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      You probably wont even see this. But i miss having you around. This site doesnt feel the same.
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      how a re u puffin , havent see u along time ;x
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      We have the same birthday. =D
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      Happy Birthday
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      Happy birthday, I miss you puff puff .
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      I know you're gone, but happy birthday anyway.
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      no puffin don't leave i came onto this profile because on my visitors box there was a post of you helping me out with dream recall and you helped. ever since ive been having lucids and such and was coming on here to see how you have been. i saw these other comments and dream views and the others love you puffin.
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      Looks like I didn't say goodbye in time D:
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      You're leaving?!
      Didn't know you much, but you were awesome.
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    I'm a nonbinary person who has been heavily invested in exploring my dreams since I was a teenager. I'm also the coiner of the SAT method (Sporadic Awareness Technique). This is a method that raises awareness about whether someone could actually be in a dream even if it immediately seems like they aren't, since in a dream, the same belief of "I know I'm awake" applies, but in those cases, the person actually isn't awake. Thus, they still need to double check and confirm using observations. It's a beginner-friendly method that helps you acclimate to how thinking works in dreams, and lets you become lucid based on awareness alone. You can search for "Sporadic Awareness Technique" on Google for information, or follow the link in my signature.

    As of July 2023, I'm still active here. Reach out and say hi!

    I am not a man, and I wasn't assigned male at birth - please do not refer to me as "he" or "him".
    Country Flag:
    Vancouver, BC.


    We all live in a kind of continuous dream. When we wake, it is because something,
    some event, some pinprick even, disturbs the edges of what we have taken as reality.


    SAT (Sporadic Awareness Technique) Guide
    Have questions about lucid dreaming? DM me.


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    Fake Snow Pathway and Dream Characters

    by Puffin on 07-31-2023 at 06:08 AM
    Type: Lucid dream.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    This was an immensely vivid WILD that happened near the end of REM. I tried to DEILD back into another dream upon waking, but it failed. I imagine this was because the REM period was over, and because I was too rested to fall back asleep afterwards. I spent the dream observing dream behaviour, rather than doing more intense activities.
    The dream began with a false awakening. I had not experienced full-blown hypnagogic scenes during the WILD transition, and I had not wanted to manipulate the subtler visuals into an initial dream scene; this may have been the reason behind the FA. I was in the same bedroom I had fallen asleep in. The room was dark, but there was some subtle blue ambient light. I knew that my eyes were initially closed in the dream, but I could see through them somehow, as if I had no eyelids at all. My blankets were pulled up around my neck and in front of my face, which filled most of my vision. I could barely see the room past them. Then I opened my eyes, and nothing about the scenery changed.

    I knew I was dreaming because of the eyelids phenomenon. However, I decided to confirm a second time by holding my hand out and expecting a random character to take it, to help me sit upright.

    "Hey, can you help me up?" I asked, expecting Chris Pine to be there.

    "Sure," someone said, and I felt them take my hand. The voice sounded fairly accurate to Chris Pine, but not perfect. I sat upright in bed and stood up, and the motions felt light, as if gravity was less powerful and I did not need to exert as much effort to get up. I saw Chris Pine in the darkness of the room, standing in front of me. Even without prior visualization, I was pleased to see how close he looked to the actor's likeness. However, his brown hair was longer and more unruly, like he had let it grow out and hadn't gotten a haircut in some time. It reminded me of Bruno from Encanto. He also looked a bit sad or worried. I did not dwell on this. I chalked it up to the random nature of dreams, where they sometimes filled in details I had not consciously accounted for.

    I left my bedroom and headed towards the hallway that connected my bedroom to the bathroom. It seemed wider than in real life, but just like real life, both walls of the hallway had sliding doors with full mirrors on them. I had not expected to see anyone in the hallway, but I saw my mother standing off to the right. I cannot remember what she was wearing, but she looked convincingly like my mother and I didn't notice anything "off" about her.

    I approached her. Wanting to see her reaction, I said, "isn't it amazing how we're in a dream right now?!"

    "Yes, honey!" she replied, enthusiastic.

    "Yeah, it's great. Well, I'll see you later! We can play Uno, or something," I finished, knowing full well that I would not see her again. I walked past the bathroom, paying little heed to the contents, and into the living room of my apartment. It was dark like the bedroom and bathroom. The size and shape of the living room, and the overall furniture setup, was similar to real life, but I didn't pay attention to the minor details. I headed straight for the opposite corner of the room, where in real life, there was an access door to a balcony. There was no door in the dream, though, just an empty doorway that led directly outside.

    Outside, it was daytime. While the apartment should have been illuminated by the light spilling in from the doorway, this wasn't the case. There was a very stark divide between indoor and outdoor lighting.

