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      Hello Raven you posted on my wall saying that you wanted to keep in touch with people who started the same week as you did.

      Well back then I kinda got discouraged, and my family was not positive on my idea to try lucid dreaming.. so I dropped the idea.
      But I am back, and really determined to get there!
      How are you? have you been able to get lucid?
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      (continued) The second is to go through the motions without having excessive expectations about what will happen during the cycles. If you see hypnagogia or hear interesting stuff, cool. But if not, it doesn't matter. But you should have a strong belief that the tech will work and that you'll get lucid.

      The WBTB is also crucial to the technique, of course. I almost think of SSILD as just a form of turbo-charged, extra-effective WBTB. Therefore, it makes sense to play with variables like WBTB timing, WBTB length, etc. to find your sweet spot. And do try to get plenty of sleep.

      How are things going for you with it right now? Are there any specific troubles you're running into?
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      Hey Raven! Yeah, SSILD is what got me my 3rd lucid dream and was the first tech to consistently deliver for me. I still have good luck with it when I try it.

      I find that its biggest downside is that it's hard to "debug". When I have a dry spell, I'm usually at a loss as to how to correct it with much precision. Having said that, there are a few main points.

      First is that I seem to do best when I am just tired enough to get through several cycles but then sort of fade in the late cycles and sort of drift off naturally to sleep. I don't get lucid as often if I just fall asleep in the first cycle OR if I get really bad insomnia. It can work, but the percentages go down.
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    Incredibly Chronological Dream and Two Lucids

    by RavenOfShadow on 01-23-2014 at 06:57 PM
    Wow, last night was the most productive dream night I've ever had. Throughout the whole night, the same dream stretched chronologically and completely context logically. Rare indeed. The whole dream was spent with me either hanging out with or texting my friend Celeste, who I haven't seen in years. There was a bit of romance but mainly it was just a refreshing dream about friendship.

    My first lucid came about while we were driving around hanging out.

    I am in the passenger seat and Celeste is driving. Its a warm summer day and we have the windows rolled down, Celestes hair is playfully being tossed by the wind. I look outside and we are driving on a dirt road, completely surrounded by tall wild grass, wheat fields, and cornrows. We make our way up a slowly slanting hill and she finally pulls over. "This is it!" she says excitedly as she gestures out the window. A lone tree sits upon the hill gigantic and majestic, looking older than god. I laugh and run up to it and begin to climb, when suddenly I become lucid. I hang on to the tree and feel its rough bark as clarity slowly comes to me. I remember wanting to try spinning instead of hand-staring as a stabilization technique, so when the dream begins to fade I use it and find it incredibly effective. Celeste laughs. "What are you doing??" I wave to Celeste, and keep a promise I made to myself do nothing sexual.

    The field oozes summer. Pollen floats in the air, heat raises from the soil, and I can feel the sunbeams on my face. Absolute heaven. Remembering another thread I commented about flying techniques, I decide to try flying as its been a while since I last did it. I jump high in the air and slowly float down, most likely just psyching myself out. I laugh at myself and know I can do it, so on the second attempt I leap forward and stay elevated. I begin to levitate just over the wheat field, letting the wheat tickle my legs.

    After a few moments of flying around, I come to the edge of the field and see a construction site through the thin forest. I land and begin walking around the construction site. I see a cement foundation filled with dirt that will be used for a house, and to make sure I'm still in control I will flowers to grow. I turn away briefly then look back, and the foundation has become overgrown with beautiful wild flowers. I walk deeper into the construction site but
    lose lucidity before I can do much of anything else. I check my phone to see that six hours has passed and Celeste is worried. I tell her I'll be there in time for dinner and the scene changes.

    My second lucid was super brief.

