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    1. You probably wont even see this. But i miss having you around. This site doesnt feel the same.
    2. No. My silly iPad logs me out every time I leave the Skype application. I just updated to iOS 5.0 so maybe that fixes something. (it doesn't do that on my iPod). Maybe I'll see you on there tomorrow.
    3. Huh? What do you mean? Also, you just went online and then offline - computer issues?
    4. Stop running from me in Skype
    5. I'm on right now.
    6. Hey, go on skype tonight if you have the time.
    7. Nope, actually a super long one!

      And it's not him, it's me. I like spending time with him so logically that eats up a lot of... well, my time. Haha.
    8. Talk about short answering! He must keep you on a short leash.
    9. Yeah.
    10. Oh. Your boyfriend still taking you away from us?
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