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      I'm doing well. I've been practicing techniques, and I seem to be progressing best at WILD.
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      Hey PhantasmDragon, sorry we missed you in IRC. Hope to see you again!
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    I found an interest in lucid dreaming, so I found this website while looking for techniques.


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    A Dragon Against Humanity

    by PhantasmDragon on 02-04-2016 at 11:27 AM
    Wow, this is late. Curse school and my laziness. Why do you have to take up all my time with homework that has few benefits and leave me unmotivated right afterwards? Anyways, late is better than never.


    I first "woke up" on a beach of an island with white sand next to a clear, aqua blue ocean which dipped off into a deep, navy blue around fifty feet off the shore. The sky was a bright, sky blue with a few clouds scattered here and there. Behind me was a tall, tropical forest with many trees. I stood up and instantly noticed I was standing on all fours and surprisingly, it felt natural. I rushed over to the water only to find out my reflection was that of a black dragon. I stood there in shock for a little while and after examining my reflection closer, I noticed I lacked wings. Despite this, I tried to fly anyways... only to fall on face. I then focused on my tail to see if I could move it and surprisingly I was able to wag it. I looked back to where I first "gained consciousness" and saw a polka-dotted, blue bindle bag next to where I was. I walked over and untied the bag and saw there was a plastic bag with many styrofoam to-go boxes inside with Chinese food. I retied the cloth into a bag and slung it around my neck and on my back. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to head into the forest.

    While walking through the forest, the forest slowly changed from a tropical one to a more temperate one. I then came across a forest clearing which contained a village full of humans. The village consisted of many small stick huts and large farming fields. By this time, it had become nighttime and the full moon was up and countless stars dotted the black sky. I quickly bound towards the village hoping they would provide me with shelter and food, but before I could enter, the villagers noticed me and screamed. The villagers then picked up pitchforks, torches, shovels, hoes, and many other tools they had lying around and attacked me full of wrath. Out of fear, I ran away, tripping a few times due to not being completely used to running on four legs and soon enough, I was back where I started.

    It was still nighttime and with no place to go, I decided to rest where I was on the beach when I saw two green, bipedal, lizard men coming from the left. They both had three digits for their hands and feet, two horns coming from the back of their head, and the section from their lower jaws to the bottom of their abdomen was a lighter shade of green from the rest of their body. They each were holding two zigzagged blades in both hands and were wearing a brown, leather bag on a strap which hung from there shoulder to the opposite hip. They also wore a brown leather tool belt around their waist with many small bags. I got up and faced them. They seemed to be slightly startled when they saw me and for a few moments, we just stared at each other. The lizard people then turned their heads towards each other and nodded. They then beckoned me to follow them. And so I did.

    We walked along the shore of th beach until we came across a cave in a smooth, gray cliff-side. Running out of the cave, was a stream whose water had a golden tint and glow to it. We walked into the cave whose inside was lit up by light-sources I couldn't see. Soon, the cave split into three different paths. One of the lizard men nodded at me and then headed down the left the path while the other headed down the right path. I went down the middle path which lead to a somewhat small room with a stone chair in the center. Over the back wall was a hole in which I could see the ocean and night sky outside. Since I was quadruped now, I couldn't use the chair and had to "sleep" on the floor in the back of the room, but before I did, I set the bag I had around my neck on the back wall.

    I spent the next few "days" with the two lizard people who showed me many island landmarks such as some ruins in a cliff-side, a coral reef, a large rock in the middle of the forest, a fruit orchard, etc. or swimming around the island, doggy-style while they were hunting. Whenever it was dinner or lunch I would untie my bindle bag and eat a little of the Chinese food I had when I first gained consciousness on the island due to the fact I couldn't bear the idea of going out and killing things for my food. I would also drink the golden stream water as a drink as it turned out to be fresh. One "day", while walking on the beach alone, I came across a human girl who was all alone. She seemed to be in her early twenties, had light skin and straight, black hair, and wore a tattered dress. Due to the hospitality of the two lizard people, I decided I wanted to show that hospitality with the girl. I approached her and surprisingly, she wasn't scared. I beckoned towards her and she followed me to the back of the back wall of my room in the cave which I discovered while swimming around the island one "day". The cliff-side still made a roof over behind the wall, so she still could get shelter. I then went into my room only to see her knock down my blue, polka-dotted bag therefore losing all the food I had in the to-go boxes. She followed up by knocking down and breaking the water filter which provided the golden, fresh water in the cave. I was shocked. Then, in a fit of rage, I roared at her causing her to run off. After calming down a bit, I was filled with shame. I ruined the water source of the very people who helped me when nobody would. With no food, I decided it would be best if I left the island.

