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      Happy birthday
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      You're on your way to Florida right now, but I shall poke you anyway. *poke*

      You should make a nice Dream Journal... Mine is one of those 'composition' notebooks. As a matter of fact, the one I've been using since I started in June 2008 is almost full! I don't know whether to be disappointed that it took me so long, or proud that I filled it up at all...

      In any case, I hope from 2010 on it gets filled with longer dreams!

      P.S.: You once said that my handwriting was hard to read. That's because my DJ writing is 'I'm sooo not ready to be up at 4 a.m. writing down words and words of half-remembered things. *zzz* Oops, I started writing off the page...'


      But...I'd still hesitate to write you a letter with my handwriting anyway.

      Done rambling now! Don't even know if you'll get this.

      (Loving the meditation book I got from the library, srsly. )
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    9/9/2013: fragments: rainbow hair, old people and a criminal??

    by Pillywiggen on 09-09-2013 at 04:39 PM
    Mmk, last nights dreams were pretty weird and I can barely remember most of them.

    My mom and I were out in the front yard where there were a bunch of old people, each with a different bright hair color (pink, blue, etc). It was like some gathering but they were all just standing/walking around and talking about Christianity and how my mom and I were a disappointment. We made fun of them together and I said 'awful purple!!' in this manly voice with an English accent and my mom started cracking up.

    Mom with me again, we were in a little seaside cafe. We shared a booth with an elderly husband and wife couple, and they were talking with my mom about her work and planning how they'd help her out.

    I was with a friend (not someone I actually know) in this strange house, and this large puppet/doll with a knife comes in. He's very threatening, but not attacking us, just keeping us there. We're just automatically assuming it must be some creature, like it's not too out of the ordinary for puppets to move around like that :/ But then something happens, not sure what, that makes it fall over and break in the middle. Inside is a creepy-looking guy with glasses and unkempt facial hair. Think he was a wanted criminal?? Anyway, way creepy.

    My friend and I ran out of the house and the area was suddenly way different. We were on this raft in the middle of a body of water that was surrounded by tall buildings and broken down amusement park rides. There were lots of other rafts too, and a few boats. It was very dark, and there was a dense, foggy haze over the whole area and a sense of chaos but I'm not sure what was going on. There were lots of people trying to get to the boats. My friend and I got to one, and sat across from this man who seemed rather cheerful despite the circumstances. He said something about the weather, can't remember. I replied with something like, 'you're not allowed to say that unless you're a pirate!' and we both started laughing.

    9/8/2012: fragments

    by Pillywiggen on 09-08-2013 at 03:41 PM
    Can't remember dreams from yesterday (the 7th) at all, just making note of it here. I woke up in bad shape that morning so it probably killed any recall I had. All I have from last night is fragments and impressions.

    I was in some nice coffee shop and my little dog Rat was there too, nuzzling into a doggie bed on the floor by my table.

    Something about Disney World Mario???

    I was making cheese-filled manicotti on the floor. It had some strange ingredient but I can't remember it.

    I was looking at a Tumblr blog for Homestuck but all the images on it were disturbing, and there was an autoplayer on it playing creepy music.

    Some kind of foursome relationship going on between Karkat, Gamzee, Kanaya and Dave (Homestuck). They were all lying together in this big bed holding hands. Not sure what quadrant Kanaya was in there but she was between Gamzee and Dave.

    I was trying out some game with a Skyrim flavor but it had Varric (Dragon Age) narrating the opening scene and the last thing he says is, "This...is my story." I don't know what was going on but hell yeah, I'd like to play a game all about Varric!!

    Can't remember this one too clearly but Keitorin and I were in some club at a not-school along with Fili and Kili, and we were...ahem, 'taking turns' with the guys for some reason. No really, there was an actual reason, we had pamphlets and everything but I can't remember!! It was real fun though, we were all joking and laughing, treating it like some goofy science experiment. Then the dream kinda changes after I look out a window onto this area just outside some castle walls and we're all out there and in some run-down buildings being attacked by dudes on the wall and I'm trying to keep these two kids inside so they don't get hurt.

    notes: *big shrug!* I dunno, but I'm glad there was so much fandom in there. One of these days, I WILL have a chat with Dave, mark my words!

    Updated 09-08-2013 at 05:38 PM by Pillywiggen

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    9/6/2013: fragments: drawing rocks into being, game mod and mom's job issues

    by Pillywiggen on 09-06-2013 at 02:29 PM
    No entry for yesterday since I'd rather it not be public, but for documentation's sake I did dream about Dave Strider again like I'd intended! Bro, too! I also became lucid briefly to change the scene twice so I was pleased about that :) Tags/categories for that dream are: lucid, memorable, nightmare, fandom: Homestuck. Now for last night's:

    Jake trying to get our mom to buy him a subscription to something on the computer, a game? She won't because she's too busy with job stuff at the moment, and Jake harasses her, asking exactly what she's been doing this whole time since she has yet to gain a single client.

