream, it started in the same video production class. We were watching our movies and I remember being blown away by one of the guys acting. It was so emotional and mesmerizing... I then remember thinking this one girl was my sister and I looked in a yearbook to see our picture to see if we were related and then I started dreaming about the pictures I saw. This was where stuff started getting weird... I now didn't have a dream body and experienced something strange. I did not just see something and realize I was dreaming, I just sort of knew. It was like I just remembered I was dreaming but I didn't get any of those chills or exciting feelings.... I felt my physical body and was aware of it while I was fully immersed in the dream. Unfortunately, this lead to me being unsatisfied at points in the dream because of being uncomfortable. But on the bright side, I am now starting to have lucid dreams much more frequently. So back to the dream.
    I stabilized the dream, I felt the weight of my arms and my footsteps against the concrete. At this point in my dream I was on a grass field in front of my house. I tried to change the dream scene by spinning but no success. I tried some element manipulation. Specifically, I tried to create fire, which was fairly difficult. After some failed fire punches, I focused hard enough to create a stream of fire coming out of my hands. I caught a car on fire, (one that I summoned) and the sensations of the fire was very tingly like a condensed ball of the feeling you get when your arm is asleep. Because of my physical body awareness, I decided to awaken. I do not wish to count the element manipulation of this dream towards my 3 step tasks because I want to do a better job next time.

    This was followed by another Lucid that I will not describe in detail due to the nature of it's content. Lets just say- Interaction with a DC is a check.

    This is the jist of my dream, I had to type it on my phone so forgive me for once again not being very exciting. I have very busy mornings.

    PS- If anyone can provide insight about my dream/physical body I would appreciate it. I did not get the fulfillment of this LD and it felt weird. I even considered the possibility of me just dreaming about LD'ing but I know my self awareness was present and I was definitely Lucid, it just felt strange. I'm sure this is filled with typos and stuff but yeah... phone :p

    Any tips on element manipulation and teleportation are also appreciated. Thank you.

    Night 3...

    by parkmeats on 03-11-2014 at 07:20 PM
    Tonight I slept through my alarms so unfortunately no lucid.... I'm trying to implement a solid sleep schedual because the clock shift royally screwed me. Anyways... I have a few things.

    Moneyface man - Pencil Dream - Super robot hat


    My first dream was playing tag with my friends in a giant castle that was also a city that was magic. Resembled architecture similar to Rivendell from LOTR. This was happening while aliens invaded.

    My second dream happened, and it was my birthday in it. But all of my friends were hanging out with hot girls without me, and I tried to call them but no answer. I got a text from some kid at my school saying he was having a ''meat fry" or something, so for people to bring some meat for his house and we can all cook our meat together hahaha. I went on some social network and came across a girl who posted "videos" of herself and I will levave it at that.

    1st DJ - (Competition 17)

    by parkmeats on 03-09-2014 at 09:21 PM
    Just spent about 45 mins typing this all out in depth and then my account timed out and it only saved the first dream, so sorry for the lack of description because I can't be asked to re type everything. I will be more descriptive and interesting next time.

    This is my first DJ entry, as I prefer to write mine down with pen and paper. However... I will be using this during the competition #17 to help verify my score.

    Due to being out of town with no sleep... this wasn't the perfect weekend to start off on. I didn't take my dream journal with me so all I have are results from this morning.

    One full dream, and a Lucid dream.

    The non lucid started off with me in a classroom. I was sitting next to two girls, and the back of another girl who I strongly dislike. She was being very rude and annoying, hehe. The two girls who are my friends started to yell at her, and me, being uncomfortable, left. I went out to the field where kids were running the mile. For some reason this was the field of my middle school. So many different kids were running, and 3rd graders (I have no idea why they are at my school....) are giving out a "forgiveness award" for the most forgiving "buddy". After this, everyone was assigned a new name, and we had to run. When running this kid with an afro who I know, Malik, came. His afro was white. He started speaking jibberish and I started laughing. The girl next to me also started laughing and then I looked at her and she grabbed a small special-ed child and kissed her on the lips... I then awoke.

    Later this night I had my Lucid.

    I woke up at 6:00 AM and attempted WILD. Within a few minutes I started getting HH. HI was minimal (from what I can remember). My body started twisting around the room. I saw only blackness. Thinking I had failed, I got up to go pee but realized I was in a dream when I couldn't hit the toilet. RC for good measure, and yes I can breathe through my nose. My balance is terrible so I yelled "BALANCE NOW" and got perfect balance. I walked past my brother playing drums as he stared at me and tried to teleport by wiping the scene with my hand but couldn't. I went outside to stabilize and explore. I focused until I could hear the birds chirping and saw every blade of grass. I felt the sunrise on one side of my body and the morning breeze on the other. Very crisp, (I was still in my boxers :p). I saw my friend, and remembering the TOTM, I tried to ask him his middle name but he didn't answer because I already knew it. It's 'Shiyu'. I tell him to help me find some dream figures because this is a dream (which I NEVER say) and he looked at me and I was ejected from the dream. I used DEILD to re-enter but not long after I was ejected again. I found this very strange, and attribute it to my REM cycles ending most likely.

    Over my stay out of town I had about 6 fragments, so 3 points.
    Remember the whole dream - 1 point (x2)
    Become lucid - 5 points (Note: You get points for 'becoming' lucid even when you are lucid from the start, like when WILDing)
    Do an successful Reality Check - 1 point
    Successfully stabilize the dream - 2 points
    Successful WILD - Wake Induced Lucid Dream - 3 points
    Successful DEILD - Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream - 2 points

    This makes a total of 18 points for today.

    As a note to self, me 3 step tasks will be

    Element manipulation
    Advanced summoning
    Advanced flying

    Sorry if this bored you, or whatever. I had technical difficulties and will try better next time. Thank you for reading.