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      So sorry to keep you waiting, I definitely haven't forgotten!
      I've been busy house hunting and packing boxes for the last couple of weeks, and today was the first day of actually moving.
      Hopefully I'll be settled in by the end of the week and I can be more active on DV then.

      Did you end up finishing your 21 days of hypnosis? Have you tried the second track?
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      Hey man, I'll get back to your PM when I have some time to sit down and give some proper thought to it.
      I am super sleep deprived right now so I probably wouldn't make much sense...
      Thanks for getting in touch.
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      It really is, I've become slightly addicted to it in the past month!

      My name is Lucas Darathy. After the site's url, add: user/show/27597430-lucas-darathy and you should find me.
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      "What books do you have on the list? I'm currently out of stuff to read, I mostly do sci-fi, read the Harry Potter series though."

      I'm more of a dystopia kind of guy. I have no idea if the books I have on my "to read" list are good (and they're mostly series), but here ya go!

      The Chemical Garden
      Dust Lands
      The Farm
      Shatter Me

      If you have a Goodreads account, we can be friends there. I have 52 "read books" there with my ratings (have yet to write reviews, though... lazy!), so that's pretty helpful. There are many books I'd recommend... and many books that are so crappy that I'm simply sorry I wasted my time with them.
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      "Could be that, you just had the idea floating around your subconscious and it got used by your dream.
      I love the series so that's why I picked up on it =) You should really try finishing it."

      That's probably what happened... funny how something I read when I was 18 came back in a dream when I was 23!

      I currently have... 27 books on my "to read" list (summer vacation means reading!), so maybe I'll add it to it and try it again now that I'm older and wiser... well, older.
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      "Since I have nothing to add to the topic, I thought it would be better to post it here. Did you ever read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Since in one of the books they had elevators that could see into the future and could move in all directions.
      Also they predicted that the end of the world was coming."

      I've started the first book back in 2008/2009, but, for whatever reason, I didn't get into it and never finished it... I don't remember reading anything about that elevator, but I knew a guy who was a huge fan of the books, so he might have mentioned it years ago and it stuck with me?
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      I think it is something like you, a little more. If I add the lucid time of all the LDs, they will be like 10 minutes, so the average is 2 minutes.
      1:20 sec
      2: 10 sec
      3: 20 sec
      4: 2 min
      5: 7 min
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      He's very unique, so I haven't seen anything like his paintings... some stuff by Albin Brunovsky, Dado, M.C. Escher, H.R. Giger, Boris Margo, Richard Oelze and Raoul Ubac* have a somewhat similar style, though. But nothing quite like him, I'm afraid... they all have a different style. If I ever find something, I'll let you know...

      *I found them all on WikiPaintings, but can't link anything here. If you go there and write those names, you'll find them!
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      "By avi you mean avatar picture? It's a painting by Zdzislaw Beksinski.

      Btw quotes aren't allowed so I improvised =)"

      Ohhh, thank you!!! I could tell it was Surrealism (it's my favourite art movement), but I didn't know Zdislav Beksinski... I'm checking his paintings right now and he's AMAZING!!! Thank you again!!!
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      Hey, there! I was just wondering where your avi is from... it's SUPER cool!
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    freezing time in school

    by PKJacker on 08-18-2015 at 12:23 PM
    Alright, so I was having a dream that I was in school and screwing around, cut class because one friend said it'll be fun, but then almost got in trouble since a teacher who wasn't chill came to were we were hanging out so I went to math class in the middle of the class just telling the teacher "sorry I'm late", then I sat down next to friends and somehow the lucid thing clicked (finally, was worried I wouldn't get lucid today) and I immediately thought about trying to complete some of those goals for points.

    First thing I do is eat some salty thing in front of the class right next to the teacher, don't remember why I was up there, but after that I made a machine in the back of the class with 4 switches, 2 green and 2 red, I had no plan on how it'd work when I was making it, I just wanted something simple so I just flicked all switches to one side, then flicked them all to the same side at the same time while looking away from the people in the classroom and believing with all my might that flicking 4 switches would freeze time.

