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    Today I try to be one percent better than yesterday and deal with tomorrow when I get there.


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    foreign house

    by Rebon on 05-01-2017 at 05:17 PM
    Task of the Month

    I'm with some people in the basement of a big house and we have some work to do here. While we are working there's a big screen on the right and a movie of a snorkel trip is being played. I wonder why my grandfather and Franz happened to have this trip together as I see Franz floating with two black suitcases in his hand. My grandpa still sits on the boat and wears big, colored sunglasses and then jumps into the water. When I stand up I think that all this is kind of strange and make my RC by pluging my nose. Since I can breathe normally, I know that I'm dreaming, but to make sure I keep the nose pluged for a while.
    Then I want to attack the target with my mobile phone and I think that I have put it outside on the cellar stairs. I rub my hands together to stabilize the dream. When I leave the room I see that the staircase is empty and I turn to a long chest of drawers behind me. Again, I try to convince myself that I have put my mobile phone here and this time I see an old little cell phone lying on the chest of drawers. It is not my current mobile phone but one that I had many years ago, it even has keys, but for the task I'll have for it it will suffice. I pick up and look at the mobile phone while concentrating and clarifying to myself once again that it is all a dream. Then I loudly command the mobile phone to ring and a second later the mobile phone actually rings. On the small screen a confused composition of letters and numbers is displayed, which makes no sense, but still I answer the call quickly to not waste my chance. I answer with a simple "yes" and a voice on the other side of the line welcomes me and asks how I am. First of all I want to find out who the man is and I ask "who is there". The voice says something as an answer which I can not understand and I say that I have bad reception and I did not understand. The next words I can clearly understand and the boy tells me his surname and adds that we where supposed to do a science project together back in the days. Now I remember and greet the boy with his first name, which has come back to me by now and then I ask him how he is. During the telephone call, I walk around the house and look around, most of the doors are locked and especially those that lead outside are blocked by heavy objects. I'm standing in front of the kitchen and my counterpart no longer responds. Surprised, I put the phone aside and see Lisa cleaning something in front of me in the kitchen. I go to her and ask her where the trash is, but then simply open the right flap under the sink and throw the cell phone into the garbage. The trash almost goes over and I have to push down forcefully.
    I tell her that the trash is quite full and then look at her more closely, she is still a little girl and has hardly aged a day since I last saw her. Since I have fulfilled my goal now I am satisfied and look around the house. Again, I stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together. I am once again fascinated how real everything looks and then go to a small baby that lies on a couch. I touch it on the arm and am fascinated by the sensation. As the baby almost loses his blanket, I pull it up again and wake it up inadvertently. While the baby cries, I go over to the other side to cover it, but it only cries for his mother. That is strange as the baby is way to young to talk. I see that the blanket is attached to the child with strange black belts. As I look to the left, I see Lisa standing there and she just looks at me, then I lose the dream and wake up.
    lucid , task of the month


    by Rebon on 04-30-2017 at 06:53 PM
    I used Google Translate so sorry for any errors I did not see
    Task of the Month

