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    June Bonus Task attempt (Fail, but fun)

    by PRtitohp5 on 06-22-2017 at 03:39 PM
    Wake back to bed. Read a little about lucid dreaming before getting sleepy. MILD technique.

    So, I found myself walking towards my backyard when I became lucid for no particular reason. It felt like a Deja-vu, even though it was the first lucid I had that night, it didn't feel like it. Anyway, I felt ecstatic. I realized that I had never laid on my hammock while on a lucid dream, so I did! As I lay there, it struck me: the tasks of the month!

    Getting up from the hammock, I tried to turn the dream upside down, right there in my backyard. But I just woke up... or did I? Actually, I was now reappearing in some sort of outdoors courtyard with some tables and chairs in it... but I was upside down! Or was I? It felt like it for a moment, but obviously I'm not falling down towards the sky or anything. So, I thought, "what's the difference between being upside down or being upright when the laws of gravity seem to be working correctly?" Either way, this time I did wake up.

    I maneged to 'chain it up' inducing a DEILD in the form of an OBE-like exiting of my still-sleepy body. I got out of my house through the front door, and I quickly realized that there was some sort of pool party in my front door neighbors. They were actually two pool parties going on! One with a fake blow-up pool, and the other one with a real pool (that obviously isn't there in real life. I could hear sick music coming out of these parties! There were dream characters all over.

    I decided to climb some sort of wall/fence that was dividing both pool parties to jump to the big pool. Climbing up, I felt the hot summer lucid dreaming Sun in my back. It felt so warm and vivid and awesome! Anyway, instead of jumping into the pool, I decided to give the task another try. Feeling that the easiest way to turn the dream upside down was to fling with my feet the wall/fence I was standing on (as if I was doing a backflip with a skateboard), that's what I decided to do.

    Long story short, it didn't work. The dream quickly turned into a hallucination-blob and I woke up. Needless to say, I had fun trying.

    Advanced TotM (one fail and one success, I think)

    by PRtitohp5 on 06-21-2017 at 04:54 AM
    So, after reading a little bit about lucid dreaming and going 'back to bed', I soon found myself in a familiar state. I was lying in my bed listening to a Podcast... but realized that whatever Podcast I was listening to, obviously wasn't real. I was lucid.

    I induced what I call the vibrational state and slowly separated from my body OBE-style. My sense of touch came before the visuals. I found myself in a replica of the house I was sleeping in, and quickly I set out to do the tasks. It wasn't a particularly vivid lucid. But, for some reason, the laws of physics were on point (in a lucid that I was supposed to change myself in the mirror).

    Looking at myself in the living room mirror, I tried hard to put some abs and more muscle in my body or something like that. But nothing. After trying hard, the only thing I managed to do was: make myself more tanned. (and even that, took me some mental acrobatics).

    I thought that, maybe, if I went to another, less familiar house, it might be easier to change my appearance I flew to some house in my neighborhood (that, for some reason, was near the beach now). I tried to do the same thing in the mirror of this imaginary house. But, as I was taking off my shirt, just at the moment when the t-shirt covered my vision, I lost visuals and woke up...

    PS: After flying to the second house and attempting once more the advanced task #1, I looked up at the sky to see if I could attempt advanced task #2, but it was cloudy and no stars where to be seen... I thought about clearing up the sky and attempting the task... but, I thought: "yeah, if I couldn't give myself abs, I'm not clearing up this sky and making stars fall unto Earth anytime soon." Lol, so I didn't even attempt to do it.

    All in all, I had fun.

    Updated 06-21-2017 at 05:02 AM by PRtitohp5

    false awakening , lucid , task of the month

    Lucids (completed both basic TofM's)

    by PRtitohp5 on 06-03-2017 at 04:59 AM
    Date of dream: June 2, 2017

    I found myself lucid (not sure how) in some random dream I was having around 4:00 AM. I was outdoors, just outside the house I was sleeping in. Quickly, I remembered about the tasks of the month I'd just read before going 'back to bed'. I thought about biting the first solid thing I happened to see (basic taks #2), which happened to be the branch of a tree. Unfortunately, I wasn't stable enough and failed this first attempt. As I went to bite the tree, it dissolved into nothingness, I lost visuals, and I woke up...

