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    19 year old male community college student, engineering major, living with his parents, cashiering at Walmart.
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    computer programming, engineering
    student and cashier
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    Shoplifting Inventor

    by Rawracookie on 03-29-2011 at 04:53 PM
    I am in some department store. I'm trying to sell an invention, I guess. Something like rocket shoes? I take shoe lining off the hook near the register and put them in a pair of shoes. A customer comes to try to put it on, but it doesn't fit. I fiddle with some plastic collapsable cup that was up there. I then decide to leave the register and go deeper into the store. I have the intention of stealing that cup. I stick it into my pocket and walk past the front doors into some area. There are some bathrooms. I drink from the drinking fountain and fill up my cup. I drink out of it. I go back towards the door, but turn left instead. There are still some interesting things I can shoplift. I see a vending machine and think about soda. There is a group of young children gathered around a TV with a VCR hooked up to it (lolwut). There's a catalog of videos around. I start looking for a specific one. I remember of thinking of the excuse, "it's for my little sisters," in case anybody asked me about it.

    Something about Dr. Gero? He eventually turns good for whatever reason and now we are trying to call somebody. Me, Dr. Gero, and a couple of other characters. A girl in the group notices a phone that has credit card info already in it. She swipes it and it turns out to be hers. She is not amused. I act like I'm going to incur more funds from her card on the vending machine. I don't, I take pity on her (I'm just the King of empathy and understanding, right?). I leave the group and run into a couple of friends. St. and Br. Br. has her head in a bowl full of water, like a diver's helmet in reverse. She, St., and a bunch of people are at the tables next to the front door for her birthday. I help her to breathe by tilting her head back into the air in the bowl. At some point in here I wake up.

    Updated 03-29-2011 at 11:40 PM by Rawracookie


    I'm the Partially Lucid Defender of Children

    by Rawracookie on 03-28-2011 at 09:59 PM
    At some points this dream seems unfocused.

    I RC (I don't remember the circumstances at that moment). I remember trying to give special consideration to be in control. I then seek to stabilize the dream. I am in some italian restaurant (I don't think I was there before). On each table is a large cylinder of spices/condiments. I think originally it was just shredded and powdered parmesan cheese in a small cylinder. I try to get at the shredded parmesan cheese. A waiter is fiddling with the container. It is expanded to include lots of things in it. I grab a good pinch of the fancy shredded parmesan cheese and eat it.

    In here I forgot some dream material.

    I remember something about a house that my family and my aunt Sa. and her husband live in. For some reason, her two sons (just a couple years old) are not there. I don't remember all that goes on in there.

    I am in a caricature of the dollar general next to the price chopper. It is here that I do some defense of a little girl from some pedophile. The girl's character is initially D.W. from the children's show Arthur, but I think it morphs into my little sister Ge. The pedophile is some male school figure. The girl does some weird self-defense on a roller coaster in the large parking lot. Something about using a wrench to dismantle the weird scaffolding/car the pedophile is on. I think at some point it is apparent that the girl is the wrench (lolwut).

    I think I have some detour from the roller coaster to a playground.

    I eventually kill the pedophile back at the roller coaster. I think this makes some people angry that I murdered him. I am chased out of the dollar general to my car in the parking lot. I have trouble lining up the key to the lock, but I make it into the car and lock it. A large woman is threatening me from outside my window. She attracts a large crowd around my car as I try to start and drive it away. I think about how these are just dream people and I try to run them down to get away. I try to drive but find that the people are able to hold my car in place. I think then to try to teleport. I close my eyes and try to do some sort of dream spinning, but I can't really move that well in my car.

    I don't think it works, but late I am away at the other end of the parking lot. I think I do some random stuff in the parking lot. Primary of which is doing the nose plug for fun. It felt good to breathe through pinched nostrils. In fact, it feels odd to not be able to do that now (lol).

    I am at the auto parts store at the other end of the parking lot. I'm trying to leave to go somewhere else.

    I eventually end up in cool crest (an arcade). I walk around for a bit before deciding to try to break the glass and steal the prizes (normally won by tickets). I look around for a bit trying to find something hard enough. I pick up a chair and try to break the glass. I find that the chair (something like this: http://sarahbernardy.files.wordpress...stic-chair.jpg ) just bounces off of the glass. I give it several good solid whacks before observing that I can just hop over the counter (lol). I grab the musical keyboard that has caught my eye. I successfully get some sound out of it. I go around trying the musical instruments. I get some guy following me around trying them too and trying to strike up conversation. Eventually some dude comes in and plays some metal on a nice keyboard thing people around us are calling a bass. He's playing the full song rather than just the bass. More of that random guy following me. I wake up.

