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    Science Class/Mages in Red Robes

    by Pickman on 01-19-2016 at 10:29 AM
    I woke up in the night and did a brief WBTB before going back to sleep.

    The first dream was lucid one. I found myself back in my secondary school, walking down a corridor to a science class. It was basically my old school days, with the same people I went to school with as teenagers. I forgot the tasks, and instead of doing anything crazy, I just relived my old science class by joining in with an experiment with a couple of guys I used to mess around in class with. The dream carried on until the end of the lesson, and I remember putting away the apparatus in the corridor outside.

    After this was a non-lucid fragment. Something about Bruce Willis. I also remember seeing a girl I used to go to school with. She looked older, and slightly different. I can't remember what she was doing though.

    Another non-lucid fragment: I am in a GTA-style game. I have to shoot a man down who is stood on a bridge above me in the streets. I see him as a red dot on my radar, and I manage to do it.

    The another lucid dream: I am a "mage" in a D&D-style game, but instead of being set in a fantasy world, I am just in the normal world I live in. I come to this realization while sat on a bench in town. The weather is dark and wet, like it's just been raining. As I sit there, I see another mage in front of me. He wears red robes that cover his face. He runs at me. I fire a magical arrow at him and he doubles over and collapses.

    Then I have two mages in red robes running at me, but this time I am helping out a "fighter", who is just a normal guy in a T-shirt nearby. While he fights a mage, I take the other one out and try to aim another arrow at the mage fighting the fighter without hitting the fighter. I'm still sitting on the bench while this happens. That's the point where I woke up.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Weird eighties toy

    by Pickman on 01-18-2016 at 01:01 AM
    Some fractured recall last night.

    The first part was a lucid dream, about having a "day off" (according to my notes) and travelling to a town in Cornwall with a group of people.

    I become lucid, and I decide to enter someone's home. I walk into the living room and I notice one of those toys from the eighties which is like a viewer for picture slides. Just as I'm about to go pick it up, a man walks in and asks what I'm doing here. The house belongs to a young woman who lives there. I tell him that I know the woman and it's okay, and he seems convinced by this. He leaves. I pick up the eighties slide viewer and look at the images. All I see are really old black and white pictures of two elderly, bespectacled men talking to each other.

    I lose lucidity at some point and end up dreaming about being in the military. We are simulating a terrorist attack and I have to crouch in position somewhere. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing, so I get up and leave, which messes up the entire operation.

    Then I had another lucid dream, this time set in a multi-storey car park. Some of these people are ordinary members of the public, some are these strange people in an orange puffa jacket uniform. I gain lucidity and I decide to try throwing them into walls and out off the highest point of the car park. They just get up and smile at me.

    The final dream is non-lucid. I'm in an unfamiliar house. In one room is one of my old teachers from secondary school who I didn't like. Around him are "family members" - a couple of men who are supposed to be my uncles but don't look anything like them. I try to eavesdrop on their conversation, as it's supposed to be important but I don't catch anything.

    Then I am approached by some kid I used to know at school who is supposed to be my cousin (but isn't in real life). He wants me to figure out what they are up to, as it's supposed to be important.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Meeting the neighbours (by breaking and entering their homes)

    by Pickman on 01-16-2016 at 06:01 PM
    The first thing I remember is a non-lucid fragment where the Queen is giving a speech in my town centre. I got to meet her afterwards, and although I can't remember what she said, I remember that her voice was different in conversation than when she was giving a speech.

    Then I had a fragment where I was at a workout class. I'm late, and I join the class half-way through an abs workout. I have to assemble this device to do the workout.

    The next thing I remember is suddenly being in my kitchen, still in my workout gear. I don't know how I got here, and all I know is that I need to get back to the class. I run out of the house, but I have no idea how to get to the class.

    This is where I get lucid. I walk back into the house and realize I am dreaming. I leave the house and walk into the middle of the road, which is empty of people. I cannot remember any of the tasks or goals I am supposed to be doing, but I have to do something. So I decide to try and break into the house of the people living across the road and see what happens.

    I head over and end up entering the house by a door in the side (that doesn't exist in real life). Inside, instead of someone's home, I see a dark, poorly-lit bar with wood furnishings. I approach the bar and some people come out. They turn out to be vikings. Two viking men and woman come out. I think I tried talking to one of the men, but he seemed more preoccupied with a couple of vitamin bottles that he pulled out from behind the bar. He doesn't seem to pleased with this, but is barely taking any notice of me. I leave the building before things get nasty. Then I woke up.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Action on a building site.

    by Pickman on 01-12-2016 at 10:58 AM
    Woke up at 4:40am without any dream recall and decided to start a WBTB for about 15 minutes.

