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    1. I can't right now. Sorry.
    2. Would someone like to get on Skype? I think so!
    3. My puffin brings all the buys to the yard. Damn right, it's better than yours.
    4. True. xD

      It's cool that you've found another interest.
    5. Too bad your never online.

      I try to react to every situation in a positive manner. But over the Internet it's hard to express thoughts and emotions. I just have to leave. It's honestly driving me crazy.

      But to replace lucid dreaming I have gotten big into art. And found a really nice community.

      Skype me up!
    6. That's really too bad; I honestly haven't noticed anything going on, but...
      Try not to let a select bunch of people ruin it for you though. One can't control who they run into at whatever time, but what they can do is choose how they'll react to the situation.

      If you're ever up for a chat, my skype is always open.
    7. Drama... On dream views... Its nonsense. But I have decided to leave until most of the people causing it are gone. Some of them are pretty dedicated members so it may take some time. It's pretty sad. I came here to learn how to lucid dream, and stayed to teach other people to lucid dream. And people just like stirring crap up.

      But don't worry. I'm still addicted to dream views. You may see me around here or there.
    8. Dakotahnok, where have you been!

      Haha. Thanks man.
    9. You actually have a puffin as your avatar! I am so very happy that you are the new dream guide leader. I'm going to be absent for some time. But hopefully I'll be back.

      ANYWAY I hope you will still be the dream guide leader when I get back.
    10. Doesn't mean the emotion is no longer there.
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