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    As the water manifests the brightness of the moon, the moon manifests the clarity of the water.


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    by rainwatercoyote on 02-16-2013 at 03:09 PM
    - Two takes of a movie supposedly starring Rihanna. In the first take she seems to have a pretty major role (the movie seems to be about some sort of relationship drama), but in the second take she barely features. Both takes of the movie include a scene in a sit-down restaurant that is playing an odd mix of lounge and club music; there is a stage in the room and Rihanna is standing on it, singing to the music, with a fancy retro-looking microphone in front of her. In the second take I am told that this is actually a cleverly dressed impersonator, not the real deal.

    - Some sort of airborne virus is set to infect the entirety of Europe, and from there (via people traveling, etc.) it will spread to several other countries, including the US eastern seaboard. I see a map with this information; virus-infected spots are green, and I'm told the total death toll will be something like 30 million people (which strikes me as kind of a lowball estimate given the virus' predicted range). After I learn this I realize I am somewhere in Europe with my mom and brother, possibly right before the virus is supposed to break out. I wonder briefly why we're here at the epicenter, but then reason that since we're probably going to die anyway, why worry about it? No one else seems concerned at all. We're sightseeing in some kind of forested highland; it feels like late autumn. There are these incredible animals that look like furry giraffes: they have intelligent eyes and swatches of bright neon color on their faces, and they seem peaceful. They're also huge, like the size of dinosaurs. I'm fascinated by these creatures and want to know more about them, but then I wake up.


    by rainwatercoyote on 08-21-2012 at 09:41 PM
    No recall for 8/20.

    Moving Day
    I'm moving into a college dorm of some sort, although I'm not carrying anything. I head up a stairway that's crowded with college-age kids, all chattering happily and getting to know each other. I see someone that looks an awful lot like Cara F. and for a second I think it actually is her, but then realize I'm wrong. The idea of a… dolphin-person?… comes into my head and I'm not sure whether I'm looking for a creature like this or if it's just a random mental image. There's a bend in the stairway and I continue up. Apparently Britney Spears is somewhere in the crowd; I pass a girl with black hair and hear her announce "I don't know about all that, I just know I'm talking to Britney Spears right now."

    The stairway lets into a lobby-like area. There's a board with a list of names and their expected arrival dates; I'm on there and my date is listed as the 18th, which I know is "today", at least as far as the dream goes. There are only a few people listed under this date, but a lot more are arriving on the 19th and 20th, so I must be a little on the early side. Next to my name (just my first name) is my email address, but it's written strangely, with parentheses inserted and the @ sign spelled out as "at". I realize it's a spam blocking measure… but everything on the chart is hand-written, so what's the point? Also, obfuscation aside, I don't think my email address is actually spelled correctly.

    I realize that instead of moving in right away I could be out socializing with the others and breaking the ice a little… it's typical of me not to think of something like that until after the fact.
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by rainwatercoyote on 08-19-2012 at 05:45 PM
    Dark Tower Continued
    I'm with a group of people I don't recognize, walking through an arid, sandy area that's not quite a desert but pretty close. Somehow I understand that we are acting out the Dark Tower series, namely the events of the last two books that I haven't read. There is a small green plastic disc on the ground (embedded in the ground) that is significant but I don't know why. I look into the distance and on the horizon I can see a blur of neon light. As I continue to stare, the blur resolves itself into a steadily flashing sign that says "SEPPIPPI". Each letter is individually lit and in its own color. I know that Seppippi is the name of a town or city; however, I'm slightly concerned about what I'll find when I go there. The sign itself looks normal enough, but I know the world has moved on and I remember what happened when the characters in the Dark Tower visited the city of Lud. I can't see anything of the city itself, just the sign, so I have no clue about what awaits.


    by rainwatercoyote on 08-18-2012 at 05:35 PM
    Gem Collecting
    I'm at work collecting gems (again like Gravity Rush). This time I am actually able to shift gravity, so I'm making short flights down hallways and into cubes to snag gems. It occurs to me that I am only half-dressed and I'm in the office after hours, and I have a specific worry of B from IT discovering that I'm here (even though there's nothing technically wrong with me being here).


    by rainwatercoyote on 08-17-2012 at 05:56 AM
    Gravity Ball
    I'm outside in a classy city setting that strongly reminds me of Gravity Rush's Hekseville. It's late afternoon. My parents are here celebrating their birthdays/anniversary? I try to jump into the air but am disappointed that I can't gravity shift like Kat. I have a small purple ball (looks like a gem from GR) that, if I leave it alone on a surface, will start bouncing all by itself. I throw this in front of me, thinking that *somebody* (who?) will see me with this and change their mind about me not liking fun things. (Odd sentiment that I don't really remember.) The ball bounces away from me and disappears over a ridge - it's the bed, it's actually disappeared under the bed. I'm mostly awake at this point. I nimbly (lol) leap out of bed, again thinking how impressed the mysterious third party must be, and feel around under the bed for the ball. No dice. I figure that since the ball attaches itself to surfaces I'd probably be able to feel it bouncing if it attached to a sheet or something, but I don't feel anything.

    Job Application/Vampires and Guns
    Outside Newbury Comics, talking to a girl. Originally I was with A. but apparently went off by myself. I go inside the store and start a conversation with the manager; she's pretty friendly and we hit it off. Eventually she says, "You worked at Absolute, right? Ever thought about working here?" (I have a false memory of Absolute being some sort of music-related business.) I say yes, I've always wanted to work at a place like this. She gives me three numbers to call, and after I write them all down she says that if I'm calling to apply for the job, I should only call the third number. I turn to leave and say, "Thank you very much, I'll be in touch!" and she just responds with a disinterested "Yeah," which is a little surprising.

    Outside in the parking lot, 2 groups of people are playing some kind of vampire card game against each other. One card I remember is "Solane," a short, pixie-like vampire dressed in a naughty nurse kind of outfit. She is sitting waist deep in a sea of blood and drinking it with a straw. The card strikes me as extremely scandalous, even though the artwork itself (subject matter aside) is tastefully drawn. Anyway, I want to leave but can't while the game is going on, so either I get a card of my own that has a gun or I get an actual gun and point it at the leader, a girl with long blond hair. Her underling (a very big guy but otherwise nondescript) points his own gun at me, yet I feel like I have the advantage.

    Climbing a snowy mountain i just recently came down from, together with a traveling party that reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I get the sense we're going the wrong way by going up the mountain, yet it's something we have to do for some reason.
    non-lucid , dream fragment