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    Born on the cusp of Mystery and Imagination or Capricorn and Aquarius. Very few friends online and none in physical life due to location, loves cats and has 9 currently. Owns chickens, over 30 I believe, they are hard to keep track of sometimes. Has a reddit account under Roguetta and a Deviant Art account under Rogue678 where artwork is posted atleast once a year if not more, when laziness doesn't settle in.
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    Playing the sims 3, Drawing, watching movies
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    Oct. 23 Helping out a friend

    by Roguetta on 10-23-2017 at 05:34 PM
    David and I had been in the kitchen to our current home, just getting some food when he saw something on the computer. Mom was on the news giving an interview, not sure for what but we were just excited she was on the news. I got my drink of water and went back to my computer, messaging a friend who said he was at the study area. He was being kinda negative so I asked him where it was, logged into the chat room from my computer and was transported to the door of the study room. Inside there were people sitting around on their phones or tablets, the room was all white and the desks were also white. The place had very few windows and one person had already taken advantage of a stool by the one of maybe two windows in the rooms. My friend had a desktop set up on one computer and I quickly walked around behind him to give him a hug, he seemed surprised but calm and I helped myself into a seat next to him. He had a big textbook open and a notebook next to it where he was writing, he was studying Japanese and I knew I probably couldn't help with that but I wanted to try anyway, so he showed me some stuff he wrote. It was a bunch of cursive letters, pretty good penmanship as well and I was quick to compliment him on it. He seemed to approve and continued working, pointing out things in the seemingly blank text book from my view and writing more cursive which although beautiful, I couldn't seem to understand or grasp what was written. I merely nodded my head and watched, it was many minutes before I felt a cool breeze flow in and I got up to stretch. My friend stopped and looked around, I did the same and noticed some noise coming from one of the phones in the room. The guy by the window was playing a video out loud, I just so happened to recognize my mother's voice from it and told my friend and the guy by the window that it was my mother being interviewed. Sadly the guy by the window didn't give a shit, my friend however thought it was pretty neat and although I didn't know what was being said and couldn't tell thinnest it was about, he seemed supportive of the act. I came back over to my friend and noticed he had a drawing up on the computer, it was a pretty good one of me laying in bed with the outfit I'd designed on me and goat horns on my head. I did actually have more goat features as far as my face was concerned, a character was standing by the bed and smirking. It looked like The Goblin King, except with no shirt on, shorter style of his goofy hair, and just some pants clinging to him. I complimented my friend on the drawing and thanked him for his efforts, he said he tried to make it look like Bowie and I nodded as I saw that he meant the body. I did point out that the shoulders were a bit too big and made him look a bit ridiculous, but other than that it was good. When I went to sit back down, my vision was getting a little blurry and I mentioned it out loud. My friend said I was probably waking up, I believed him and then understood that I was dreaming. After this realization, I fought to keep my eyes open and knew fighting it would make it slip away more. So I closed my eyes and allowed myself to wake up a little into a false awakening before quickly shutting them and heading right back into the dream, I had a little moment of rejoicing before deciding to head outside. Here I looked up to the sky and saw it was light blue even though it was still dark out, I noted it must be early morning and instead breathed in the cool scent of the air. I could feel my nostrils flaring and despite my efforts to enjoy the senses, it seemed I was about to wake up again. This time however I remembered something I read, closed my eyes and spun around in circles before opening them again and focusing one at a time. This seemed to work because my vision cleared and got clearer, I turned around and looked up at the sky behind me, it had a streak of pink and orange in it, the trees were covering most of it though. (Which wouldn't happen in real life due to the area, the trees at that area are scarce and don't block the view.) In the center I saw something that looked like a toy rocket floating in the sky, the typical red and white colours were replaced with red and gold. It came towards me very slowly at first but then sped up and flew practically toward my face, forcing me to catch it unless I wanted a bruised eye. Once caught it opened up in the middle like a pokeball and I was convinced I had the best pokeball ever. I even called it The Atomic Godball, I waved it in front of the house window and shouted to my friend that I had The Atomic Godball, rushing toward the house door but then stopping suddenly when I heard a dog behind me. It was a brownish yellow corgi, yapping at me and standing with feet at a distance like I had threatened it. I was at a loss as to what to do, I didn't want to run away or call my dream to an end but I had to make a move. Luckily the dog made the move first and jumped toward me, I instinctively tried to catch it which brought us both to the ground where I put on a smile and hugged it for all it was worth. The dog responded positively and eagerly rolled around as I snuggled against it's soft fur, after scratching it for a bit I decided to head inside and show off my new gizmo to my friend. But I stopped short of the door, I had just remembered that I might not have another lucid dream by the end of the year so I wanted to get some tasks in and I'd thought of a way to do practically all of the rest in one go. So I walked back and ignored the fact that the corgi had disappeared, instead I looked up and focused on the sky. With the task in mind of making it storm and grow flowers, I spoke out to the sky and asked politely if it would rain. Nothing happened at first and I pleaded again for it to rain, a few raindrops fell into my hand and I smiled which seemed to encourage it to drizzle. However it did not pick up and nothing was growing, it was also at this point that an older lady came out from the trees and said she'd caught me and that I shouldn't let just anyone roam around in my house because now she'd caught me. I was really confused at first and the only thing I could think of was that she must mean she caught me lucid dreaming? Or maybe she thought I was a natural lucid dreamer, I dismissed the thoughts and looked back up at the pitiful raindrops. My friend came out and I asked him politely if he would ask the rain to come, this worked before in another dream with my mother so I figured it might work again. He regarded me with a slightly confused but calm smile and looked up to the skies, he asked it to rain and although he didn't add a please it still didn't do anything. I got a little disappointed because my plan wasn't working and I wouldn't get the bonus task done or the other advanced task done, so I figured I'd just do what I could and I started waltzing around and dancing as I sing "Singing in The Rain". Throughout the song I kept looking up and doing shifty dance movements, hoping the drizzle would pick up into a storm. No other amount of rain would come and I went to head back inside, when I saw my mother and figured she had the power to change the sky once so why not again? and with this in mind I sprinted over to her and asked politely if she would make it rain for me. She had this mix of anger or confusion on her face and she said that no, she wouldn't actually. She seemed really kinda ticked off at me and I wondered what I'd done to make her angry, I had said please after all. After her declining my request, I did go walk back to the house door and wake up for real.
    lucid , task of the month