    So, I swam away from the island in search of food and other islands. I traversed many tropical islands, which were all pretty similar to the island I "awoke" upon, caught some fish with my jaws of which I felt very guilty afterwards, and even saw a whale one time before finally waking up from what seemed to be a nearly endless dream.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Dream Fragment 9

    by PhantasmDragon on 01-24-2016 at 07:35 AM
    I watched a cartoon about a whale. I don't remember anything other than that.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by PhantasmDragon on 01-14-2016 at 10:41 AM

    Updated 01-14-2016 at 10:43 AM by PhantasmDragon


    Grabbing for Greed

    by PhantasmDragon on 08-04-2015 at 12:27 AM
    I was apparently at some sort of restaurant. It wasn't a fancy restaurant like one of my previous dreams. It was fairly middle class with a dark carpet as the flooring. Many of the lights were not on giving the place a slight mysterious vibe. While exploring, I found a bar. The bar had a few chip bags on the counter and many glass bottles. Right afterwards, I saw my little sister walk by eating chips out of a large chip bag. She seemed to ignore me. I then continued on. After a little while, I reached an area that was lit slightly more than the main area. It had tan-ish square tiles as its flooring and at the end of the area were doors. The windows in the doors were completely black, so I assumed it was nighttime. On the left were stairs leading to the second story of the building. On the right, there were a bunch of claw machines lined up on the wall. One of them had my older sister and my cousin crowding around it. I walked over to it to take a closer look. The claw machine had red, blue, green, etc. jewels the size of an Ipod as its prize and was almost empty with only one layer of over jewels at the bottom. Apparently, my cousin found a hole in the machine in which he could stick his hand into and was able to get a hold of a blue jewel. The hole wasn't big enough for him to pull the jewel out though. He then decided to try to the throw the jewel in the prize box in the bottom-left corner of the machine which was blocked at the sides by glass walls like traditional claw machines. He made it in and was able to pull the jewel out of the prize hole. The dream ended there.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Let it Blow

    by PhantasmDragon on 08-04-2015 at 12:07 AM
    This was a strange dream. It was daytime, but it was very cloudy, so cloudy in fact the clouds tinted the entire neighborhood gray. I was standing at the group mailbox down the street. I saw a guy near my house who was trying to manipulate the wind and swirl the wind around him (He wasn't crazy he could actually bend the wind). Somehow, I knew I could the manipulate the wind too, in fact, I knew I could manipulate all the elements (The "elements" weren't simply restricted to Water, Earth, Fire, Air BTW). I felt like trolling him (don't know why though), so I used my wind powers to counteract his wind powers making him unable to bend the wind. He seemed get frustrated by the fact he wasn't bending the wind anymore. I got tired of messing him, so I decided to use my powers to grow some flowers which caused sunflowers to grow (I guess Wood is considered an element in the dream). The guy apparently noticed me growing the flowers because I after I grew them, he ran up to me and asked, "Are you the one who grew the flowers?" I said yes and told him I was also the one messing with him. I followed up by demonstrating I could control wind by making a mini-tornado in front of me. He responded by saying, "That's so cool!" I then told him I could manipulate all the elements. He responded with look of awe on his face and said, "Really? Can you show me?" I then dissolved the fence right next to me using my powers, but right afterwards I repaired it (Seems like Chemicals/Poison is also considered an element). Then the dream ended.
    non-lucid , memorable