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      did you see he is coming out with another Bean book in November?
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      I can tell you are an Ender fan. my favorite series of all time.
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      lol, it will still be a while, I'm working through the basic tasks still!
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    I hate tourists!

    by PetraArkanian on 10-17-2011 at 06:56 PM
    A dream from a few weeks ago, I got some catch up to do!

    I was walking through ruins composed of the remains of what looked like a brick structure and several other structures making up the size of about two houses. The ground was made of sand and there was no sign of any other structures in the distance.

    I lived there and had a few furnishings spreed throughout the ruins such as a bed next to the remains of a couple of walls, a small dresser and a table all spaced apart.

    Out of nowhere a flock of tourist shows up and starts walking through my ruins taking pictures, most of them in Hawaiian shirts and carrying fancy cameras with huge lenses. I begin to yell at them, saying that I live there and that they can't be here without permission.

    One of them started to go through a drawer in my table and I ran over to him and asked him what he was doing. He responded with something like "I can do whatever I want, what is it to you?" I was suddenly holding a bag I own with my hard drives in it and a shoved the tourist against the wall and thrust-ed the bag at his head. It landed with a thud on the table next to him and his face filled with fear. I angrily told him that this was my home and that they needed to get out. He said he was just here to see the ghosts, and I told him I didn't care and that he needed to leave.

    I released him from my angry grasp and he began to back away still scared. Suddenly a ghost appeared behind me, and called out to me. I turned around, said hi, and began to talk to him. We had clearly been friends for awhile.

    All of the tourists stopped what they were doing and stared blankly at the phenomenon I was talking to. We continued to catch up and I took his hands in a friendly gesture. Holding hands I walked with him suspended several feet in the air well over the tourists heads. They were all still frozen with amazement.

    Eerie Castle

    by PetraArkanian on 10-17-2011 at 06:43 PM
    There was a large eerie castle completely black in the dead of night. It was composed of many thin, tall, rectangular sections with points erected at the tops of them. It was almost its own island in a large ravine, and the only way to it was a skinny crumbling bridge that was an extension of the edge of the cliff.

    There was a stone or concrete wall on the cliff side of the bridge that snaked to the horizon and bent around to make a small room enclosed at one end buy a metal gate. The room was apparently a large shower and I was showering in there as people walked by. No one seemed to notice I was there and I didn't really care anyway.

    At the top of the castle appeared my mom and a man my mother had dated irl, George. They looked down at me and even thought they were extremely far away I could see them and hear them like they were next to me, and I know the same was for them.

    George started to talk to me and I watched as his gaze drifted to my naked body. I yelled at him to look me in the eye and he looked for a moment and then drifted again. I spent a good amount of the dream yelling at him getting more and more angry until I decided to leave. I walked to the gate and realized that it was unlocked. I thought it had been locked that whole time and was suddenly set back.

    I continued to yell at George until I woke up.

    Fire truck!

    by PetraArkanian on 08-22-2011 at 06:43 PM
    I was standing out side a building that was on fire with a bunch of people I know from school. We were just watching it as if to say, "So....what should we do?"

    Suddenly one of my friends Mike P. comes up to me and yells "I'll get the fire truck!!" and runs off to a roar of applause.

    I stood there thinking, "good, that should stop it." and continued to watch the flames.

    (I told him irl and he cracked up! XD)
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by PetraArkanian on 08-22-2011 at 06:39 PM
    From a week or so ago.

    In the first one I started out as a child and slowly progressed throughout the dream to be the age I am now. I was walking along where I was nabbed by two guys and I told them to get away. They did not listen and the dream flashed to me getting electrocuted and then appeared in a different location.

    The dream skips a bit but there was one more flash of me as an adult getting electrocuted and then I was suddenly in a group of people being herded somewhere.

    It was an open field next to a dirt road with nothing but some flimsy barriers keeping us from the road. And no one is questioning where we are going and why these people have power over us.

    I am suddenly following the story of one of my friends (in the third person) trying to find me. He runs past the barriers and goes through the crowd shouting my name. He finally gets to me and pulls me around to face him, relieved that he finally found me. The me that I am watching looks at him blankly and says "I don't know you". I am shocked and start thinking "Oh no, they must have erased my memory. How else could I forget him?"

    It was very strange to have such an out of body experience.

    I am such a feminist

    by PetraArkanian on 07-25-2011 at 05:27 PM
    Had one dream in multiple pieces....the power of the snooze button

    One piece was a bunch of women being rounded up and shoved into trucks. (something to do with studying women history and the feminist movement? ) I see Gloria Steinem in a wheel chair being pulled up to the bed of a truck. I run to her grab the arms of the chair and roll it to the end of the truck. The chair is already tied in, and I know I am going to get nabbed any second. I tell her that even if I can't help her now I will get help her get out of this. (I think we were in a team in a earlier part of the dream I don't remember).

    She leans forward and says "What can you possibly do to help me now?". It seemed like a harsh question, and I was hurt that I was failing her. I decide to read her the license plate number of the truck. I look down but am having trouble deciphering it. (Not enough trouble to get lucid....but you know... - _ -). Surprisingly the numbers do not change after multiple viewings and after a bit I finally get the whole number to her. It was 48484867. I get dragged away.

    Second part: I was in some sort of prison that looked more like a dungeon. It was made of green brick and the entire surrounding seemed moist. I was in a wheel chair and was suddenly confused why I needed one. I tell the person I am with that I can walk and that I walk all the time. I go to stand up and my legs feel week. My calves can not support my weight and I become quickly unbalanced catching myself on the chair for support. I am confused as to how this happened (the memories were of myself walking irl, so CLOSE to being lucid DX)

    Third part. I am leaving some kind of class and know that I am being forced to go to this one location. My surroundings look like a large scale college campus all made of orange brick with small patches of grass and courtyards. As I approach where I much go I get some kind of vision of what happened their before: An evil man is talking to a girl in a stone chair and he describes to her all the torturers he will present her with ending with impaling her over and over until she can take no more. I see that the only way to stop him is the yell the word "claws" and say a four digit word that has relevance to me. I think I could say 4867 because that was the end of the license plate number. I begin to get frightened as I approach the same location as the vision. I see the chair and the workshop the man walked out of. I walk in not knowing what will happen.

    A creature appears made of brown feathers and earth and sleek black claws. I jump, and let her begin walking me backwards toward the chair. She looks at the walk where there is paper with something written in Spanish. She has some kind of reaction to it and I begin to see a human face of a young Mexican girl. I ask her if she is a Mexican girl, she seems to understand what I am saying but does not respond, she continues to guide me to the chair. "Did he do this to you once? Did he make you this?" I ask. She slows her pace and begins to think about what she is, and how she got to be that way. We begin to talk. I am still scared out of my mind because I know that the man will come out when he pleases and I can not leave, but I thought if I could help this girl we could escape together. I think I can use the numbers I saw in my vision to stop him, but who knows if it will really work. We talk and talk until I wake up.