    I attend dinner with Celeste and a husband and wife are there who my dream self recognizes as the owners to the small movie theater in town. Evidently we have history, as we laugh and talk for hours. Finally dinner is over, and everyone hugs and says goodbye. As the husband and wife are leaving, I feel a crunch in my mouth and pull out one of my bottom teeth. I look in the reflection of a car window and another falls out next to it. I smile to see if its noticeable, and, no surprise, it is. I begin to panic, then realize that strange dental things happen to me often in dreams. Bingo! I become lucid again and try spinning, but I'm aware of myself already waking up. I just stand there and enjoy how strange it is for your body to wake up when you're already "awake".
    lucid , memorable

    Waltzing in the Mansion - Lucid

    by RavenOfShadow on 01-19-2014 at 07:13 PM
    Just a small aside; not even two weeks after rejoining I've had three lucids... Knew being involved here would do the trick!

    I had several small dreams last night, but they were dull so I'll cut to the chase.

    I am sitting on a red velvet couch in an incredibly elegant ballroom. Red velvet curtains twenty feet high have been drawn across all the windows, and beautifully polished wood pillars stretch upwards fifty feet to the cathedral ceiling. A glimmering chandelier hangs above the ballroom floor, casting a golden hue across the room. I know I am waiting for someone, but whom I'm not sure.

    Suddenly, a beautiful Latino woman tackles me off of the couch. Before I know whats happening, she begins hurling fireballs at me. I remember that I'm spider man, and I begin slinging around the room, even though my webs are invisible. Her flames are flying everywhere, but the room is impervious to fire or magic, as nothing catches. I sling some webs at her but they seem to have no affect. Finally, I hide behind one of the luxurious curtains and get a good look at her - gorgeous, and in a white dress with a large cleavage swoop and quite long train.

    The beauty of both the place and the woman jolts me into lucidity. As soon as I become lucid she lowers her hands, and turns to look me in the eye, smiling. Most dream DC's I encounter go still and brain dead when I become lucid, but not this one. I walk slowly out from the curtain and I am suddenly in a tuxedo, and I have the overwhelming feeling that this is my ballroom. "You're finally awake!" she says with a smile, which I must admit creeped me out. Usually in my lucids whatever plot was occurring vanishes, but not so here.

    "Dance with me" she requests, as the two of us embrace in fine ballroom posture. We begin sweeping around the ballroom in the most elegant waltz of all time. My heart is in my throat as I haven't had a lucid this clear in months. After a few moments of our sweeping dance, I try to recall the task of the month, and recall the basic one about asking New Years resolutions. The effort of remembering causes me to dance clumsily and nearly lose lucidity. I stop dancing to look at my hands and surrounding to anchor myself, and notice that the red paint of the walls has become a Christmas wallpaper of green gold and red. I look at her and her beauty makes me nervous to speak to her, even though I know its all a dream. I ask her her New Years resolution.

    Suddenly, she sweeps me up and begins to lead like I was a few moments before. She is leading so hard that she seems to just pick me up and hover me across the floor in an aggressive dance. She spins me and dips me like a lady and I take this to mean her resolution was to take control, whether it be dancing or something deeper. I find it funny that I am being held in a dip, and I allow myself to
    lose lucidity and wake up grinning.


    Revenge and a Feast

    by RavenOfShadow on 07-29-2013 at 07:28 PM
    Non-Lucid Lucid

    Lately it has been my personal task of the month to partake in a huge medieval feast. Inspired by a combination of Game of Thrones and my first amazing lucid eating experience, I am determined to make it work!

    My family and I are eating at a restaurant together. After leaving, we realized that we had forgotten to tip our curly haired waiter, and we all felt terrible. While debating what to do, I step outside to my lawn to play with my dog. As I toss the ball for him, a Ferrari comes screaming on to my lawn, narrowly missing me, and driving straight into the side of my house; destroying the wall.

    In a panic we all rush about and try to see who the driver is, and out steps the curly haired waiter, who did this to get revenge for us stiffing him. Something causes me to look at the clouds, and they look beautiful and painted. I turn back to the kid who is trying to scream at me but I interrupt him and say "what if this were a dream?" As I say it, I become lucid! The clarity is amazing, and I grab his face in both of my hands and laugh out loud, feeling nothing but love for the kid. He smiles back and laughs with glee too, and tells me to "Go!"

