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      No, I didn't, sorry...
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      I just wrote it down into that thread, for others to see as well
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      Busy! How are you? We just ate dinner and I'm betting it's getting close to your bedtime there.
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      Kissing Hugs would be weird if I didn't know you ^^
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      Thanx. You too. And have a great weekend!
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      Sounds great! Im goin grocery shopping in a hour. Gonna grab some fruits and veggies and all that good stuff!
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      Lol! Wow, so it must be night time there around this time then. Because here in america its lunchtime.
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      My mother has been many times to Britain, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. As for D.C., it's where all the hot air is! You aren't missing much! Seriously, a beautiful state is Maine. And for something completely different than anything in the UK, Wyoming and North Dakota!
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      True. I have been to Germany, Austria, and Canada, of course. A small part of France. But it is my dream to visit Britain, Scotland, and Ireland. Poor Wales, I left you out, but I would gladly visit Wales too!
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      Very nice! Ah, sadly no, I haven't been to Britain. I so long to go. Britain, Ireland, and Scotland are considered the "Motherland" to me. I have many roots in all three countries. I long to go home.
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    Dreamz App Testing and Dreams From Last Night

    by PolicemanFox on 04-25-2012 at 07:51 PM
    Last night saw me testing out the Dreamz Ipod app for the first time which monitors your movements and plays an audio signal when it senses that you are in REM sleep. Although I did not attain lucidity from this, I found myself laying in bed in two out of my three remembered dreams. I believe that this oddity alongside my excellent recall from last night is result of the heightened awareness of having to sleep with my Ipod underneath the sheets. It should be interesting to test this further over the upcoming nights.

    Dream 1

    I was waiting outside one of my seminar classrooms and could hear my lecturer (S.M) playing a guitar and singing in a band to what sounded like a sizeable audience who were cheering them on. The first of the songs played was very Hendrix-esque and had a great solo played by S.M whereas the second was 'If' by Pink Floyd. My classmates seemed somewhat irritated at having to wait for this performance to finish before we were able to enter the room although I was very much enjoying it even if for some reason I was listening from a giant bed in the corridor, wearing only my boxers. I think I felt some sense of shame at my state of undress and remember dressing myself underneath the covers.

    Dream 2
    Again this dream took place with me lying in bed but this time in the middle of what I believe was some kind of airport. With some of my university classmates, although I only remember E.B and J.H. We were possibly on our way to America or somewhere but our flight was cancelled and we were looking for a way back home.

    Dream 3
    I seemed to be some kind of character in some bizarre take on the Game of Thrones Universe in which I had to execute a talking tomato with an axe. I remember feeling genuinely disgusted with myself after carrying out this "killing".

    A Trip to New York

    by PolicemanFox on 04-25-2012 at 07:19 PM
    I was in a strange version of New York, possibly on holiday or living there with L. and J. We were walking around when we came to a large patch of land with a play-park erected on it. The play equipment was seemingly designed for adults as it was all rather high-up and I had to jump to reach the pull-up bars and rope swings. I remember feeling anxiety over L's rather vigorous use of a trampoline, believing it liable to break at any moment!

    A Rather Vivid False Awakening After WILD

    by PolicemanFox on 04-23-2012 at 09:28 AM
    I was awoken by my family getting ready for work and was somewhat frustrated at vaguely knowing I had just been dreaming but I still can't recall it, I think it may have involved a snake though...

    Either way I found that I was getting quite a lot of hypnagogic imagery so I thought I would perhaps attempt a WILD. I must have lost focus on this and it seemingly led to one of the most vivid false awakenings I have ever experienced. I went to the toilet and checked my phone which held a message from a friend asking details about an event that I will be attending later today. It really seemed that the only dreamsign present was that this friend had a rather long extended, double-barrelled type name in my phonebook, although I failed to pick up on this. Obviously, I need to work on my reality checking techniques and train myself to recognise these false awakenings in the future.

    Updated 04-23-2012 at 09:33 AM by PolicemanFox

    false awakening

    A Vaguely Remembered Sea Battle

    by PolicemanFox on 04-22-2012 at 11:12 AM
    I seem to remember being in the midst of some kind of battle on-board a battleship, at one point somebody was driving a tank inside a giant enemy vessel and had to square up against some kind of giant super-vehicle owned by a mechanised Napoleon.

    Dream 2

    I was ordering food inside a rather large fast food store that served sandwiches etc. I think my mother was waiting for me in the car but when I returned she was missing and I believe there was some anxiety over this as I tried to find her.
    dream fragment

    Fragments from last night

    by PolicemanFox on 04-20-2012 at 05:46 PM
    Dream 1
    A. and I are wizards in the Harry Potter universe and on a mission to destroy Voldemort. A. has a pet cat named Russ, which does not exist in real life. Furthermore, in a nice display of intertextuality from my dreaming mind it appears that Voldemort had teamed up with the villains from A Game of Thrones. I really need to stop dreaming about this show/book but it's turning out to be something of a dream sign!

    Dream 2

    I am sat in my Rebels, Rakes and Partisans seminar with H. absent. SM comes over and ask me if she is not enjoying the course

    Dream 3
    I am at an airport with A. I am wrongfully arrested by some kind of detective who seemingly mistakes me for some kind of maniac. We leave the room and see the person he was looking for having sex with somebody in a room with M.B and others I don't recognise

    Crazy stuff!
    non-lucid , dream fragment