    Somehow, I didn't wake up completely and found myself getting lucid in just the beginning of a new dream. This time I was indoors, in the exact room where my sleeping body was. I was chatting with my little cousin's DC when I regained lucidity. Again, I decided to bite the first solid thing I saw, which this time happened to be a metallic doorknob. Ouch! Just the thought of it made me uneasy... I already knew that pain was possible in lucid dreams. Either way, without thinking it too much I lowered my head and took a bite to that round probably-bronze doorknob. At first it felt very weird and a little painful, but I then got myself in one of those "mind over matter" mindsets and took a bite right off of that metal doorknob... I then proceeded to swallow the chewed-up doorknob piece, it gave a realistic metal aftertaste.

    Before I proceded to get out (OBE style) of the house... for some reason I decided to try the task I just did one more time. Lol. It was just such a weird new experience... This time it was a new door (the door to get out of the house)... the doorknob was very different... not a round one... this one was more like a "handle"... I took a bite clean off! And to my surprise, this one didn't taste like metal at all... it actually tasted like lemon... or more like lemon starbursts.

    Walking up the street, I suddenly found myself in a place that doesn't exist in real life (as opposed to the familiar neighborhood replica of the "OBE" style dream I was just in). The place looked really clean. There were buildings all around.
    I was in an almost oblivious state, when it struck me "the TofM!!" I quickly decided to try basic task #1 after stabilizing for a moment. More stable, I started to recall everything that the task requested: name, where my body was, where I go to university, etc... And to say the least, it felt very weird -as I expected it would. Here I was, recalling stuff about "myself", when I was not even exactly in my body... I got one of those "the universe is truly stranger than we can suppose" feelings. Just wow... to contemplate your life from that unfamiliar state...

    Anyway, I decided to get into one of those self-created buildings that were all around me. Feeling contemplative after this task, I kept recalling stuff about myself... I started to see how much I've changed over the years, from elementary school until now... "I used to be an ignorant little kid," I thought. "And now? I'm a f*cking mystical journeyer of the dreamscape, man!," I concluded, feeling elated.

    I continued doing random stuff for a while. It was a nice little lucid.

    AUG 2014 basic task 2 and advanced task 1

    by PRtitohp5 on 08-08-2016 at 01:29 AM
    Basic task 2
    Advanced task 1

    Back in bed after a WBTB, I got to induce a lucid via DEILD. Or at least what I thought was a DEILD... Turns out I never actually woke up. I had a massive false awakening in which the TV was turned on in my room and everything; the trippiest FA I've had in a while. After the "TV" woke me up (everything being a hallucination), I decided to induce a lucid via focusing in the hypnagogic imagery.

    A funny thing that happened is that, while I was trying to detach OBE style, I slowly rolled out of bed and fell. Again, just a hallucination. But, while in that state, I wasn't sure if I actually fell or not. Either way, I eventually completely detached and didn't think too much about anything except the tasks that I was set out to do.

    "Out of body" in my grandma’s house, and before going outside to do the tasks, I jumped around and did stupid things like a child for a little bit as the euphoria that comes with being lucid poured over me.

    After calming myself down, I went out looking for a dream character, hoping to find a female one (here it goes). It was dark out, as in early morning. Surprisingly fast, I saw the faint shape of a female dream character by the neighbor's house. All I could see was that she was tall and had dark hair. As I approached her, I willingly tried to make her shape appear "hotter."

    When I was close enough, as to see her clearly, I notice that she is girl a I used to know from high school. That was completely random, as I didn't even think about her (or any specific girl for that matter). But she was indeed good looking, so I permitted my libido to take over for a few seconds while maintaining a high level of awareness, as to not let blind desire completely consume me and to loose my lucidity as a result.

    When that was taken care of, I asked the girl to be my assistant for todays task and she kindly agreed without using any words (at least of the Verbal kind).
    I asked another dream character that was in sight where I could find a microscope and she pointed to a specific house close by.

    I was hoping for the house to be an awesome crazy scientist's place but it wasn't and there weren’t any microscopes to be seen. I really wanted to complete the task so I acquired a bunch of junk (including an empty glass of water, Energizer batteries, and a magnifying glass), jumbled them up together in my hands, really hoping to magically create the microscope.

