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      I don't know what chess thread you're talking about. However, I am merciful. Send me a link and I'll consider your request.
    2. Wow! you mean the chess moves in your dreams right?
      Yes gamemasters are basicly a chess encyclopedia.

      In real life I have memorized some games and can quickly memorize and reproduce games under 25 moves per player, more moves and I need more times and focus.
    3. Actually yes I have dreamed about playing chess but rarely I remember the moves, I either forget them or just dont see them precisely. Usually I remember making a move or two or just thinking about the next move, but I can't seem to focus on the game.

      Once I got mad because my opponent made a good move, at my turn I slammed my piece at the board taking down all the other pieces.

      A friend of mine had dreamed several times about playing chess with me but she is never able to beat me.

      What about you? Can you remember the moves?
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      No, I haven't had a chess dream, sorry. I bet it would be frustrating, though, since you couldn't concentrate and the pieces would keep moving on you!
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    The Nazi Mall

    by Rivernile on 06-17-2011 at 05:46 PM
    I dreamed that I was in a Nazi mall or something, where there was security watching your every move. I walked around and saw people exercising. As a guy, I dont feel like exercising is imporant. I'm 20 and I look good enough! Exercising is boring and indeed, the people exercising really had a zombie-like face expression.

    Two women stood out because they had very big, naked boobs. I walked by, looking at their chest. And from up close, I realized unsuspectingly that they both had two heads! I moved on and away from them, unsure whether I should be attracted or afraid - but mainly afraid.

    Anyway then I became lucid so I did lucid things like look around and jump around. I actually tried to control people in my dream but that's not too friendly and it didn't work.

    Television Truth

    by Rivernile on 06-17-2011 at 05:23 PM
    I dreamd that I had coworkers down at my place, and this woman A... got out her T.V. At that point I became lucid because just by looking at it and concentrating, she could make people and things appear on it. I knew there was something special about that so I tried it myself.

    When I started using the T.V. I was not so good at controlling the stuff that appeared on it. For example, as I play a lot of chess I wanted to see a chess set. When it appeared, there were many bishops, knights and all, but they were in a crazy position where they could all eat each other. So that made me unhappy because I couldnt practise chess in my dream. At least not on A...'s magic T.V.

    My friend A... does not reflect society's idea of "cute". She is an assertive, muscular woman who is sometimes manlier than me. But when I summoned her on the T.V., a beautiful blonde girl with red lip-stick appeared (???). I summoned myself next, and that shocked me even more. Look, I have this idea of myself being an athletic, cool guy, who has style but is also smart. In my waking life, I even look like it! But on the magic T.V., I looked sweaty. I had unpleasant thinning hair, thin lips and acne scars. My magic T.V. self wore small glasses while my dream self and real self don't ! I was astounded.

    the magic TV thing was fun to play with but it makes me wonder if physically, I may try to look like something that I am not psychologically. The psychological is probably more important.

    i don't care not being lucid in a dream like this

    by Rivernile on 05-31-2011 at 06:08 PM
    I dreamt that I was a German soldier shooting Jews. Problem was, the bullets parted in mid-air and I could not be sure that the Jews would die. Atmosphere of confusion.

    This is the first time I dream about a book I read. Yesterday I spent most of the day reading a disturbing book where the protagonist is an Obersturmführer.

    The crazy part is , when I woke up I didnt notice anything strange about this dream. I was not lucid obviously.