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    An Update

    by riverboy on 03-28-2011 at 12:41 AM
    I haven't been able to post much recently because my dream recall seems to have just disappeared. I think there's two main reasons for this; firstly I'm under a lot of stress and secondly now that it's getting warmer I'm waking up earlier and going for runs etc, which means I miss the larger chunk of my REM cycle.

    I'm really hoping my recall will come back soon!

    Wow, best lucid dream ever!!!

    by riverboy on 03-23-2011 at 02:29 PM
    My longest and most exciting Lucid Dream!

    This dream started off in my flat, admittedly my recall last night was still really poor, but Iím so proud of this lucid dream! There are definitely bits I don't remember as the dream was 45 minutes plus, I remember considering finding my dream guide but for some reason decided against it.

    Iím in my flat and T_ is being really hostile to me and really getting on my nerves. He seems to be a physical threat at times so I retreat into my room and lock him out. I then go up to my wall and press my head against it, allowing me to see through. I see that heís sitting there angrily and I conclude that heís quite dangerous. I leave the room and heís standing there being aggressive towards K_ and my girlfriend. At this point I should point out that I am really reluctant to hurt DCís, I wonít explain my reasoning here but I feel it could have complications. I lose my temper at this point and reach into my back pocket and pull out a (semi invisible) gun, shooting it several times into his face. It draws a bit of blood but nothing fatal. I tell him this is his warning and that heíd better calm down. I wrestle him into his room , showing him that in the dream I have the power, once he has surrendered I take the money on his side to teach him a lesson.
    I decide now that itís time to leave the flat and drop the money on the floor, deciding that itís not the most chivalrous course of action (and itís a dream where money is irrelevant). Once I have left the flat I find myself in town which has transformed into a rocky, watery canyon (a bit like a level in Zelda I once played). Once here I step into a bath like hole which is full of warm soapy water, admittedly I find it quite a let down and donít quite know why everybody else is so excited about it.
    At this point I remember meeting a man who was afraid of trains, I see an old steam train go around the perimeter of the canyon. I know that I spent a significant portion of the dream on that train but I donít remember it now. I think it started in the same station that I dreamt about in my ďnewquayĒ dream.
    There is a huge boat in front of me and I decide to explore it, this is where things get really fun!! Once aboard we somehow end up at sea and the ship is sinking fast, with water bursting in through the doors of every cabin. Everybody is terrified as they know that theyíre going to drown. I realise that this is my moment to do something cool, I donít even consider whether itís possible, I just get on with it.
    I start walking down the corridors, pushing through the water with all my strength. Everytime I see water cascading in through the hull I thrust my hand towards it and turned it all to ice. I systematically go through the ship and seal every hole, I can genuinely feel the power streaming from my hands. Once I have done this I go back through the ship and systematically visit each of the now-ice-filled rooms. I simply flick each piece of ice and it shatters, leaving the room in itís original, pre-flood state. There is only one room where this doesnít work as I realise I only made a doorway of ice and there is still water behind it.

    Everybody was so thankful that I saved them and Iíll be honest, it felt incredible. Iíve never had so much power in a dream before, this is the first time Iíve used the above superpower and I also managed to walk through walls at points. I love lucid dreaming.
    lucid , memorable

    Last two nights + a (funnily) disappointing LD

    by riverboy on 03-19-2011 at 02:53 PM

    I'm in a Halls of Residence across the road from me and there's a party going on. It's extremely loud and security come up to moan at us. I am at the bottom of the stairs and quickly get the lift up before security can get in. When at the top I find that everybody is hiding "behind" the lifts where there are numerous secret fire escapes. Before long, security works this out and I make a run for outside with an old friend J_D_ who moved to Australia years ago. Outside is a sort of wasteland and we find an upturned car, we flip this over, jump in and drive away.

    I'm in my original house reading a magazine. It occurs to me that it is Friday and I should going out clubbing - I've bought a ticket (I did this in RL). I then realise that I must be dreaming because I shouldn't be home until one week later and the club is in my university town. I become fully, vividly lucid, but then it occurs to me that my alarm has already gone off and I should be getting ready for class. I have to wake myself up from a potentially amazing LD

    I am at my old workplace as they've hired me again. When I arrive I see that they've no put a huge book/CD rack in the middle. K_ complains because all the girls made him listen to Katy Perry, although I confess I don't mind the song. They ask me to put the CD back in its correct alphabetical place. I find this difficult as the order changes every time I go to put it back (I've heard of this before in dreams but never experienced it until now). I then need some stamps and my boss tells me that can be my job for the day. We eventually find a full book of stamps in the first till and then I have to go around to all of the computers to try and pay for it. C_ gets really angry at me because I try to use her computer and she had her "infrared" set up.

    I'm in a lecture at University and a girl starts talking about clothes. She then shouts at me as I always wear "dull, ugly blue". We are each then given a free item of clothing (mine is a white onesie for a baby) and then leave. I am then at H_ House with G_ and C_. We are all deciding what clothes to wear to make this girl shut up. I decide to cut up the clothes I was given to make some long white sleeves, I then wear a red band shirt over the top. We are all ready to leave and go up a hill (similar to P_ town) but at the top C_ realises he is just wearing baby clothes and nothing normal. We have to turn back and get him new clothes.

    My Dad is tidying my bathroom and complains that I never put my clothes to wash.

    A doctor thinks I have cancer. He uses a geiger counter which indicates that my nose is the source. He then puts a camera up my nose and down my throat to look closer. This felt terrifyingly realistic.

    I've been having a bit of a dry spell of dream recall so the last two nights have been reassuring. Glad I had a lucid, it's a shame I had to wake myself up though!

    Poor Dream Recall

    by riverboy on 03-17-2011 at 10:06 AM
    Had pretty poor dream recall again last night, I'm pretty tired at the moment so can't really get pen to paper in time. Hopefully this weekend I'll have something of an REM rebound though!

    On the bright side I almost had an accidental WILD when going to sleep. I was doing a lot of deep breathing (as I read about underbreathing during the day) and this really relaxed me. Before I knew it I had the floating sensation and I could feel my eyes zipping around. Probably didn't work as this was right at the start of the night.

    Most annoying FA ever!

    by riverboy on 03-16-2011 at 02:52 PM
    My dream recall would have been pretty good last night. Except I only wrote them down in a FA dream journal and not in real life.

    non-lucid , false awakening