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    Ice Bergs Ahead

    by Pixelator on 12-30-2018 at 04:12 PM
    Dream 4:21 a.m. 12/30/2018

    I see a woman, younger than me. about 5'4" oval face, dark long hair with a hint of light brown or red in it. Big hazel eyes with dark large round glasses. I do not know her in real life, but in the dream I seem to have some sort of bond with her. Like I am in love with her or fancy her, or just know her extremely well. Does not seem to be in a sexual way, just more "love" or "familiar person to me" feeling.

    She has a little brother in the dream, about 4-5 years old, smart (like the kid on "Jerry Maguire", intuitive) he's only in the dream as a meet and greet and I do not see him the rest of the dream.
    the boy also had dark hair, short bowl cut style, very rounded face.. could sense a bit of highly charged energy from him, like his cerebral ability of thinking was very strong. but for some reason did not bother me in the dream.

    She also has a crazy ex (boyfriend or husband, not sure which) he keeps coming after her, but never succeeds in what he has planned or does.. it's like he keeps coming and then (poofs or phases out) at the last second.

    She also has a roommate (kind of a jerk, but understandable why) but not really concerned over it. I seem to understand why he is this way and I can see him. about 30-35 years of age, dirty dishwater hair, cut short (bottom of neck, but looks wavy like a surfer cut) I look at him and I seem to notice his crows feet at a young age and the stress lines on his face and I can almost sense that hes been though not just hell and back, but the man never gets a break, something is always going on and hes always in the middle of it, either willfully or not.. (a feeling like) a problem, you don't know is a problem, until you realize it is a problem but then realize your in the middle of it and dunno how you got there, yet somehow you have to fight your way through it. The man seems angry and hurt, but understandably so. (and I seem not to be concerned about it)

    The girl who has "no name" seems to also feel or sense like I do here in the dream, or at least same feelings. I really strong sense we know each-other or were in love with each-other (really not sure how to describe that feeling)

    Every time we went somewhere we ended up were ice was and it seemed almost totally random, but it was always different. a different car, a different spot.

    we were driving along and the "ex" is behind us, feeling like we are being chased. our car falls into the water and we survive.
    then we are just driving down the road and were on an iceberg like landscape and the top layer of ice breaks and cracks. I get out of the car and make my way to the front middle of the windshield. as i reach for her hand. the car suddenly falls into the water and you hear her scream in panic.. somehow I get her out.
    then were sitting there having dinner and then finish dinner and we get into another car and the car slides backwards, and I step on the gas and it just keeps sliding. then the roadway cracks and splits up and we angle into something like a "sinkhole" filled with water.

    this repeats in different scenes and ways at least 30+ times in my head or at least to last knowable count of the event

    we end up in a ice cavern and theres a ice tunnel cut from one of the tunnel boring machines. we follow it and we see an entrance to a ice city. so we walk towards it and she said to me "You seem to be full of surprises at your age"

    Then I wake up and sit up in bed with a feeling, that this was a test of some kind. I dunno if it was a pass or fail, but for some reason, I felt like it was a test of endurance or inner strength or simple a test of humanitarian ability in crisis. either way the feeling was a bit odd.

    ================================================== ====================================
    in real life:
    I am 46 years old married and 6 children all but one out of the house and married 16 years.
    recently moved about 6 months ago into a smaller home.
    I had a dream, that I do not remember, but I woke up and said allowed "no more" and not really sure why at the time. The day continued on as normal.
    after about 2 weeks, I woke up one morning and literally started cleaning "my emotional house" and my "physical one"
    old memories and pains and lost things and the should of would of could of things.
    I woke up and went to walmart and bought a paper shredder
    scanned a few pictures onto my computer from a large chest of pictures and scanned in important things like birth certificates and that sort of thing.
    spent almost a solid week, shredding pictures and documents until I shredded everything. documents, medical, social security, family, kids. just things that only I ever would really care about
    and in the end I felt relieved in a way. It seems like ever since I moved into this particular house.
    It's been a constant state of change and cleaning both physically and emotionally. Not sure why after all these years and it was a conscious choice, until that one morning.
    I bought a photo album and only kept maybe 4 pictures that I felt were important. I threw and shredded every other picture you could imagine, graduations, events, memorabilia,
    I threw away old jerseys and clothes that I kept for keepsakes. quite literally, just threw it all away and shredded it all.
    I went through all my boxes of things I had take with me in 16 years of marriage and I convinced my wife to start cleaning out everything we owned and to my surprise, she was okay with the idea.
    we spent almost a month going through ever box, nick nack. we threw away anything that was no longer needed.
    my wife didn't throw away much, just consolidated her stuff. Myself, well 46 years of things and now it all fits in a shoe-box and maybe only 5-6 things I kept out of all things *keep in mind nothing was "junk" it all had meaning and value.
    I have been here in this new place of residence since June of this year to present. It's amazing just how much crap you can store up in your head and heart and forget about as the years pass and then realize, that you never really dealt with it. Simply life moved on and things just got put away or tucked away and slowly forgotten about over time.
    Like many others I have had more then my fair share of hardships. Since moving here, I have had not even a single one. It's oddly quiet and peaceful now and I have more time then I know what to do with... in a bizarre weird-ish way it seems as foreign to me as the word "vacation" hahaaa

    not sure if the dream will coincide.. to a point in real life. Not really sure.
    In all honesty, this is the first time in all of my 46 years where I have even had time to deal with past things, to stop long enough to even have any retrospection or introspection or insight into my own life, was once I moved into this place. I get the feeling that the dream is a sense or in essence a part of this process.

    I would like to get as many possibilities and input on it from others, to see if someone else gets a similar feel for it or even an off the wall interpretation too. all thoughts are welcome here.