    My recall after that was fragmented, but there was still some lucidity.

    There was a short lucid dream where I was walking through my city.

    I woke up, then I actually WILDed into the next one: This was another short lucid dream where I was walking past the local University with crowds of students. People were handing flyers out to the students.

    Then a longer lucid dream where I am on a building site which seems to be a series of platforms over the sea, with scaffolding extending high up into the air. In the dream, the people working on this platform were my enemies for some reason. When I became lucid, instead of hiding from them I kicked one of them into the sea while he was carrying a bag of something (cement?). Then I climbed to the top of the scaffolding, and got very nervous when I realized that I was stood high above the sea on a plank of wood on flimsy scaffolding. That's the point where I woke up.

    Then there was a non-lucid. I'm in the gym. I'm working out alongside some guy who is supposed to be a manager at work, but I don't recognize him from real life. He is hogging the bench with a lot of his work stuff - folders, papers, etc. The place just feels crowded, and I just want to bench press in peace.

    Finally, there was a dream in which I am talking to a woman from work, but I don't remember what was said.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Health spa

    by Pickman on 02-07-2015 at 08:30 PM
    Starting with the non-lucid part:

    I vaguely remember something about reading the Necronomicon. Then I woke up at 3am.

    After performing WBTB for ten minutes, I fell back to sleep and had the following non-lucid dream:

    I'm cleaning out a cupboard, while chatting to my Dad about some problem he is having. I get up and leave to go to the pub, but I agree to continue our conversation by mobile when I'm there.

    I get to the pub and meet some people from work, some of whom look a bit different (a woman with spiky hair now has long, straight hair for example). The pub looks like a place I hung out in as a student.

    We go outside, and I call my Dad on my mobile, but instead of giving him advice, I start mocking him with silly voices. Although I'm being a dick, this makes everyone laugh.

    We all leave, but we end up stumbling down a bank that led down to a main road where I used to walk home from school as a kid. We are told by someone from the pub that the place is out of bounds for safety reasons, but we go down there anyway.

    I carry on alone down the road. Ahead of me, one of the houses I used to walk past is being cleared out, possibly for demolition. The road in front of it full of debris – timber, furniture and assorted rubbish. In front of the house I see three schoolboys playing among the debris. As I get closer, I notice that someone has lit a fire among the rubbish. I consider calling the fire brigade, but then I notice two men in council uniforms working near the fire, and I assume this is part of their work.

    After this, I somehow end up in some colourful videogame with late nineties graphics, doing long-jumps onto ramps.

    I go from here into what resembles a luxurious health spa. I walk into a section where there is a jacuzzi. One young man is sat in there – he looks like he has just come in from playing a sport of some kind.

    Then a woman who I have a bit of a crush on – lets call her Sue – enters in a white spa attendant uniform and starts attending to the young man. Neither of them notice me standing awkwardly behind them.

    The young man starts complaining that his back is hurting, and that he would appreciate a back rub. Sue responds with “Aaaaww” and walks over to him. I walk off to another section of the spa, muttering something about how some people have all the bloody luck.

    I only get a few metres away to an opening that leads into a smaller adjoining room. I'm stood in front of a towel rack, drying my hands. In the other room, I notice an assorted group of strangers sat around another bath. They all look up at me.

    This is where I got lucid:

    As I stood, drying my hands, I looked back into the other room with Sue and saw something so unexpected that it startled me into lucidity.

    Now, instead of one young man, there are another three of them reclining around the side of the jacuzzi. Sue is still there, but instead of giving him a back rub, she has walked over to the opposite side and dropped her uniform to the ground so she is completely naked. She lowers herself into the jacuzzi, and the other guys start to close in on her.

    I'm looking at this, thinking “this has to be a dream.” Once my jaw was off the ground, I marched back into the room. Everyone seemed to have frozen - no movement or noise from anyone. Even the jacuzzi had stopped bubbling.

    'Yep,' I thought, 'definitely a dream.'

    I pushed the first guy out of the way and got in right next to her. I turned to the men and said,

    'You guys need to be somewhere else right now.'

    They didn't move, do or say anything.

    'Fine, watch,' I said, 'Just shut up.'

    I turned my attention to Sue. But not long after we get started, I got so excited that I woke up.

    Guess I should have stabilized.