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      I guess you can look at the older entries in my DJ tagged with "dragon"
      But as I mentioned, I never really describe the experience in detail because it is an ordinary occurrence in my dreams.
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      ............ Go to sleeep.
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      I think I will. When I get time
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      Ayeeee I better LD tonight
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      it says today birthdays at the bottom of the home page
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      happy birthday
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      i really really wish i was a natural... yeah 20 lucids... belief and.... dedication pay off...
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      Randoman plz title your entries correctly! There's an example at the top of the page!

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      Not so much anymore, it expanded actually and Atras made a whole sub-forum on dream sharing and our attempts.
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    August 30, 1994 (26)
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    work on homework all day so want to have fun at night

    about to turn 18 and been try to lucid sense i was 16
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    lucid dreaming sports and astronomy
    any work i can get
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    a book robert waggner lucid dreaming to the inner self and the website world of lucid dreaming




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    06-29-2014  06:07 PM
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    11-28-2011  02:54 AM
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    Recent Entries

    Lucid penitentiary

    by Randoman on 06-29-2014 at 06:07 PM
    okay this was the first time I was able to successfully dream induce lucid dream but there were unforeseen side effects. at one point im not sure when It started im fighting Alvin but its

    like i am moving throw syrup. i am in my room down stars in my sisters house. I can barely hit him. I Barely have a sense of my self. At this point I believe I

    become lucid because I remember this is what happens to me in dreams sometimes. i try to spin but I can barley feel my body and it still feels like i am moving throw syrup. so i decide

    to close my eyes and wait for a new dream scene. i Had closed my eyes when i was looking at my hands when i was laying on the floor so my finger turn into string with bed like details

    about them and swim away then disappear. Lots of scene shift and morph in front of my eyes until one solidifies. Im laying on the floor in the same room where i fell asleep that

    night . i look at my hands and there all morphys and blurry. i try to get up but its like gravity is ten times stronger. i yell clarity now, or lock me in this dream, and try to spin and rub my

    hands. but nothing works to get rid of the blurry ness and difficulty to move. so i try to fly out the selling. i start to rise and do swimming motions to swim throw the air. but the min im

    pass into the selling im in a black void then wake up

    on the floor again in the same spot. so i try to run throw the door. the same thing happens again. i decide to lay there and close my eyes and imagine another place. but i kept

    reappearing in the room. i eventually lose lucidity. And it fades to black.

    Lucid dreaming about lucid drraming

    by Randoman on 06-25-2014 at 08:24 PM
    okay there more to this dream but I waited to long and cant remember most of it,
    but im dreaming about lucid dreaming so I guess technically im not lucid.

    im running down a street and im moving things with my mind. I think I Remeber moving a car in to the air, I also remember seeing my hands out in front of me . I'm using them to move things. it make it 100% easier. I running down a street with tree running down on both sides. I turn right towards a house and look threw a big round centered window. My sister inside cowering and I crack the class with my mind. it spider web cracks all over. I move my hands around and cracks appear following the movements of my hand. I stick my hands threw the cracks of the glass but it doesn'tt hurt.

    Explosions in Reverse

    by Randoman on 07-28-2013 at 06:58 PM
    okay this was a really wild but I'll start with the crazy part so I was dressed in blue with the whole bunch of other people from my class we're all in blue and one of us is dying and the reason where there is because we're wanting to show the person who is dying an amazing sight to describe the area it's faded baby brown and were on top of a building where in another room on top of the building its open all the intrances don't have doors the windows don't have glass in them just open transportation vehicles Airport peopl vehicles Airport people use when they're on the ta next to planes some of us wants to jump them really just one person but we don't as we begin to walk away I see smoke in the distance on the horizon I've seen it before the only now I begin to question it I ask someone about it who's next to me as soon as I do bright flashlight start to come from a smoke like some things exploding I feel like I expected that then everybody starts talking about who died in the explosion like they were there and I'm confused because I was with them in tire time and we were nowhere near the explosion with one of with one of my friends girlfriends I'm looking through the big window in my living room thinking about the explosion I hold my camera up my phone camera in front of me and I can see the explosion on my phone scream like I'm recording it but when I look past the phone its its just my from yard through the glass window I reverse video to see the explosion is a building with tons and tons of rock falling down on people its horrific but awesome!! ! My friend's girlfriend is kinda rubbing all over me as I do this I am like what the f*** then I wake up

    Randoman the destroyer of worlds

    by Randoman on 10-20-2012 at 08:00 PM
    Im laying in bed waiting to fall asleep right after wake back to bed and I starts to,actully hear my friends gutair in my head I know this means im falling asleep so I dont move it actully sounds like there talking across the room from me in my room I jump up out of bed and across from me were my sister bed should be is a old style radio from the 60s or somthing. So I look at my hand and it all curved up and I can stick my other finger right threw it it like my hand made out of goow or somthing I get out of bed and grap the radio and walk out my room I get to my kitchen and it seems to be the middle of the night the radio start to play realy loud so I chech my hand and to make shure it realy a dream my hand is still curved up so u walk out the front door in my underwear ,it brigjt out side like the,middle of the day around the house is,green feild,instead if LA I see a jet fly in the air about to crash black smoke is coming off of it I jump and fly up next to it and land on top of it I try to controle it to fly faster it does but begin to slow down I fly it in to space were its pitch black with a few stars and look at the earth im thinking I should not,be able,to breath but I can I grap the jet and throw it at earth expecting to blow it all up ,on impact the entire earth exploded kinds like the death,star in those old star wars moves. I relax floating in empty space with no gravity I see a peace of reckage come flying back at me I grap it and Imagion a nother earth behind me and ruen around. And there it is. I throw this reckage,at this,earth to just,to see it explode then fly away to a nothwr,earth but the closer I get it seems to be turning into a gray baren planet maybe a moon I enjoy fly around in circle and seeing the world flip around when I do]

    Updated 10-21-2012 at 07:34 PM by Randoman

    lucid , memorable

    Starting to think my lucids just dont want to be stabilized

    by Randoman on 09-01-2012 at 02:50 PM
    This is kinda like a wild so long story short I new I was lucid im in my grandad house in the hall way and its not adding up how I got here so instead of going with it go to the front door and look out, it like a endless feild of telephone polls so I go out and start to run I want to super speed but it dosent work
    I feel the air and its cold and windy my visions blurry so I try and clear it by yelling stabilize now I do it 2 times the time I try my vioce stops working to white girls are walking twords me
    and it turns back to a normal dream
    lucid , memorable