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    1. I must ask you now, why do you love me? Is it the way those embedded platonic forms reveal themselves in a way thats sultry without being slutty? Is it the seemingly paradoxial reality that the complex shape you see rotating has been constructed simply by connecting the centres of 13 circles together with straight lines? Is it my oxymoronic user name? Is it the imagined sexy irish accent? Because I don't actually look like a metatron's cube, thats not my real name and I was actually born in pakistan.
    2. Oh cool... Well it's not raining here yet but it probably will soon. It's been pretty miserable lately...

      But yeah, pretty much everyone in the country is connected by the weather. Pretty much the only thing we have in common...
    3. Has it suddenly started pouring rain over there too? I find a primitive gratification to the elementory fact that people distant from each other can suffer the same shitty weather. Kind of a prehistoric DoS attack.
    4. No I'm just visiting family here. I'm a university student from cork in Ireland. I'm returning next weekend.
    5. Why are you in Penrith? Do you live in Scotland?

      I live in St Andrews, but I'm from Aberdeen. I'm gonna be living in Manchester from July tho.
    6. Your in Scotland? I'm in Penrith right now lol.
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