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    1. Hey, nice that you thought about me. Thank you! I wish you marry Christmas too. Hope you have some nice and calm holidays. See you in the new year
    2. Merry Xmas Rad Hoping all is well for you in 2016 too
    3. Thank you
    4. Congratulations for reaching 100+ Lucids
    5. Hey Rad Yes been a little quiet on the scene - got super busy in WL and all of a sudden having to dig a little deeper - sure it will all pan out soon though as they say "it's all learning" Really happy your doing great
    6. Hey Patience how are you? got a little quiet around you or did i just miss you^^ how about your LD-Practice? No lucids lately? Hope you are fine and wish you an awesome lucid this night or soon
    7. Yes Cool hay - we joined at the same time Here's a toast to us and Dream views and everyone else here
      And let's add a wish to be here still improving in another 6 Months
    8. Gratulations for our first half year here to see how far we can get
    9. I notice you mention looking at your watch for RC -'I just got a watch and the first time I have worn one in years ,to do RC with - any experience advice on doing them? thanks
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