    Outside on the balcony, things were unusual. The balcony had no railings. The balcony was also much longer than in real life, reaching about 40 feet long compared to 15 or so. The floor of the balcony was incredibly smooth, and looked almost like gray linoleum rather than painted/sealed concrete. I looked out from the balcony. I saw the wall of a very tall building with very plain, glass windows. It looked like it came from a low-res video game, and the building was fairly close. Then I looked down and I saw a long, straight pathway running across the bottom of the building, below my balcony. It continued past where my balcony ended, then curved around the side of the building, to a place I couldn't see from my vantage point.

    Oddly, the pathway was not concrete or asphalt. It was made of fake snow that had been compacted or glued down. There were small hills in the pathway too, and large, snowman-sized snowballs scattered here and there, all of which were made from the same fake snow.

    My focus returned to the balcony, then I turned around and looked at the exterior wall of my apartment. The windows were well-defined and realistic, and I could even see the blackout curtains that I had installed in real life. Fascinated by the definition of everything, I looked down at my right hand. My hand seemed incredibly sharp and defined too. I counted my fingers on both hands, and saw five on each. This was unusual, as I typically saw different numbers of fingers, or small fingers branching off from the main ones. I looked up, away from my hands for a moment, then I looked back down at my right hand, imagining there would be small fingers this time. I saw one small, finger-like appendage sticking out of the middle of my palm. I touched it with my other hand, and I could feel it, like it was actually connected to my hand.

    Then I became grossed out, so I looked away.

    I turned around and noticed that the snow pathway was still present, so I stepped off the balcony and floated down onto it. The fake snow should have made noise under my feet when I landed, like crunching, but there was no sound, even when I pivoted. It was like the ground was smooth wherever my feet were. The rest of the path was still covered in fake snow. I continued walking down the path, turned the corner, and ended up at a large mall entrance. The building was massive and seemingly square-shaped. The walls were made of smaller semi-transparent, triangular glass panels, which I couldn't properly see through, but there was a large set of glass double doors that were completely transparent. I walked towards the entrance and the doors opened for me, which I found interesting.

    Inside the mall, it appeared to be a single massive room. The building should have let in a ton of outdoor sunlight, because it was made of glass, but it seemed like the glass walls were completely blocking all outdoor light once I got inside, so the lighting became warmer, as if the space was mostly lit by incandescent lights instead of natural sunlight. I saw lots of glass pathways and tracks winding all throughout the room. The path design and overall complexity reminded me of the ramps during the lightcycle battle from the movie TRON: Legacy. I saw some above-ground concrete pools that were very shallow, perhaps two or three feet. There was water in them, and in the water, I saw some random dream characters lounging in swimming attire.

    I decided to summon someone to see what my dream would choose, and said, "okay dream, pick a random person and have them appear behind me".

    Then I turned around and saw two people. One person looked like Ororo Munroe from X-Men, portrayed by Halle Berry, and one person was my third grade teacher from school. Ororo was wearing jeans and a black sweetheart top with a black cardigan, which seemed practical. My teacher was wearing a very bizarre outfit. Her top was a 2000s Lululemon hoodie, except it was cropped. and made of a very coarse pink velour fabric. She was also wearing shorts made from the same pink velour fabric. It looked funny.

    The dream ended.

    Updated 07-31-2023 at 06:11 AM by Puffin

    lucid , false awakening

    Fragments - Navigating a "Mall School", Free Rat Cage

    by Puffin on 05-17-2023 at 12:21 AM
    Type: Regular dream.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    I had poor recall last night. I can only remember two dreams, and limited details for both of them. This is unfortunate because I know they were much longer, especially the first dream. There are so few details that I'm combining the two dreams into a single entry.
    Fragment 1: Navigating a "Mall School"

    This dream took place in my old high school. The school had an interesting layout consisting of a massive long atrium, with classrooms lining either side of that atrium. Above this main floor was a second and third floor, and each had the same layout as the main floor, with classrooms lining the walls on either side. However, there was no floor in the middle of the atrium for either of these higher floors, which created a big open space in the middle of the school for people to congregate. If you were in the middle of the atrium on the main floor and you looked up, you could see the glass ceiling and sky. From this vantage point, you could also see the edges of the other two floors, and all the railings above them, which prevented students from falling down to the main floor. You could also see a few staircases, also with railings, that connected all three floors.

    I was walking up a staircase, heading from the main floor to the second floor. There were no railings on the staircase. I felt a bit confused and concerned, because I knew people could easily fall, and I tried to stay closer to the wall so I didn't fall myself. (I often dream about this school in my dreams, and it's very common for the railings to be missing.) There were many nondescript people walking up and down the stairs, passing me.

