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    Strong Christian warrior prophet poet dancer gymnast martial artist figure skater. I love studying math and literature and dreams. I do gymnastics in my basement and am working on a few novels, my main one is called Beautiful Madness. If you want to read it and critique it let me know. I am also working on two other novels called Strays and Unbroken and a long time ago I wrote "Magic Kirna" and lost it and am re-writing it as Kirna, I just have some free-writes and plotting out for it. I am focusing on my main project. I want to write a book called "Book of Dreams" some day. Each chapter is a dream. Some chapters have dream interpretations. I had about 5 pages written but lost it. Got to collect some dreams of mine first. The most important label I have and need is that I am a Christian and I am an archangel-faerie-elf. I live in Heaven, and you might call me crazy, but I don't really care. If you want to be my friend, accept me the way I am. :)
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    USA, NZ, Aussie
    gymnastics, dancing, martial arts, reading, writing
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    first lucid in a while

    by rebeccaprophet on 04-05-2018 at 11:46 PM
    I am in a white car, in the back to the left. I cannot see the driver. I see a street of stores and I assume I'm in Pittsburgh (where i went to college), and that I go back and forth between Pittsburgh and where I live now. Then something clicks: I realize I don't live in Pittsburgh. I start to wonder if I am dreaming. Once I am certain I am dreaming, I jump out of the car without opening the door (what does that mean?). I walk around and then the driver comes out of the car and tries to stab me.

    I start to fly instead of fighting back. I am spinning out of control in the flight and I am scared. My body is acting like a tornado. So I breathe in and control it. I levitate down and up and propel myself forward, far away from the road of shops that realistically look nothing like Pittsburgh. I sense water, and I land in the water. I can feel gentle ripples/waves and the water is dark blue, almost black. I sense sharks around me so I levitate up out of the water. I am out of control again, I am flying fast and its like someone else is controlling my flight. I control the dream. I slow down, meditate in the air and wake myself up. I wake up and wish I kept flying, that I found some utopia to explore my unconscious mind and heart and soul. Anyways, this was my first lucid in months.

    I am doing reality checks hoping my dream signs (Pittsburgh, sustained flight, perfect gymnastics, figure skating barefoot, etc) appear at night. I am not ready to keep a real dream journal. I mean I want to, need to develop the discipline first. Any tips?
    lucid , nightmare , memorable


    by rebeccaprophet on 10-16-2017 at 08:56 PM
    I was thinking i still lived in Bloomfield PA. That I also lived in MD and was commuting back and forth. I was at my college. They told me I could keep going, I didn't have to pay it was already paid. I didn't worry about not knowing my classes. (does everyone post-college have those dreams? Where you forget you're not in college and you're there but you don't know your schedule?)

    Later I was having a blind dream. I was trying to go somewhere ann demons were making me see only black and white and I struggled and then woke up.

    first lucid dream in a while

    by rebeccaprophet on 10-12-2017 at 08:22 PM
    I had a lucid dream. I only remember fragments of it. I was in some communal house and for some reason I realized I was dreaming. I walked out the door or through the wall. There was a grassy field and a light granite path. I tried to stabilize myself, I think I looked at my hands and prayed to stay in the dream to explore. I walked on the path and looked around. Then I slipped into some other regular dream. I'm sure there was more to the dream, it just slipped from me.
    lucid , dream fragment

    old dream

    by rebeccaprophet on 10-11-2017 at 07:00 PM

    I am in a weird place, I think its London. It is half book store half preschool. There is an old woman watching the kids and I think she is a brittish cop "lorder" who cuts people to pieces and I think she's going to hurt the kids, so I cut off her thumb but there is no blood and I feel really bad but at least she can't try to destroy the kids. Then I am hiding in a bookstore by books wondering how to escape England. Stephen is there and we are frightened and then in Stephen's version of the dream (I think it was a shared dream, not sure), we walk to the woman and show them our fake badges (just by holding up our hands). Then I am lying on my bed my mom is on the bed too I get up and run outside and I jump and levitate and land/teleport from outside to suddenly being back in my bed.


    by rebeccaprophet on 10-11-2017 at 06:54 PM
    I am at some college. I think its University of Pittsburgh (where I went), and I am standing on a tile floor asking a woman if I am registered. Its the "Im at school and don't have my schedule" dreams. All I remember is the person found my file and said I needed to reapply. That's all I remember. Had this dream a few nights ago. reocurring, but each time the setting is slightly different but always school.

    I hope that next time I realize I'm not a college student and go and explore the campus and ask to sit in on classes. It would be a fun scene to explore. Anyone have any college or high school lucid dreams? Any signs I should look for to remind myself that its not even what university of pittsburgh really looks like and that it must be a dream?
    non-lucid , dream fragment