    A part of me doubted my success, but I did it! I created a weird looking little microscope. Maybe the female DC beside me increased my performance. Anyway, I looked through the microscope to see something already in close up. It was something similar to what I saw in my BIOL class (chloroplasts). I decided to keep zooming in, not touching anything in the microscope, just using my will.

    I zoomed in and in and in, until I found myself looking at what I can only describe as a "dance of energy." A bunch of floating, dancing and hypnotizing atoms, or quarks. Whatever it was that I was seeing, it was very colorful.

    I wanted to show this thing to my DC assistant, but before I knew it, I lost myself in the now almost psychedelic "dance of energy" and off I went into non-lucidity (until I woke up, not long afterwards).

    Sueño loco de la noche (spanish readers only)

    by PRtitohp5 on 02-01-2015 at 07:35 PM
    Copy paste from my personal DJ, sorry it's in spanish...

    En una me encontré sentado en una silla en casa de mi abuela y mi abuela me empieza a contar el odio que le tiene a las drogas porque supuestamente cogio una mala experiencia con algo que se fumo en Estados Unidos.
    Yo me puse a pensar un rato en eso como que en drogas y malas experiencias.
    Entonces me da por decirle que no se preocupe porque hay gente que queda bien jodia en estados catatónicos por psicodélicos peores como Salvia, use las palabras "se quedan paraplejicos por par de minutos". También se me ocurrió enseñarle uno de esos videos de malas experiencias con salvia divinorum, saque el iPhone pero no tengo memoria de enseñarle el video.

    Lo que si vi es que recibí un mensaje de una vieja amiga diciendome algo de mental illness, que supuestamente ella tiene mental illness o algo así, yo me preguntaba yo mismo pq me abra mandado eso si no la veo hace años.

    Después me encontré afuera de casa de mi abuela con unos tipos que ni conozco en vida real, unos dream characters random. Estabamos hablando de fitness y en una el me dijo "pa que no hagas piernas no se ven tan mal", le digo gracias o algo y el viene y hace un one-legged squat de nada, yo quería hacer algo mejor y vengo y hago un one-leggend squat trapandome al techo de la casa (encima del portón de la marquesina) una cosa así bien random. Anyway seguiamos hablando de fitness mientras tomabamos agua en una fuente random. Después yo le quise contar de como yo antes en grado 12 le metía al gym y era uno de los más anchos de mi clase y que se yo... Mientras estabamos hablamdo entramos a un apartamanto que se parecía al mío. Yo le dije que después decidi quitarme pq prefería estar flaco. El me dijo, "diablo mano pero no te hubieses quitao". Yo vengo y le digo que yo prefiero ejercicio body weight mil veces y me quito la camisa por alguna razón, me miro en el espejo y le digo que yo estoy orgullos de mi cuerpo sin tener que ir al gym.

    Entonces después llegue con la camisa en la mano a una sala en la que, de la nada, me encontré hablando con Seba (un pana mío de highschool) en su "apartamento", (o lo que se iba convertir en su apartamento en un par de segundos). Todavía estaba hablando de gym pero con Seba... Nunca pare la conversación con aquel otro tipo así que ahora estaba hablando de exactamente esa misma mierda con otro dream character. Creo que en mi mente la excusa que puse fue que Seba era el room mate (o algo por el estilo) de aquel otro tipo. Le estaba preguntando, "y tu que estas haciendo de ejercicio?" a la misma vez me doy cuenta que está preparándose un Protein Shake tirado en el piso de la cocina (la verdadera cocina, dónde yo estaba sólo había un fregadero random), así que me si cuenta que sí estaba haciendo ejercicio. Ahora tenia curiosidad con que carajo estaba haciendo ejercicio Seba, pero nunca me contestó.

