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      I've been actively lucid dreaming for 3.25 years

      Half my LDs, maybe more, are achieved by inducing and catching false awakenings, probably by falling asleep to SSILD. A good portion of the rest of the DILDs are achieved through questioning where I am or due to thoughts when I'm bored in the dream. I've also had a fair share about of WILDs and DEILDs, many of which come accidentally. The inducing and catching false awakenings is what I have most control of at the moment. The rest is mostly natural.

      Try sleeping by staring at the back of your eyelids as much as possible during the night and see what happens. Try to learn what happens and use that to your advantage in the future by catching patterns.
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      Welcome to Dreamviews, and thank you for the friend invite
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    Scariest Sleep Paralysis. LD

    by Rockefeller on 01-08-2019 at 02:10 AM
    I was lying on my bed and fell asleep:

    I wake up but can't move and I start to panic. There is someone on the right of the bed trying to roll me over to do something, I try hard to wake up but it doesn't work, so I start screaming my brother's name to come help me wake up, but he isn't coming. I try to calm down and close my eyes to fall asleep, but instead I woke up.
    lucid , nightmare

    Scary OBE experience. LD

    by Rockefeller on 05-24-2018 at 08:04 AM
    I went to bed and close my eyes:

    I start feeling my body floating(going up but not too far from the bed), I open my eyes but I couldn't move, I was so scare that I might see an old witch or a shadow figure standing in the dark. I try very strong to move my body but itís pretty hard, so I try to look away. Finally my body turn upside down (my face is facing the bed), I say to myself that itís just a dream, so I try to fly to the window but my body is still stuck.

    I woke up after.

    Driving a super sport cops car. LD

    by Rockefeller on 02-09-2018 at 10:35 AM
    I am in my apartment when I ask myself why my vision is blurry it looks like a dream, this is when I realize Iím dreaming. I jump on the roof and I look at the sunset, then I start jumping from roof to roof when I remember that I have two personal questions to ask, I remember the first question and ask it, I wait and try to see what happen, when I see a French custom fast-food logo on a building. So I jump to roof to roof to go to the building. While jumping, I try to remember my second question but it took me a while but I get it and ask. I arrive on the roof of the building and enter in. Iím now in front of a bathroom sink and after I decide to get out. Through the window of the restaurant I see two cars park, I decide why not drive them. So I get outside and I see a new sport generation sport cops car color white. I open the door(it wasnít even lock) and enter, I smell the new smell of a new car. I push the acceleration and immediately accelerate. I go through a tunnel then Iím on a highway. The seat of the car is too low so I upper the seat to see the road well. I say to myself I donít want this dream to end. I decide to do another thing, so I stop the car on the opposite way of the road and get out, but a bus come right into my car and try to slow down but barely touch the car. I woke up after.

    Do I have the courage to face my fear. LD

    by Rockefeller on 02-06-2018 at 08:40 AM
    It is dark, I am sleeping on my bed in my old house when I realize that this is just a dream. I wake up and stand up. I look at the window and I tell myself: "do I explore the dark house or do I go outside". I decide to go outside. So I run through the window but the wall crush me by the two side, I say to myself: ďcome on it's just a lucid dream you can get out of it". I manage to get out. When I jump from the window I feel butterfly in my stomach. Now I'm in the garden and all of a second it's daytime. So I run and jump over the gate but I didn't jump high enough, so i just climb. Now I'm on the street and it's dark again, I start screaming. I notice that the wall isn't the same as in real life. I watch the house and I notice that the light in the kitchen and the living room is on. I decide to get back in, I jump and land on the gate, I try to balance then I jump in the garden. I go in the kitchen and say:Ē What was that hand I saw when I was little in that room"? but I'm scare to go in that room because it is too dark. So I decide to go out and start practicing my flying skill: every time I jump high I fall down with the butterfly sensation in my stomach.

    Floating Control On Point. LD

    by Rockefeller on 11-19-2017 at 04:32 PM
    I am in a room of my old house, the floor tiles are rose, I realize that this is a dream. I try to float, I lean forward my upper body and my feet lift up behind, I say to myself go a little bit up because my face is too close to the floor. I float to the living room and I say to myself this is definitively a dream because the sofa is not place like that. I float down the stairs and I arrive in the kitchen but there is an object blocking the exit to go outside, I say to myself as it is a dream I can make it disappear but Iím affaire I will wake up by doing this. So I get out from another exit, I see a white car, so I tell to myself let's take the car, so I open the gate but two dogs escape from the house(those dogs seem from a famous Youtuber) and are blocking my passage, my mom start calling those dogs back, and Iím starting to feel waking up and losing control, so I run directly to the car and try to turn on the car but woke up.

    Comment: The floating was special in this one.