    I remember my goal to eat at a medieval feast, but I want a partner. My good friend from college appears, and her and I grab hands. I begin to sprint with her, faster and faster, until we break the sound barrier and the world around us turns in to a blur. We run so fast that day becomes night, and then day again, and finally we arrive. There is a yard sale set up, and a small white building to our left. I know that through the door will be a medieval time waiting for me, but I don't want to go in without proper clothing.

    The yard sale is all medieval clothing, so we look around for some clothes. As I examine them, I unknowingly lose lucidity
    and slide back into my dream, forgetting about the door entirely.

    So close, yet so far!

    Karate Master - Lucid

    by RavenOfShadow on 07-29-2013 at 07:17 PM
    Non-Lucid Lucid

    I am taking karate lessons from an ancient Asian man that looks very much like the master from Karate Kid (the original, not that new crap.) He is teaching me karate indirectly like the movie; having me catch birds, chase animals, balance on poles, and a few others. While I am out doing one of his chores, I notice a backhoe that is digging outside of the Dojo. I look more closely and see that there are chunks of earth floating in the air without support, and I become lucid!

    I walk down the street that the Dojo is in, taking in the sights and sounds. I am in a Chinatown area of a small city, but its very clean and pleasant. Its rather empty. There is a vendor open with steaming piles of delicious food that looked like it was taken out of the Spirited Away buffet scene... An incredibly Asian inspired dream... I decide to try some, but I can't really taste it. I realize too late that in my haste I forgot to gain clarity,
    and I wake up.

    Anime Eyes and the June TOTM!

    by RavenOfShadow on 06-24-2013 at 04:50 PM
    I've been trying SSILD for a few days now, and I've had 3 nights in a row of brief lucidity; pretty awesome coming from a month long dry spell. Last nights was decently long, however, and I finally managed to finish a basic task for June; speaking gibberish to a DC.

    I was working for a driving range that was auspiciously located on the top of a Skyscraper in New York City. I clocked in, and then drove a golf cart up a spiral ramp to the top of the tower. The inside of the skyscraper was totally gutted, and the interior was a skeletal structure of red, rusting rebar. I could see shadowy figures moving in the darkness of the building as I went up and up, but I told myself that as long as I kept the cart moving they wouldn't bother me.

    Finally I reached the top of the building, and parked my car next to a door that lead to the roof. As I twisted the knob and opened, I found myself at a gorgeous golf course, with a range straight ahead. I looked around, and for seemingly miles the green rolling hills of the course sprawled ahead of me; the city had vanished.

    I began to set up the range, but realized I didn't have any balls for the customers to hit! I went back inside the door that was now lying flat against the ground, and reentered the skyscraper. As I descended the ramp once more, a horrible grinding noise came from the cart, and I came to a sharp stop as the wheels locked. Instantly I broke into a panic, as I knew the shadows would descend upon me shortly.

    I tried to fix it, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find the engine. I knew I was in trouble. Suddenly, two very ugly women, looking to be of incestuous backgrounds, lumbered out of the darkness; smiling and sniggering. I told them to get back, and in my fear I said this must be a dream! I plugged my nose and reality checked (my new favorite thing ever), and I realized that this was indeed a dream!

    The two women stood there menacingly, but grew weary when they realized I was lucid now. I took a few moments to remember what the basic task was, and then remembered that it was to shout gibberish at a DC.

    They took a step towards me.


    Crumpling in fear, the two women begged for me to stop. I looked closely and realized that their eyes had become the shining eyes of standard anime shows.

    This time, in a booming Gandalf voice that made the whole building shake,


    The women screamed and writhed and then began to glow; turning completely into japanese anime hotties. They were completely under my control, so I forced them to their knees and commanded them to give me my first ever lucid oral sex (winning!). It didn't last long though, as my REM cycle naturally ended.

    It was definitely one of the most exciting lucids I have had to date! Can't wait to keep trying this SSILD stuff.