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    I like to study my mind and the way it makes sense of the world. I study this mostly trough meditation and cultivating awareness. Every now and then, I've had dreams that show me something usefull. Often I forget, so I started to write them down.

    I've had a few lucid dreams since then and have naturally become interested in this phenomenon, too, although I'm not actively pursuing it.
    Self and other, meditation, yoga, natural sciences
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    The Three Cities

    by rantajar on 06-15-2012 at 12:57 PM

    I'm at a camping center with some friends. There are also children there. Outside there is a small cottage, very old with gray, slightly rotten wood. Some of the us sleep there and there is a stove. I guess I'm looking for something or cleaning, I'm going trough stuff there and putting them in their place. There is a stove and there's flames coming out of it every now and then. When I look around I see three other fireplaces that are leaking flames and smoke. I'm surprised the place hasn't burned down long ago.


    I'm walking from the center of a city, down some stairs and towards another neighborhood. There is a Hindu monk riding a bike past me. He smiles and I recognize him and smile back. He is from a monastery where i sometimes go and have some philosophical talks or something. We happen to pass some Christian monks at the same time, carrying coffin. One of them reminisces about when they were a small order like the Hindus are now, and he had to carry coffins by himself up the stairs.


    I'm at home in a room with my wife. My parents and brothers are in the living room watching TV. They are watching the lottery. My father gets excited and proclaims he has won 30 000. It's not the biggest price but it's pretty good. They start watching a movie. It's some scifi from a food author so we decide to watch it, too.

    I'm in the movie, I'm a young man who lives alone but seems to be pretty sociable. It's a small settlement on an otherwise uninhabited planet. An old man has just died next door. Apparently everybody knew him, but they were all expecting him to die pretty soon anyway.

    I'm walking with a bunch on guys close to the border of the settlement. We are wondering about the slow progress of the habitation endeavor. There's a lot of technology that should have arrived by this point. First we think we should investigate outside the settlement area. I tell the others it would be dangerous and there is some rule forbidding it. They abandon the idea and leave, and I go look outside the settlement alone.

    There is another city just like ours. It's almost exactly the same but some of the people behave a little differently. A woman who is shy in my city is very loud and talkative in this one. The old man has just died here, too. I continue to the same direction and come to a third city, also identical. But here, the old man is still alive, but just about to die. People are gathered to a center square to see him for the last time.

    Then I remember the story, I've read the book the movie is based on. The cities are actually on a planet that is completely livable. They are there for studying how much of peoples personalities are coded in genes. The people in the three cities are genetically identical, but they have been incubated in different laboratories.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Excerpts from the past week

    by rantajar on 06-14-2012 at 08:43 AM
    I've had a lot on my hands lately, and haven't given much thought to dreaming. I only remember a couple of dreams from the past week.


    There is blue, and I decide to make it the sky. I fly over the earth and look down on it. It looks plastic, painted on. I decide on a spot and fly down. I wish to meet a guide there.

    There is a man and a woman. The woman is around my age and the man is a bit older. He is explaining things and we are listening. I don't really get anything new out of it.

    This relates to a sense that I'm having at the moment, of moving forward quickly and effortlessly, and not getting anywhere.


    Back as a University student, waiting for the time to go to a lecture, playing a game with some friends.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Video guide

    by rantajar on 06-06-2012 at 08:37 AM
    I was travelling for a week and didn't do any active effort. I was mostly very tired and slept irregularly, anyway. This one, however, was memorable enough to stay with me.

    I'm drifting in and out of sleep, in an unfamiliar place, tired but cannot sleep well. When I enter sleep I'm usually aware that I'm dreaming and awareness of the sleeping body disappears. I practice flying. I start from the ground, a park with green grass. I figure I'm starting from my home town, and want to visit the Alps. I get close to the level of the lowest clouds when I hit a roof and come out of what seems like a set for a play. I wake up a little and notice I'm in a bed.

    I drift of again and decide to try flying horizontally this time. I'm not moving fast enough to get to the Alps in one night. I try to boost the speed with my willpower, then start saying "faster" out loud. This helps. I come to a scout camp site somewhere in Germany. Not quite there, I need to go southwest. I look at a wooden sign in the forest trying to figure out where I am.

    There is a disconnect. Now I'm in a room with a young man, a couple of sofas and a tv. He tells me I know why I'm there. I nod. He starts running a video about some spiritual stuff. I tell him I know the basics of most of these belief systems and we should get on to the real, experiential and technical stuff. I have a remote and I try to fast forward but instead, it seems, I turn the thing of. The man tells me this will take a long time if my technical skills are like that.

    I get distracted and I'm drifting to a non-lucid dream, when I hear the man say something about me being impossible. I snap out of it and return to the movie. Some new age stuff. I decide to sit trough it just to please him. I wake up after a couple of seconds, however.
    lucid , memorable

    Practicing flying again

    by rantajar on 05-27-2012 at 01:40 PM
    I'm going to a facility with two other people. They talk about a local people living there, that they wish to study. I remember I'm actually a member of that people, genetically, but living outside it in the second generation. I let this information slip, and suddenly the men are chasing me. They want to study me, and that would not be nice.

    I'm hiding behind a creek just next to the shore of a river. There are locals in two canoes firing arrows at the men searching for me. There is some snow next to me, somehow, and I try to throw some on their faces. First I miss but then I hit and try to run away.

    I'm in a building with the men. I manage to escape, just run away when they look the other way. I run to the shoreline again. If I was dreaming I could fly. Maybe I am. The scenery looks like it, the situation seems like it. It's a bit of a surprise. I'm dreaming. I fly over the lake.

    I'm in a train. There is a man sitting opposite to me. We talk something about this being a dream and flying. I try to fly but don't get very high. He goes a bit higher than me. Encouraged, I try again and go trough the roof. Then I cannot get much higher anymore, but I practice for a while. There is another roof there, even though we're outside.

    Ants in my Bed

    by rantajar on 05-25-2012 at 09:22 AM

    I'm in a library, at the magazines section. On of the clerks there suggests that I'm not wanted there. I say that unless they wish to throw me out I will come there every now and then to check out new articles in a couple of science magazines. The clerk apparently cannot do anything. I check the articles and look for the exit. There is a small tunnel, meant for kids. On the other side of the room I find a door and then stairs leading down.


    I find myself in a large hall, surrounded by what seem like doors to hotel rooms, numbered, on two floors. It's a dormitory, all the guests are about my age, students. My wife is there and she is changing rooms with someone. Many people are changing, because one is leaving and they all want a slightly better room.

    I go to my room. There are ants on the floor, they form a path that leads to my bed. There must be something sweet on the bed, although I don't remember leaving anything there. I kick the bed a little to scare them. They start running away very quickly, and they are carrying something. I look more closely and it looks like pieces of a nest, with huge eggs, about half the size of a chicken egg. Apparently they thought the warmth under the blanket would be a good place for a nest. Some of the ants are still panicking around the bed, and there are some pieces of the nest left. I expect them to move, so I don't touch anything yet.


    There is some even going on, that we are all attending. It's about an art, maybe writing, possibly painting. There is a practice session going on, but I leave early to go to a diner before it closes. I get back the session ends.