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    I enjoy the art of dreaming, although I am not very motivated at times. I also enjoy video games as a hobby. I have no job, I am attending high school, and I love this forum.
    United States of America
    Video Games, Lucid Dreaming, My Girl, Music, etc.
    Hunting for a job.
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    Lucid Dream Goals: [X]Fly []Have a pokemon battle []summon an undead []look at a mirror, and have my image do something i am not doing.

    "I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. If we're in each others dreams, we can be together all the time." -Hobbes


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    The ramblings of Reality

    by reality<LDs on 07-01-2010 at 05:36 PM
    Nothing for the past few nights, I haven't been sleeping well.

    The Ramblings of Reality

    by reality<LDs on 06-29-2010 at 06:40 PM
    June 29th 2010

    Jedi and the Fire Cult

    I was at my friend Koerner's house camping in his backyard. There was a giant deck in which the "overseers" were watching the "tribes" in the lawn move and interact. I was in the wide expanse of land that the tribes were in. I was looking at the other tribes and realized my tribe only consisted of me and the other tribes had fire and people moving about. The tribes (there were 3 of them) were in a triangle shape in comparison to each other. I moved northwest to the far corner of the triangle, showing myself to the other tribe. This tribe consisted of a large group of girls. They had a makeshift tent of animal skin, as well as very tall green grass and lightning bugs. Koerner's sister was in this tribe and she came up to me and grabbed my penis. She smiled and shook her head in a proud sort of way, and accepted me into her tribe. That's really awkward. Anyway, I moved into the tribe and saw that they had primitive bike-like apparatus. I asked Koerner's sister if I could take one to travel to the other tribe. She shook her head yes and wheeled one over to me. I got on the bike and...


    I was riding my bike on a road near my house that ends in a cul-de-sac and was with a few other people, Koerner's sister included. We rode to the end of the road and got to the cul-de-sac and saw a bike path at the far corner. We rode onto it and realized we had entered a beautiful vibrant forest. We rode around for a little while and then....


    I was back at Koerners sister's tribe and was just leaving with the bike. I rode past a great expanse of land quite fast and realized that I had reached the other tribe. This tribe had fire and a large group of people wearing different color paint on thier bodies. It was the "Kahliek" tribe which informed me that they had developed a writing system. I entered the tribe and sat around the fire with someone who looked like the poacher from "Ace Ventura." He told me to complete my first mission I had to hit the fire with my maul. Everything in this dream became exactly like Oblivion dreamplay and I took out my weapon, (a blunt maul) and smacked the fire. I got a "MISSION COMPLETED" sign in front of my vision and talked to the guy. He said "good job, here is your next quest. Buy one of these two weapons, a sword or a falchion." (he took out a soup ladle and a shiskebab from Fallout 3) I took the soup ladle and put it in a treasure chest next to me because at that moment, Darth Vader came looking for it. I appeared in a large town with buildings like in Oblivion and I was leader of the Fire Cult. The Fire Cult was a large "guild" organization that Darth Vader was trying to steal the legendary soup ladle. I was in this shop type thing owned by the Fire Cult and I was stocking the front window that you would look through from outside. I was putting a giant lock on this chest in the front and putting the soup ladle in it. The lock glowed green when I locked it on. I put the treasure chest in the corner face backward and Darth Vader came in the room. He said "WHICH JEDI MADE YOU! YOU ARE A FULL JEDI, WHICH JEDI MADE YOU!" and I screamed "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW WHO MY PARENTS ARE!" He bashed the treasure chest open with a light saber and everytime he hit it a new "jedi couple" would appear. A giant pink beam of light shot out of the treasure chest, followed by a space ship that was shaped like a horseshoe with a giant orb of light circling around it. I got in it and I flew into space. I was being pursued by many similar ships, and we were all on the same pink beam of light. We were shoved into what was essentially a giant tennis ball container. And then my brother woke me up.

    The ramblings of Reality

    by reality<LDs on 06-26-2010 at 03:54 PM
    June 26th 2010

    Finals, Being a spy, and getting married.

    I appeared in this hallway with a zillion doors on either side of it. I kept walking down the doors until I saw the door with a plaque on it that read "Zoozoogol" or something. That was the name of the teacher that was the proctor in my final exams. I entered the room and saw that it was my English classroom, except all the desks were arranged differently. Apparently we had to finish the finals quickly. One of the kids wasn't writing, or was asking what something was, and the teacher reached under his desk and took out a long orange snake. He said, "here, use this" and tried to chop the snake's head off. The teacher was struggling cause the snake was slithering out of control. Conrad shows up and took the snake and turned it into a lizard and held it by the foot and started doing a magic trick. The whole class was entranced, except for me, diligently taking my final.