    I turned around and everyone was frozen in time, which was pretty cool except when I started to walk around the school it got a little gloomy with no one moving and for some reason it was darkly lit, so of course with creepy situations comes creepy thoughts, I started imagining grey people who'd scream and chase you in the frozen time place since you weren't supposed to be in here. That thought scared me too much and I woke up.

    3/23/14 Crime Investigation of the Cruise

    by PKJacker on 04-16-2014 at 03:48 AM
    Ok so I believe I did a WILD to get into this dream but I'm not 100% sure since when I got into the dream initially I wasn't trying to stabilize it or anything.

    The dream took place on a cruise ship where there was criminals that we had to find and kill.

    The cruise ship was massive and either not moving at all, or moving very slowly, since I never felt the boat rocking and stuff. The boat was interesting because it had a beach on it, with real sand and palm trees and the sand went all the way under the ocean water so you could swim in the ream sea if you wanted to. There was a main area with a bar and stuff, then there was a slightly narrower place with tables near the walls that lead into a eating area with what I think was another bar, there was also a nightclub opposite the eating area, after that was alot of stairs and stuff that I didn't focus on sadly.

    The whole mission I was on was pretty short lived, we basically got our guns, shot at some people and started a little fight in which we ended up ending and just talking to the guys. Then I lost my gun after that.

    After the ship I somehow got teleported into a parking lot where I was walking with my friends uncle and he found a pearl ring which he then showed to me.
    I lost lucidicity here since I couldn't determine what the pearl would look like and that took all of my thought.

    3/6/14 Strange blue pen

    by PKJacker on 03-06-2014 at 12:05 PM
    Had Dream about a pen that never ran out of ink and some other stuff. Tried to recall some more, but I quickly forgot it.


    by PKJacker on 03-06-2014 at 03:43 AM
    Had a bit of a dry spell with recall, and since my dreams weren't that interesting, I forced myself to make a dream journal for today. It's pretty short...

    Dream about trees and how done don't smell when they're cut down

    Then there then I was on a cruise ship with a shit load of old people
    Who also were like disgusting looking old

    Playing on a minecraft server (dream) and we're doing stuff to make money
    Then this one guy starts killing everyone else cause he's rich with money and I try to go after him with a sword to kill him but it turns out he can fly and I can not.

    I feel like the last one could be symbolism for how the rich are so wealthy that they are untouchable by others. No matter what they do to you, you can't do anything to them. Also the minecraft world is symbolism for how everything was built from the ground up .

    2/21/14 Borderlands Style Hamster Mutilation While Chillin With African Warlords

    by PKJacker on 02-23-2014 at 10:35 PM
    "Violence is only disgusting the first few times, then you get used to it."

    Then scene change and I'm at my house and African warlords drove to my neighborhood and they went to my house and started practicing their weapons in my house. They used a couple of different weapons, and changed my bathroom into a room with a brick wall and a target with a bulls eye hung on the wall.

    At this point the rebel Africans training made me think of borderlands so the whole scene changed into a mix of borderlands and steam punk. I was with my friends in the this town were doing hamster mutilation which was different ways of removing the bottom half of 4 hamsters, it was quite strange, first they started chopping off each leg individually, then removing the torso. Next they inflated the hamster and just pinched off the bottom half of the hamster so it was taking all the air and it popped off, don't remember the other methods they used. I thought they might be mutilating the hamsters for a game, but when I looked at the tutorial for the game, there were all kinds of mutilation techniques but I didn't see anything about hamster.
    Yes... the thing that confused me was the fact that the instruction manual didn't say anything about hamster mutilation, not the fact that they were killing hamster.
    I tried to throw a grenade to blow up the people doing the mutilation but the grenade mod instead put up a force field around them.
    non-lucid , memorable