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    Jumped off a cliff.

    by Purp3L on 01-13-2016 at 11:32 PM


    Had a dream I was at like a magic show circus or something. Me, Cassandra, Jeremy and his white girlfriend were under a tent. I mentioned her skin color because his real girlfriend is black. I remember talking to Jeremy about a lot of things. I think I had a G.I. Joe toy or something and some guy I met when my dad took me to school walked up to our table and started talking about Jeremy's birthday. So instead of not giving him anything, I gave him the G.I. Joe toy, I really don't know why he accepted it since he's like 26. Anyway I remember walking around the table and kneeling down by Jeremy's seat and giving him my coke. As I was doing this, I heard in the background "Daddy, is that man really floating." Which lead me to thinking this was a magic show rather than a picnic type of thing. I walked back to my seat and I saw a kid sitting in it spinning around in my chair. I asked him why he stole my seat but he just jumped off and walked away. I looked down at my seat and it turned out to be a toilet?? I saw that Jeremy's girlfriend had the cover to the seat. I remember looking at it's stains. It was like someone had thrown bleach on it. It was a blue-green seat cover. I attempted to put it on the toilet seat and I wondered why there was a hole in the seat. Remembering that it was a toilet, I put the toilet lid down, which seemed to come from nowhere and I put the cover on the seat.

    [COLOR="#EE82EE"]I jumped off of a cliff, remembering that I had to do it for a challenge but I couldn't figure out which challenge it was. As I was about to land I thought about dying and waking up as soon as I hit the ground, so I thought about how you jump up and land on your tip-toes so you won't make any sound. I landed perfectly, thinking to myself "So now I can make myself not die when falling, I have to show everyone this." I was confused because I didn't know if I was lucid when dreaming this at the time, but now I am certain, since I remembered imagining myself writing this on the forum as I landed, thinking about getting dem points. Of course this isn't eligible.[/COLOR]

    I was down grandma's and the guy my dad picked up while taking me to school was sitting in the front of a house. I remember we saw a tiny tornado - ish thing and we ran up to it, saying that it wouldn't do any damage. I walked sort of into it and then I imagined being suck in it, so I ran back but while I did it, it almost sucked me in. Before being sucked in I gabbed onto the rail I had to jump over before that and told the guy that they weren't that dangerous until they actually formed into huge tornados. He agreed.

    I played GTA V with the guy and my brother. I remember having to play as a girl. We were either in a helicopter or a plane, but I jumped out before I crashed and I tried to parachute, but I hit the ground before it came out, causing the parachute not to actually come out. I think I almost fell off of a building so I had it actually fully come out this time.
    I remember flying a plane in GTA and almost crashing into certain death. I almost hit several buildings but ended up dodging them out of pure BS. I remember hearing in the background my brother and the guy laughing in disbelief that I actually dodged it. I almost hit another building but I dodged it, crashing into another.

    I was in the back room sitting on a chair talking to Jeremy I think. I remember him saying that we couldn't play the game anymore because my grandmother had buried them with the other things.

    I was outside and talking to Boomer. (Old Friend) That's not his real name, it was Ricardo. He was sitting by a dark green bush in the front of my grandma's house, which wasn't there before. My brother sat next to him. I remember seeing Keonte jumping over the gate of the neighbor 2 houses down to the right. He chased after Boomer and Jaylen. I don't remember anything else, but I vaguely remember putting the underwear, socks or whatever Keonte left behind back at his house on a small wooden platform. I think.