    I remember how, while the location was obviously modelled after my high school from real life, the vibes were different. Everything felt unfamiliar to me, and it didn't even completely feel like a school. Instead, it felt like a cross between a school and a mall/transit hub. There were a lot of small business signs, even some neon signs. There were some potted plants, too. The lighting ranged from normal indoor lighting, to dimmed lighting where things were only lit by a handful of small pot lights.

    Once I reached the second floor, I got lost. I vaguely remember wandering around for some time, going down hallways and entering rooms, and my travels seemed to extend well beyond the logical size of the building itself, like there was some kind of Tardis "it's bigger on the inside" phenomenon happening. Eventually I arrived at a futuristic bus stop, still within the school, and took some kind of bus. The lighting in the building had become very dark. I can't remember anything past that.

    Fragment 2: Free Rat Cage

    I was in a small room that could have been a den. Inside this room, there was a plush, taupe-coloured sofa (L-shape), and behind it, there were a few different stacks of cardboard moving boxes. In the dream, I knew I was extremely busy and I had tons of work to do. I knew the work involved my mother and these boxes somehow. Even though they were cardboard moving boxes, however, there was no implicit understanding that I was indeed moving. I knew I needed to start removing the boxes from the room, so I started dragging out each of the stacks from behind the sofa. It didn't take much effort to drag them, because the boxes were weightless, and even though I made bigger movements while pulling them, the stacks didn't feel precarious or wobbly. It was like gravity wasn't affecting them, or like each stack was a single solid object.

    Once I pulled out enough of the boxes, I discovered a cage for small animals that had been hidden there. It looked like a Critter Nation cage, with metal bars that were painted black. At the bottom, it had a blue tub that was around six inches deep, presumably for bedding. But the cage wasn't as wide as a real Critter Nation cage. Instead, it was tall and narrow. It must have been 2x2x5 feet tall.

    Somehow, I knew this cage was free to take if I wanted it. I looked at it thoughtfully, and I asked myself if it was big enough to accommodate two rats. In the dream, I had apparently been contemplating getting rats for some time, and even though I was still undecided, I almost wanted to take the cage home. My rationale was if I took it home and I did choose to get rats, I wouldn't need to spend money on a new cage. However, I ultimately decided against taking it, because I couldn't confirm if it was suitable, and I didn't have time to stand there and deliberate. I reassured myself by thinking something like, 'no big deal, I'll find another free cage down the road'.

    Updated 05-17-2023 at 08:19 AM by Puffin

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Spectating Characters from JC's Avatar

    by Puffin on 05-15-2023 at 06:53 PM
    Type: Regular dream.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    This dream had multiple segments. I was also a spectator in this dream rather than a participant. My view was similar to that of a cinematic camera with drifting angles and unnatural vantage points. Sometimes I would be looking over characters in a close-up, with the view moving slightly, and sometimes I would be panning across a scene with characters in it, like it was a wide angle shot.
    Segment 1

    In this first scene, I was underwater. I knew I was in the ocean of Pandora, but the scene felt somewhat enclosed, rather than open which is how an ocean should have felt. The water colour didn't look pristine; instead, it looked slightly muddy. It gave the impression of river water. In this water, there was a towering sea anenome, which must have been dozens of meters high. Encircling the column of the sea anemone were rows of additional sea anemone tentacles that protruded outward. Somehow, they were structurally sound enough to be used as shelves. I remember these "shelves" were covered with items, but I can't remember what they were.

    On one of the shelves, there was a lone human body that was lying prone, with its feet against the main column. It appeared to be the human form of Tsireya, a Metkayina clan member, and it was either dead or inactive somehow. Suspended in the water in front of the body, I saw Tsireya in her Na'Vi form. She was very focused on her human body, and she was positioned so her face was fairly close to the head of the other body. She made gentle sweeping motions with her hands from the body's head to her face. As she did, oxygen bubbles formed and grew over the body's head until they collected into a single large bubble, which encapsulated the body's head. She continued to make sweeping motions, and the bubble pulled away from the head and moved toward her own face. Her lips touched it and she appeared to slowly breathe it in, like it was providing oxygen for her. As she inhaled, it became smaller and smaller until it was gone. She seemed to be pulling the oxygen from the inactive body so she could gain its memories and know what happened to it. It felt illicit, like she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing this, but she needed to do it for some personal reason.

    Segment 2

    The dream skipped to a new scene. I was spectating a simple scene of Jake Sulley in his Avatar body, but he was not grown. Instead, he was only a couple months old. He was standing quietly and looking either at the "camera", or just past it. He was also very large compared to a normal Na'Vi baby, as if the camera had somehow zoomed in on him but not his surroundings. The scene itself was well-lit with daytime lighting. The ground was flat and consisted mainly of dirt and tan-coloured rock, with some low-resolution tufts of grass like from a video game, so he must have been in a forest of sorts.