    I am flying outside of a giant building. It is an apartment complex, made up of brick and about 50 stories. I have to go into the top floor through the window and get some crack cocaine from the mayors dead son's room before the mayor destroys the building with his Stealth Bomber. I fly into the window, shattering it all in the room. The building starts to shake and rumble, signaling the mayor has started his assault. Smoke and fire are starting to fill the room and I have a weird feeling of almost nightmare quality building up, but I go into the bedroom section of the mayors son's apartment and, for a split second, see the mayors son, dead in a giant crib type thing. I reach into his room and take a mesh bag from his room. I don't look inside yet, the building is collapsing. Being on the 50th floor, I don't think I'm gonna make it but I instead just appear in the lobby of the building on the first floor. -_- Anyway, I go outside and my two spy co-workers, who were guarding the building came up to me and asked if the mission was a success. I opened the mesh bag and in it was a giant coin. I think it was a quarter about the size of a pillow, but round. I lift it up and underneath is a bunch of weed. I tell them mission accomplished and a huge semi truck pulls up with a jet black trailer that was holding a sexy looking Yamaha motorcycle. It was sleek and the top in the business. Next to it was an identical one, for my spy friend. My mom comes up to me and says "You can't drive that by yourself, I'm coming." I objected, obviously, but she insisted. I started the bike, revving the sexy sounding engine twice. I appear in this part of my town in which there are small brown condos that you have to rent out, with many a twisting road. My mom is gone, and I feel exhilarated. The bike is perfectly responsive to the slightest touch, and I zoom down the nearest street, probably reaching about 100 mph. I am maneuvering perfectly through the winding streets, and then I see this kid, Bryan, from my English class, who is really into cars and bikes. I pull up to him and.....


    I appear in a beautiful chapel wearing a nice tuxedo. I am obviously expecting my fiance to arrive any minute. (note: I do not have a fiance in real life, just a girlfriend) The chapel is buzzing, as far as I can tell, with her family. I am waiting in the back room of the church with my best man. I don't remember what his face looked like, just that he was there, encouraging me for my "big day." I hear a car pull up and glance out the window. A limo has parked right outside, among the hustle and bustle of the other people entering and arriving at the church. I see Lauren, as beautiful as anything, get out in a perfect dress. Her hair is beautiful, the perfect hue, the perfect smell, the perfect style. She is running up to the church, full of smiles. I can't help but laugh as she runs into the room I am in. Her dress is short, white, and fluffy, and she looks adorable. Her smiles warmed my heart. I hugged her and said "I can't believe this is happening! I'm so excited! WAIT I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE YOU YET!" In response to this she just pushed me softly and laughed, saying it didn't matter cause we were getting married. I randomly appeared standing near the front of the chapel talking with Lauren. "I haven't even called my parents to tell them we are getting married yet!" I said. "Well you better call them now, the wedding starts in 15 minutes." I looked over at the where the grooms side of the family should be sitting and I realize that no one from my family is there to see me get married. I call them, quickly, and tell them to come here. My mom doesn't freak she just says, "How perfect, we were just driving by the church." Lauren is looking more and more excited, and I ask her why, expecting that it was because we were getting married. she just said "Oh! _____ IS COMING!" I have never heard of this guy, but she REALLY loved him. I see a guy of about 6'4" enter the church. He is bald, with a perfect set of teeth with piercing blue eyes. He seems the muscular type, barely containing it in his tux. Lauren runs up to him and straddles him around the waist, hanging in the air. He is like, "Hey, Laur, how are ya!" and tries to get her off, seeing me and getting all shifty eyed and nervous. Some older guy comes up behind him and grabs his arm and says "What are you doing!?" and motions towards me.


    The ceremony starts and my family hasn't showed up yet. I look over at Lauren's family and see that the whole side is filled, making me feel awkward. I start thinking bad thoughts about being too young and not having my family there. As the preacher is saying his stuff, I take Lauren's hand and start trying to explain what I'm about to do. I make a book appear (I am not lucid, I just do it.) and hold it up for the whole chapel to see. I explain, in detail, why this isn't gonna work. Everyone realizes the wedding is off, and Lauren just looks at me and goes, "Okay!" and smiles. We run down, together, to her mom, grandma, and her dad in the front row. They don't seem to care that they paid for the whole wedding themselves, and aren't mad at me for calling it off. I see all the presents people brought being torn out of their wrapping paper and smashed all over the chapel. I leave, with Lauren, and we go to this parking garage across the street. We happen to see my family getting out of their car on the third floor, and tell them to turn around and leave, cause there wasn't a wedding anymore. My parents don't care either, and get back in the car and wait for me to come in. I get in and both my brothers are in the car. One of my brother's friends, Matt, Bobby, and Phil are also in the car. We started to drive and appeared on the highway, and then the dream ended.
    non-lucid , memorable

    The ramblings of Reality

    by reality<LDs on 06-25-2010 at 08:23 PM
    June 25th 2010

    Summer Vacation & Driving.

