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    1. Thank you! Yes! You can choose to do whatever you want to get rid off the enemies. ( Though using the certain powers you have selected or no powers at all will grant you double the "points" )
    2. Hey there, thanks for your message. ive read your thread and its nice that you came up with this concept and put so much effort in it!
      i am actually not that big of a fighting fan or guy but i will give it a thought and maybe will give it a try the tasks of this month looks pretty interesting and one can choose a setting that would fit to ones beliefs or preferences.

      so do i get it right for example for this month it would be okay to somehow take away the beehive and put it somewhere else or into another dimension or stuff or for example just kick the dude out of the town to help and save the dreamscape or is a classical battle/fight required?
    3. You're pretty good at completing monthly tasks. Do you like to battle in lucid dreams? Check out the new concept and thread that I came up only yesterday. It's like another TotM, but it's based on battle-tasks. You could find it interesting now that you have completed the TotMs as well ( though the concept hasn't taken flight yet).
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