    Segment 3

    In this final scene, I was in a small room. The lighting was similar to the scenes in Hell's Gate base from Avatar (2009), which had a misty blue/gray colouration and moody fluorescent lighting, so I imagine this is where we were. There were many unidentified objects cluttering the room, some of them large and providing shadow. The dream "camera" was focused on a nondescript countertop in the room, which had a large white plastic container of some kind on it. The container looked like it was big enough to hold a body, and because of how the lighting scattered within it, there was clearly something in it. Next to the countertop, I saw Colonel Quaritch standing there, leaning against the countertop with one elbow on it. There was someone else in the room talking to Quaritch, but I can't remember who it was, or if the "camera" even showed them. All I remember is that some point, Quaritch made a face and said, "sure, if you insist". There was a sense that it was connected to the first segment with Tsireya, but there was nothing to confirm if Quaritch was antagonistic versus supportive of what she did, or if he was even talking to her in this particular scene.

    Updated 05-15-2023 at 11:02 PM by Puffin


    Something Moved the CPAP Machine

    by Puffin on 05-15-2023 at 08:23 AM
    Type: Regular dream.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    This was another false awakening, and unlike the previous entry, this was an actual nightmare. It was pretty in-tune with how my nightmares usually go. I'm wondering if I had this nightmare because I fell asleep with a polyester blanket on top of my head and became too hot, as overheating has historically resulted in nightmares for me. I've remembered details from a few other dreams this week, but they're quite minimal so I won't even record them as fragments. Hopefully my recall improves some more.
    I woke up in bed, and the room was dark. I sensed that it was the middle of the night. I was initially lying on my stomach, but I pulled myself upright into a sitting position, criss-crossing my legs in front of me on the bed. I generally don't hang my legs over the side of the bed in real life, and I didn't want to do it here, either. There wasn't much to see, but I could feel the bed underneath me, and I knew I was wearing a CPAP mask on my face. However, unlike in real life, I couldn't feel the mask on my face. I just "knew" it was there. This didn't strike me as odd.

    As I breathed normally, I heard the quiet inhalation and exhalation noise from the CPAP hose. The noise itself seemed normal, but it seemed a bit out of sync with my breathing. The placement was also wrong. It was supposed to be coming from my nightstand area, next to my pillow, because that was where my CPAP machine was located in real life. But in the dream, the noise was coming from further down the the bed, near the foot of it, which implied the machine had somehow been moved onto the floor there. I vaguely wondered how the machine got there, but there was no accompanying fear or trepidation, or curiosity enough to find the source. I wasn't bothered about the reason. I just wanted to put it back where it was supposed to be.

    I shimmied over until I was sitting closer to the foot of the bed. In the dream, I believed if I could simply find the hose and move it back, I could move the whole machine back to its proper place too without ever picking it up. I wasn't thinking logically either - I didn't realize that if I wanted to find the hose, which was connected to my mask, I could've just felt my mask on my face and gone from there. Oh well. It was still dark and I couldn't see, so I knew I had to feel around for the hose. I reached out into the darkness next to my bed. As soon as I touched what I "knew" was the hose, I felt something grab my hand tightly. I heard an inaudible yet somehow loud scream, and I knew I was about to die. There was a brief sensation of what I could only describe as the frightened, resigned knowledge that I would be pulled into an eternal purgatory of murky shapes and presences underneath my bed.

    Updated 05-15-2023 at 11:02 PM by Puffin

    non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening

    Rat Demon

    by Puffin on 05-06-2023 at 06:05 PM
    Type: WILD.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    This was a brief false awakening that resulted from a non-WBTB WILD.
    I was lying on my side in bed, and the bedroom was very dark. I rolled onto my back with an uncannily small amount of effort that made me feel weightless, and then, I saw a shadowed figure sitting beside me, looking down at me. It was so cloaked in shadow that I couldn't see any details including its face; all I could see was a dark, person-shaped entity. It unsettled me and I didn't want the dream to go in a nightmare direction, so I reached out to put my hand on its shoulder and casually said, "hey, how's it going?". It smiled, revealing a mouth full of teeth that were very long and ratlike. Its teeth were the only thing I could see within the darkness of its face, and while the smile didn't seem malicious, the teeth made me even more unsettled than before. Despite my discomfort, the dream still felt like it couldn't decide whether it wanted to become a nightmare or stay neutral. The dream ended.

    NOTICE: this is my first dream journal entry upon returning to Dreamviews after an 11-year hiatus. All the dream journal entries earlier than this were published in 2012 and earlier, and will have markedly different writing quality and narrative style.

    Updated 05-15-2023 at 11:30 PM by Puffin

    lucid , false awakening