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    About pdiddles03
    lucid count=7

    lucid dream goals:
    become a super hero[x](I became venom, not a super hero but a villian :)
    travel to another planet[]
    explore the starship enterprise(tng)[]
    meet my dream guide[]
    time control[]
    more vivid dreams[]
    How you found us:
    google, when looking up how to control your dreams


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    Trying to go into a mirror

    by pdiddles03 on 12-19-2010 at 12:53 AM
    So, my dream started out with me and my wife and a friend, don't remmeber who walking down a street I had a paper rout one called cass street. at the end of the street, there was what i percieved a haunted house but when we went inside, and walked in the front door, you got in the building by sliding down a huge inflatable slide. we did, i don't remember doing it but did. I then walked around fo ra while and realized i was dreaming, I was kind of amazed at the realisim of all my dream charecters and how they seemed to interact perfectly with their environment.

    I then thought " i have to find a mirror" i went into a bathroom and tried to stick my hadn through the mirror. I failed. all i could feel was the mirror. I then decided to try again. I got in but don't remember it and It made me lose my lucidity. it sucks

    I then remmeber leaving and trying to find my wife because she left eearlier then me

    Dream travel

    by pdiddles03 on 12-04-2010 at 05:32 PM
    I don't remember all of my dream last night,but i was at my high school, and I walked to the third floor. I started out by the entranceof the driveway by the school, and i walked to the third floor using the stairs and into the classroom only to find that I had forgotten my backpack in the parking lot. I freaked out because i didn't want to be late for class by running back down so for some REASON an idea came to me. I visualized where I wanted to go and closed my eyes as I fell backwards onto my back. When I had opened my eyes, it started out a bit blurry but I was in the parking lot laying down and i got up. Some people wre kind of confused as to why I was laying down in the middle of the lot but I just got up and ran away

    The last part of my dream was putting my wifes dog on a leash, and the dog was trying to bite it cuz it didn't wana be on the leash.
    non-lucid , memorable

    possibly my best lucid to date

    by pdiddles03 on 07-07-2010 at 03:45 PM
    I don't know how I became lucid, i just did. before I became lucid, i had a dream me and my girlfriend bought this really nice big house. i was in the house sleeping with no shirt, when all of a sudden i saw someone in the house. or heard someone, i quickly confronted them. my girlfriend was at work. i went outside with them and there were people tareing up the bricks that made up our front sidewalk. I was ticked, the guy inc harge said it was because we owed the man money who payed for that. my girlfriend came home and found out too. I then explained to the guy that we had just bought the house. I went back inside the house and was for some reason jumping from wall to wall trying to escape from some animal, it came througgh my mind that i was dreaming, but then i doubted myself, but i eventually realized i really was dreaming. I somehow ended up in this building and i walked through a door into another room, I did this a few times and tried to make it so when i walked through the door i would see the starship voyager so i could explore it. but every time i walked through a door i would just walk itno another room. I t hen walked into a room where there was a bunch of people,and i talked to a few people. I walked outside and went into a car with some guy, and i started telling him that he was dreaming. he didn't believe me. I told him i was dreaming too and i was having a lucid dream , and explained to him what a lucid dream was. I told him that i would prove it by jumping on top of a mcdonalds building we stoped the car at. I got out and jumped and flew up . but the mcdonalds building turned into a rocky hill by a body of water. I was jumping from rock to rock trying to run away from a bob cat and jumped into the water, the bobcat jumped into the water too and overcame me. i remember hearing tim allen, from home improvement saying he wishes he wouldn't have gottin into the entertainment industry lol.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Back at work catching shop lifters

    by pdiddles03 on 07-02-2010 at 03:02 PM
    I was by 2 people, one guy i normally see in my work we suspected of stealing in real life. he was with a woman, and they both had a cart full of groceries walking outside. i was right behind them and grabbed both of them by the shirt. i picked up the woman and flung her over m y shoulder and had the guy by the jacket so he couldn't run and i brought them both in, i was afraidmy knees would give out from the weight. i brought them to the bakery dept but the guy ended up disapearing when is et the girl down soemhow. the guy turned into the cake decorator at my work.

    In another part of the dream me and my girlfriend were at my sisters house. and for some reason i was at a table. I just remember her asking me if i was moving stuff in her house. in some attic type looking thing.

    I'm hoping i ahve another lucid soon

    You never realize how much you love someone

    by pdiddles03 on 06-30-2010 at 12:46 PM
    In my dream i remember that me and my girlfriend were pretty serios. All of a sudden she didn't want a serious relationship anymore. she decided to break up with me. it didn't sink in at first. I started seeing someone else and then someone asked me about my wedding. I became really really upset,because i realized i was no longer going to get married. i went into the pricing office at my work and was about to text my gf. to beg herto get back with me. I pulled outmy phone and pushed a button to turn it on. my phone started loading like it wasn't on before and i waited. It turned on and my dream ended.

    Sometimes you don't really think about how you would feel if a relationship ended but sometimes i think it's good to have dreams like this. as long as they stay just dreams