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    1. Thanks a million for the DJ - Oh you did your roof top jumping like that .. maybe like the kung foo style films on low sweeping rooftops? Sounds great!

      Yes I love Katara and connect to her a lot -- the shape of her dynamic appearance in my picture is similar to the shape of your beautiful avatar art - nice

      I am in process of finding my way LDing and hope to improve all the time - youv been at DV for ages ... are you a natural or did you have to work at LDing? Bey for now

      oh no lucy is a nickname meohmyoh calls me
    2. Also Katara is like my spirit animal, love the profile pic
    3. Hey is your name Lucy? That's my Dream Guide's name! (I'm pretty sure it's short for "Lucid" so that's a good sign for you )My DJ is on another site I'll PM you the link. Goals are a huge part of my dreaming too, they really light the fire under my lucidity. When I jumped from rooftop to rooftop it was faster and lower arched than in the matrix, but that is a fantastic movie for picking dream goals
    4. Hi there i have been enjoying your posts so thought I'd come and check out your dj all deleted - how come? I love your stack of goals - i am trying to make more goals for myself as I know it helps get the lucids rolling - one of mine you have done - jumping from roof top to roof top ; Did you do it Matrix style?
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