    Pero anyway aquí fue que me di cuenta que su apartment estaba raro con cojones pq tenía un counter con fregadero y cosas de cocina en el mismo medio del living room. En una me asomé al fregadero y me di cuenta que había una botellita de jugo de china ahí metía y también me di cuenta que la botellita cojio agua, me entró un "false memory" de momento - me recordé de que ese jugo me lo había dado Seba para tomármelo así que rápido le dije, "diablo mano el jugo que me dieron creo que lo metí al fregadero y cojio agua". Entonces Seba viene y desde la cocina (la verdadera cocina) me empieza a decir casi en pánico, "Enserio?! Mano tu no quieres que este se entere de eso!" (Refiriendose a su room mate) y yo vengo y por impulso me da por tomarmelo anyway pero me doy cuenta se que sabía terrible y por poco vomito y to! Un sabor horrible! Se había mezclado con otras cosas, como cantos de comida además de con agua. Después mi segundo plan fue votar todo el jugo por el fregadero pa que el tipo no se de cuenta, así que lo hice. Seba me estaba apurando, parecía que el roommate venia por ahí, yo me paniquie y emepeze a bregar con el agua, le heche a la botellita y le heche agua al fregadero a lo loco para que no se viera el color del jugo por ninguna parte. Pero justo cuando termine de hacer todo este revulú para deshacerme del jugo me doy cuenta que la pluma no cerraba. Seba viene a ayudarme y de la nada, además de que no cerraba, se le cae una pieza a la pluma y empieza a votar agua como loco, un chorro de agua que llega hasta la puerta al otro lado del apartamento.

    Entonces lo único que hago en este punto era observando a Seba mientras el trataba de arreglar lo que hice yo. Veo que el lo termina de hacer y yo, sintiéndome avergonzado por lo que hice, le pregunté: "porfavor dime que esa no es la primera vez que a pasado eso", el no me escuchó pero se pone a a hablarle a John y le dice algo como, "mano paso otravez"... Yo me puse bien feliz (reliefed) y me puse a decir: "Eso es!! Así que no es la primera vez que pasa? No es mi culpa, eso está jodio?". Ellos me contestan que sí y todos nos empezamos a reír un rato, cuando digo: "mano en verdad que no me esperaba eso hoy... Might as well do a Reality Check now..."

    Mire un reloj digital que estaba cerca de mi en una mesa, mire otra vez, la hora cambio y en verdad que no me lo esperaba así que mire una tercera vez y ahí mismo Fully Lucid y bien eufórico!!

    Empezé a caminar hacia una ventana que tenía vista a la playa y la traspase volando, volé primero cerca de la playa como por un camino tablado pero después me aleje y empezar a volar por un landscape bien vació, a lo mejor habián dos o tres DC's por ahí pero no había mucho. Mientras volaba me recordé bien rápido de los tasks of the month, estaba pensando en cual hacer primero cuando aparecí de la nada en casa de mami. Entonces pensé en hacer el de la carta de san Valentín! Entre a la cocina y vi unas cartas en el counter, coji una de ellas y quería que fuera una carta de San Valentín pero era solamente algo random.

    **Sali a la marquesina y después para afuera traspasando el portón de la marquesina. Me acerque al buzón y me puse a ver que había, habían par de cartas pero después me di cuenta que había un paquete bien grande adornado de San Valentín! No me lo esperaba para nada pero eso era! Entonces lo cojo y lo abro y veo que con dos palos de hockey envueltas en algo y con un mensaje de San Valentín... Eso es lo más random que yo he visto en mi vida, yo ni siquiera he jugado hockey en toda mi vida! Estaba enviado anónimo, no decia de quien era por ninguna parte... Me doy cuenta que los palos de hockey son de una marca llamada "Mahumabara" y tienen la foto de un león bien feroz. También me doy cuenta que hay una carta bien grande de san Valentín con un mensaje en Inglés: "I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day to you and your companion Daniel..." y seguía la carta, era un mensaje bien largo que no lei porque sabia que se me iba a olvidar. Eso es lo más fucking random del mundo! Yo no conozco a nadie que se llame Daniel. Es como si la carta me hubiese llegado a mi por error o como una broma...
    Haha pero me dio risa con cojones, en verdad no me lo esperaba! **

    Después vine y le di a el palo de hockey contra el piso y se le rompio un canto, me volvi Semi-lucid bien mamao pq me dio pena que rompi el palo de hockey que me "regalaron"... Semi lucid busque mas cartas en el buzón, una de ellas era una carta chiquitita que decía "no" en una curita (band aid) ,me dio un montón de risa pq supiestamente era una carta que me llego por error de un padre contestandole a un hijo que si lo aceptaba... y era un no... Haha