    False Lucid Dream Within a Dream?

    by Rawracookie on 03-25-2011 at 05:30 PM
    At some point in here, I think I wake up and want to write down the dream but go back to dreaming. Not sure if it was a false awakening.

    I start in a world where I am a super hero. It is me and Je. vs some enemy. I shoot icecicles. At some point during the fight, I miss fours shots. The icecicles clump together and rotate like a videogame powerup. I get it and have the ability to make a creature of water to help me fight. It defeats my enemy. Me and Je. start going to our base to pack up and leave. Somehow we have trouble getting to our base.

    I am at the far end of my street with Je. We are walking to my house. For some reason, I reality check. The breath doesn't flow very smoothly when I do the nose plug. At first I think I'm dreaming but I doubt it. I do it a couple of times and acknowledge that I am dreaming. My breath flows smoothly through my pinched nostrils. I now see Je. as a dream character. I still ask him to come with me to my house. I then remember to stabilize my dream. I fall to my knees and feel the grass. I smell it and taste it. I remember appreciating the vividness. It seems very bright. Usually it is fairly dark in my dreams. We begin walking towards my house. I think, "I sure wish I was home." We are teleported to Je.'s house. I think "No, no! This is the wrong guy's house!" I fiddle around trying to get outside through Je.'s relatives. I then think to teleport again. I start trying to go to my house. I then think of my college and my first major lucid goal. I wanted to get a specific dream character to follow me around and remind me that I was dreaming. I say, "I wish I was there." I visualize it in my head. Me and Je. are transported to my college (or a caricature of it). I am in the cafeteria. I steal some food. It is some gravy slathered meat (aw, yeah!) between two buns. Yum. I decide it is easier to spit it out than swallow it. I end up on the floor bored/sick (wtf?). A voice reminds me of my goal (I don't know if the voice came from anywhere).

    I leave the cafeteria to the hallway in some inky black darkness. I have some trouble. I am now some weird dragon thing. I eventually lift my tail out of the inky black fog to find some sort of imp clinging to it. I desperately try to get it off. I eventually see Je. I make it to the room he is in. I find myself holding a miniature dragon with an imp on its til. I ask Je. how to fix it. He tells me to rip it's head and tail off. I do so and throw them back into the hallway. The I throw the body into the hallway. At this point I am distracted. We so stuff for a bit. I eventually go in search of the dream character. I decide to try to teleport. I close my eyes. I open them to see "the void." I remember to dream spin. I am teleported to somewhere else in my college. At this point I become distracted. Je. and me start being involved with our earlier superpowers. There is another dream character of significance. I don't remember what the three of us did.

    I am following a girl who is my wife (lolwut?) around in an open market. At some point I turn some music on my phone and stick it in my pocket. This transforms into me next to Je. in a grocery store. There seems to be an electronics section next to us (lolwut?). Je. is looking at some smartphone in a box. I see a box that says something to do with AT&T Uverse (the TV service my family has). Something to do with being able to pause live TV on the set top box. I remember it listing the screen sizes of "3:2" and "1:3." Real TV is "4:3" and "16:9." The TV I would need this for is a 4:3 CRT. I pause to consider this. I feel my phone playing the music (and vibrating because it is playing loud). I try to turn it off in consideration of the people around me. I have trouble. It shows low battery. I select reboot. I think about how turning it on again will waste power. I look up to see Je. going towards the cash registers. I run towards him and try to rip the outer casing off to take out the battery. I think I wake up for real at this point.


    by Rawracookie on 03-15-2011 at 05:29 PM
    I am in a children's foam world trying to race to the end. At the end I defend my tower like a castle. Others get mad at me for trying to change the landscape to my advantage. I also have to rebuild relationships with other castleholders.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Wife Protecting Videogame

    by Rawracookie on 03-13-2011 at 06:49 PM
    Me (some guy) and my wife are walking along the beach. My wife has huge breasts and is topless. People keep coming and touching them. I keep brushing them off. At some point, a persistent one shoves his hand into her nipple (WTF?). I am pissed. I knock him out and away. I defend her videogame style with some shooting from some sort of ship-like thing. It goes on for awhile until I wake up. I am on the constant verge of being overtaken.