    Franz and I are on our way to the house, where we want to install a remote readout. It consists of a main house, in which I go, and on the left, a long hall, which Franz takes on. While I am in the house I speak briefly with the owner and in the course of the conversation it's obvious that he does not speak German very well. In the beginning I have problems to understand what he wants to tell me, but then it comes to me that he tells me something aboutthe fuses (he calls them boxes) in the control cabinet and about the electrician who has installed everything. Annoyed, I think that he can call the electrician right away and tell him that he has built a botch. This moment I look at the grounding and come to the fact that the cable that was used is not the right color and was marked only at the beginning and the end. In addition, it has been twisted about half a meter before its end with a thinner cable and does not even make electrical contact. I'll tell Franz about that later an look for some space now to install my modem. I have to look more often, as the structure of the switchboard seems to change constantly, blind covers become Outgoing terminals and vice versa. Then I see a perfect position in the row under the fuses where the modem should fit. As I then speak with Franz I see that Helmut has also arrived and I tell them of my discovery. The two are just as shocked as me and I finally bring the point that I only have pull over a cable to Franz' modem, as he incorporates a funkmodem. Franz says that it is better if I have a modem of my own, because we can then correct disturbances better. Then I tell him that exactly for this reason a single modem would be better and he finally agrees with me. Franz then says that it is difficult to get access to the main house and the hall where he is is opened most of the time. I'm gonna put the cable I brought with me back in the car and get a datacable to pull over to the hall.
    For some reason I took my tool bag by the two limbs and now I realize that I still need it later. Then I wonder if I should call Flo to get a confirmation for my tactics, but I do not want to deceive Franz. In the background, I can hear Helmut talking to the customer, who says he does not want anything.
    When I re-enter the house I look down and notice that on the right foot I only wear a sock and on the left a shoe full of dirt. First I try to get my shoe clean and then I think that it doesn't matter since it is only a dream. This realization is like a slap in the face and when I go through the door I make my RC and pinch my nose. I can still breathe quite normally and I'm sure now that it is a dream. Since I can remember my goal, I immediately look for the next DC. The customer now stands in the kitchen in front of the sink and cleans something. It is a somewhat older man with shoulder-length brown curls and I speak to him from behind. I am polite and apologize to ask him if he can tell me some interesting story. Meanwhile, I stand sideways beside him and he turns to me while he asks if I want to hear the story of Denmark. I tell him that I do not care what story and he is supposed to choose, which he considers interesting. He begins to tell me about his time in Denmark and a night on a high mountain where many people were seen in warning vests. He is enthusiastic about the reflection of the warning vests and how beautiful the city has looked. The story begins to come to life before my eyes and I have to distract myself in order not to get lost in it and loose my lucidity. I did not expect getting a story told being so difficult. As the man speaks, I always rub my hands together as I fear a premature awakening. Meanwhile, we are in the living room and the wife of the man sits at the kitchen table, while all the others are standing around the table. Then the man ends his story with the part where he returns to his hometown Prague. I stand there for a moment and wait as I expected something more profound from my subconscious (I have never been to Denmark or Prague and did not plan so). I'm a little disapointed in this story but at least I got the goal, I guess.

    I then leave the others and go down the hallway towards the entrance, while I want to attack my second goal. Since teleportation has not worked well the last time I want to try a different method now and visualize my living room at home. Then I close my eyes briefly and try to maintain the visualization. I call out loud to the dream "homewards" and flick with my fingers, then I open my eyes again. I'm still in the same place and the only thing that has changed is that the sunset lighted shelf in front of my eyes is blurred . Then I try again and concentrate more intensely this time, but again I come to the same conclusion. Meanwhile I am in the dining room where a long table with many chairs stands and from the living room Franz calls me, telling me that it is not time yet, but I just ignore him. I try the whole thing one more time and when I open my eyes this time I open my eyes awake in my bed and after I made an RC I know for sure it is not even a FA.
    lucid , task of the month

    end of the world

    by Rebon on 04-10-2017 at 07:13 PM
    Task = green

    I translated this with google-translate, so sorry for any weired grammar and stuff