    After/at the time this is happening (idk) I'm looking at a Dragon Age mod for a new character race called 'Fajjyn'?? The character is a slightly creepy-looking female with deep eyes, grey skin and bright red hair. Then I hear a short police siren and when I look outside I see the light from a flashlight shining on houses, but the light is pink.

    I'm on the floor drawing with Brandie, using paper and pencils. Somehow she is really fast and near-perfect, and I get frustrated because whatever I draw isn't that good. She tries showing me her technique by drawing a rock, and I copy it but the rock looks too flat. We practice more til I create some decent-looking rocks, but unlike her small, smooth stones, mine are large, black and jagged things that pile up in sheets, literally! As I keep drawing, the rocks become real.

    notes: During 1, I was feeling upset with Jake for acting that way but I wonder if it's my subconscious worrying that my mom will back out on everything after she's put in so much effort. The drawing dream definitely came from my worrying about being good enough when it comes to my art. But it was cool to draw something into existence, I'd like to try that again sometime!

    Also, I had intended to dream about Dave again, but if it happened, I don't recall it.

    Updated 09-06-2013 at 02:34 PM by Pillywiggen

    side notes , lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , dream fragment

    9/4/2013: fragments

    by Pillywiggen on 09-04-2013 at 02:07 PM
    I can't remember much of what feels like the longest dream, was too tired to try writing it down after waking up last night :/

    Something to do with a witch and this big company that was working for evil but no one knew except me and a few others. I tried escaping this huge building and made it outside where it looked like some kind of exotic zoo area.

    I was in a bar/food court? At the table with Dave, Rose, John and Jade (from Homestuck). There was a guy at the next table who was being really obnoxious so I got up and asked him to keep it down. He argues with me, insulting me. I reply, "I said, 'be quiet'." and take the lid off his drink and pour it over his lap (careful now, badass right here). Then a fight that feels like a musical number for some reason breaks out and I get shoved towards Dave and he balances me.

    I go to visit Brandie, but she's lying in bed acting ill. She says she's been in labor for a few hours, but she's never had sex. I suggest maybe it's calcium build-up. (wtf she's not a coffee maker???)

    notes: Wish I could remember more but at least I had a dream about Dave! Really wanted some kind of fandom dream so I tried focusing on him last night. I'd hoped to actually talk with him, but I guess getting his own close-up and catching me works too :P

    Updated 09-05-2013 at 05:42 AM by Pillywiggen

    non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes

    9/3/2013: Giant bugs, 'Australia' and fragments

    by Pillywiggen on 09-03-2013 at 02:59 PM
    I'm in a room at my house, using these 'cake'-like things with teeny beetles inside that grow to full-size when halved(not sure what I was using them for). Then I'm in my grandma's dining room, mom in the kitchen, and I'm freaking out because the beetle-cake I had was the wrong type, and there are now bugs of all sizes all over the room. The biggest was this centipede/reptile thing, about 8 feet. My mom helps me to capture a few little ones (but I can't remember what happens to the rest). The big centitile thing escapes to the living room, followed by this creature that is not a bug, but a small leopard with a very long tail. We run in and out the back door there to find my grandma and tell her, but she hasn't seen them.

    Somehow the topic changes to wanting to visit Australia, and suddenly my family is all there and looking around this giant outdoor market. It was as if we'd ended up in some other world entirely (it wasn't Australia at all but no one questioned it :P). Everything had a hint of magic to it, and there were beautiful treasures everywhere and entertainers performing tricks and dances. It's nighttime then, and I'm hanging out on a pillow under the starry sky playing with a big sheet of frosted glass that is hovering above me, and I'm scraping away at the layer of 'frost' with a small razor, drawing shapes of animals and patterns into what is becoming a very large, astronimical/astrological image. Some places where I scrape have glowing images behind them, like the sun, moon, and other planets.

    Tried to reblog a troll ancestors fanart from a blog on Tumblr that turned out to be hacked or something, gave me a virus that forced me to follow it. Keitorin tells me to try using this 'feature' that lets you restore Tumblr to an earlier time to get rid of it. I see a button with a box underneath where I'm supposed to type something from the blog, which is 'dark knight' because it appears often on there?? The box says 'enter maximum command' at the top.

    Sort of like watching a documentary, this old hipster guy, who seems like a real jerk, is talking about his artwork. He cuts out shapes from paper and draws on them, then forms them around his head and shoulders. One lady next to him is wearing a large piece of paper covering her shoulders and head, the drawing on it is of a woman's portrait. The guy really got on my nerves for how snooty he sounded.

    notes: I guess the troll fanart and tumblr business came from my constantly seeing it! The art thing, idk. I like art. No idea about the bugs and 'Australia' adventure! I hate bugs but in the dream I was more concerned with them getting away.

    Updated 09-03-2013 at 10:59 PM by Pillywiggen

    non-lucid , dream fragment , side notes