    I was in my friend Alo's car, driving on this street in a big city. He was driving, talking about so stuff and how fun it will be to go to this beach. (I realize now we were in California) He parked down this street and we walked far far down this slanted road with a fence blocking the path at the end. Alo told me to keep going, the fence would automatically open. So, I did as I was told and the fence opened, like a gate. The beach we arrived at was amazing. The white sands rippled with the buffeting of the wind, and there was this large white rock formation that many people were standing on. At this point I had realized that I had kept my shirt with me, and as we were walking into the beach I asked Alo for his car keys, and asked him where he parked. As in waking life, my friend was vague about the location, and bad at giving directions. "Well, you go back up that big slanted road, then you turn right on this HUGE road, biggest one I've ever seen, and then turn left onto that road." He had said this with lots of enthusiasm, and then gave me a hug. I walked away from Alo, telling him that I would be back soon, and that I'd meet him on the beach.

    I went back through the fence-gate thing, but something was different about it. There was an armed guard with aviator glasses on who looked like one of the guards from Tenpenny Tower in Fallout 3. He let me through, but he watched me the whole way. I kept walking, unphased by this new development. I found myself at that "biggest road I've ever seen" Alo had told me to go down. I just kept right on walking across it, and then found myself in a new place entirely. It was almost a park-like setting, with green green grass, with a pond on the side. There was only one place to walk, and it was a small, redwood walkway that you had to run down. Right here is where my dream gets fuzzy. I remember jumping around this walkway, running either after or away from someone, and the last thing I remember about this park was me climbing up this small grassy knoll and exiting at a cul-de-sac of a small, rundown street. I saw Alo pull up in his car, not realizing that a few minutes before he was at the beach. We exchanged a few words and then my dream gets fuzzy again.

    I remember sitting in my bio room at school. The room is a lab room, so there are 5 lab table spread out along the room, and 4 rows of school desks in the middle. I am sitting at the far side at one of the desks. There are two doors that you can exit from across the room, one on the left in the far corner and one in the right on the opposite corner.I remember saying to my teacher (Dr. Knight) "Hey Dr. Knight, why are we doing work today? We already finished everything we need to learn." He just looked at me apathetically as he always did, and picked up the keys to the room and said "Alright then, follow me class!" So we (my normal bio class) exited the room through the left door, only pausing as we exited to wait for Dr. Knight to lock the door. Dr. Knight led us through the school, and for some reason up the stairs. The reason this is odd is, my bio room is normally on the top floor, so us going upstairs would imply we weren't at the top. So we went up the stairs, and found ourselves right in the commons of the school, (normally on the base floor) Everything was the same, it was a large rectangular room, with many round tables and chairs for upwards of 400 students to eat lunch. Right now it was dark and empty, like at night. We went out to this place called the courtyard, where the seniors eat. The way you entered was through the commons, there was four doors with two square windows on each of them. We used stairs to get there. (doesn't make sense) Anyway, we sat there for awhile, apparently anxiously because it was last period of the last day of school. Linda was there, sitting with this kid, Conrad, who was doing magic tricks with a lottery ticket. (Conrad did used to entertain the class with magic tricks when we didn't have anything to do.) Everyone wanted a part of the lottery ticket, apparently, and were crowding around poor Conrad, who was a chubby kid. Everyone was shouting, wanting a piece of the lottery ticket, ESPECIALLY Linda. Linda was a big bitch, only being nice when it would make her look better or help her in some way. So she was politely asking Conrad with a devious look on her face for the Lottery Ticket. The half bell rang, signaling the period was half over, and we went back down the stairs. The whole class stopped halfway down the stairs and sat down in various positions, forming cliques and talking. Conrad was at the top of the stairs, looking over the stairs on a sort of balcony thing. Linda was sitting near me, and she had the lottery ticket. She finished it, (it was a scratch off) and handed it to me. She added a bitchy "Oh, I didn't win anything." and I just said "I don't fucking want that. You're a whore." Then the bell rang, signaling the end of school for the summer. I walked down the stairs, all the way this time, and entered the REAL commons, which looked exactly the same as the one upstairs. Although, this one was bright and full of students who were weaving through the tables making their way to their exits. As I passed through the hallway that parallels the commons part of the room, I saw Lauren through the mass of celebrating people, and realized I was wearing a tight green shirt that I think said "My knowledge is a superpower" or something of the like. She came up to me with her head tossed back, with her lips in a fishy shape, and I gladly accepted this kiss from her. I spun her around, happy school was over, and she said "I like when you wear tight shirts, it shows off your muscles." (I don't have very much muscle) And I think that's the end. Pretty long dream, although a bit fuzzy at times.

    The ramblings of Reality

    by reality<LDs on 06-25-2010 at 08:21 PM
    This is the beginning of a new story on Dreamviews. A story of the life of my subconcious.

    Blue is Lucid. Red is a dream sign. Comments are appreciated.