    I lie on the ground on an earth-filled elevation, watching take the dream shape before my eyes. As I carefully try to move my arm the images fades in front of me and turnes black and white. Then I stop moving again and try to imagine the scene before my eyes more clearly, which I then succeed and the an industrial area at night emergences. Then I try again to move my arm and my goal is to interact with the dream, which now also succeeds and I feel the earth between my fingers. Slowly I get up and walk a few steps to my right, but I realize that the dream is still very blurry, as if I do not wear glasses, and my balance is completely lacking which leaves me trudging. Then I remember my dream goal and try to sink on my left knee, support myself with the right arm at the knee and lay the left hand flat on the ground. Since my balance is very bad in this situation, I fall back slightly and must support myself with both hands on the ground. Then I ask for a long, good, lucid dream. When I rise again, the dream is clear and my balance restored. Satisfied, I realize that I have reached my first goal, anchoring myself in the dream. Now I think about that I have to start my way to work in 15 minutes and now probably still have a few minutes for this dream, that everything bevore was only a FA I'm not aware of. Without losing time I will try to tackle my second dream goal, which is why I quickly look for DCs. Just in front of me is a street that is lit only by the lanterns and a small group of people walks there, so I start walking towards that. To my right is the front of a building, probably an industrial hall, and to my left is a wire fence with an empty field behind it.
    As I leave the industrial hall behind me, a young man comes up to me, he is wearing boxing gloves, and I immediately point my finger at him to call abracadabra, which, in a mixture of hustle and bustle, comes quite stuttered. The man does not even look at me, but just laughs and walks past. Since I am not quite satisfied with this result, I go to the group I have seen before on the street, since I now know that I have basically already fulfilled the goal I can slow down a little. The street is full of cars. When a man moves past a white van, I point ath him again with my finger and shout out Abracadabra, then a second time this time in English and it seems now to have an effect. The man begins to vomit, and when I call a second time in English, he vomits a second time. There are some splashes on my face. A little annoyed about it, I turn around and now turn to the rest of the dream.
    It seems like some kind of war or at least a great battle takes place with many fights going on. The world here sinks into chaos and it has a bit of a end of the world feeling. So I go a way between the buildings and I have made the decision that I will try to summon a DC. Since I have only a few ideas how to do this, I just try to call for her and continue walking through the dream. Finally, I pass a further industrial hall, which is on my left, and I see how parts of human beings are falling out of it, separated with a chainsaw. Then some people dressed in black, like a special unit pass behind a fence with only smal openings, and I think I do not want to go there. I then turn around again and decide that I want to fly anywhere and do so with a jump in the air. I look around. Now I see many elevated platforms on which the warriors fight and one I have spied, which attacks a young woman. Since I have nothing else to do, I try to save the woman, but as I try to land it is so difficult for me to control the flight that I arrive late and the woman dies before. I just throw the man down from the platform and finally get involved in a fight with several others. I'm trying to do the trick with the abracadabra again to give me a little more time, but it does not work again. As a further dream control I try to raise an opponent with one hand on the neck, which I succeed after a few starting difficulties and I throw him hard from the platform to the ground. I'm flying from platform to platform and finally I want to get some enemies out of the distance, so I aim with my finger at them and make a movement like shooting a gun. This has no effect at all, so I'm looking for a revolver and when I have found one I pull a second one from the finger of a dead enemy. Then I open the fire on an enemy and need four shots until I finally hit him, although he is not far from me at all. Finally, I go over an empty field and the whole thing is a bit annoying, so I decide that I want to completely change the dream. After I loudly shout change of scenery and then snap my fingers nothing is happening. I remember once again how I heard a lecture on teleporting and look for a wall I can run against. When I turn around I see a wall with lots of shelves on it about 20m ahead of me, to which I then accelerate as fast as possible. When I'm close enough, I jump head first into one of the shelves, whereupon I crack hard against the wall behind it. Instead of feeling pain, I look around and behind me is now a basketball field on which a game takes place. After I turn around again, a boy comes through a corridor with a basketball in his Hand. Again I call out loudly to the DC I want to summon and look around until I find a large wing door that seems to lead into a kitchen. In my mind, I think the DC is in the kitchen for sure, trying to convince myself and I enter it. A couple of times, I call her name and the people here in the kitchen are pushing around a girl to block the view. As I walked around the workspace, I have a clear view of the girl, but it is not her. However, she looks similar to her in some aspects, she is also dark-haired and does not look bad. So I step up to the work surface and stand next to her on a step, which makes me just a bit taller than she is. Then I turn to the exit again and call the name of the DC again, whereupon the girl goes up through a long hose-like staircase. In order to cut off her path, I go outside and I want to fly up with a jump into the air. A man, I guess, the trainer holds me by the hand, as if he does not want me to apply dream control, and then he offers me his hand to throw me up. Since I do not mind, I accept the offer and when I want to hold my hand on the railing above I wake up.
    lucid , task of the month