    October 5th, The longest night

    by Roguetta on 10-05-2017 at 03:55 PM
    Old house bathroom, G in there and me sitting on counter. See but crawl out of toilet and he doesn't let me kill it, so it crawls into the wooden drawers under the counter. At night

    Outside with him chasing me, old home backyard, go to neighbors backyard behind us and fall down. Books and legos, J comes up and we talk and he fires a gun. He said it's a blank anyway but it's load and flashy.

    In grandma's house and want to leave so I go to the left and past two young girls, eventually running past stuff in old neighborhood, bend on our street going left. Down to the 5mph sign, I start rolling around, and see guy in a car who wolf whistles and cat calls me. Then gets out and starts taking pictures, another guy in car comes along and tells him to stop. He gets back in car and leaves, I miss the attention.

    In plane that has stopped and I go walking around to tell people, I become lucid here and walk around trying to summoning random person. I check every. Seat and he's not there so I go and wake up mom, walk into a room with a kitchen set up to the left and a small table to the right. I grab stuff from the refrigerator to eat and savor, I note that most everything tastes the same sugary cinnamon type. As mom walks in I grab all the candies or cookies and chocolate stuff and put it on the table. She makes a comment about my hunger and I shrug it off because I know I want to engage all my senses to get my full lucid dreaming experience. She sits down at the table as I try some weirdly named cookies, lemon elephants or some stuff. They do taste surprisingly good though, like a lemon gingersnap. I offer them to mom and the two other guys sitting near the window, they each take a handful and nod. The cookies look like fish pellets by the way, the next is a big cookie that looks to be made from a young child's creative playdoh session. Slightly bigger than my hand and almost all blue, except in the middle where it's a green strip going all down the middle and in the green strip are a mix of black seeds and orange to yellow colour around them slightly. It tastes like a fruit loops cinnamon bun combined and I figure I'd better work on my other senses, so I leave it for mom to finish. I look to the ground and smell the fresh air, a breeze is blowing and gives me a chill. I rub my arms and notice they are sleeveless, despite going to bed wearing sleeves, I ignore that and close my eyes for a moment to help. This has helped in past lucid dreams and as I opened them then, I see everything just a bit clearer.

    I nod and go to walk outside through another door, when I suddenly remember a dream challenge. I go back to mom and first ask if I may ask her something, she replies yes and I ask her what do I not know about myself? She responds that it's a good question and as she leans back in the chair to think, I wonder if she'll say anything at all. But she does and comes to the conclusion that I'm "flimsy." I did ponder that for a bit and finally thanked her, I tried to remember my second challenge but failed and assured myself I didn't have to rush things.

    So I finally left through the door and woke up.

    I went downstairs and searched the cupboard for food, trying to remember the other challenges, I found the exact same cookie in my cupboards. So I ate it and the taste was the same, I noticed I had control over my actions but didn't use this to tell myself I was dreaming..perhaps I already knew.. I did have to use the bathroom though so I did that, then I looked outside and saw three pathways carved into my woods, I went and walked towards them a bit and saw them getting a bit wider. I wondered if it lead somewhere and I chose to go to the middle one, as I approached I saw two guys and tried to wonder which they were. I kept thinking one was someone I knew but then I got them mixed up and one was walking toward my home anyway so I went with the other guy who was going towards my chosen entrance. We walked until we saw a defense system, a dragon's head as a current at the start of the road leading to the door. I waited until my new company had walked past it and then saw it shot a constant laser out of it's mouth and it's head rolled in almost every direction. I started running when it seemed to target me, once it hit it burned and I freaked out. Running to the door it just kept itself trained on my back, I saw a health bar below my feet and kept running once I noticed it moving down waaaay too fast. My friend didn't have one but kept running faster, I managed to catch up to him when we were almost at the door and I was almost dead. I lunged in front of him and said stay behind me, it worked and I managed to jump into the grid door which threw me out the other side onto the ground of some..mall? Someone near me smiled and started walking, so I followed them and noticed my health bar fill up and disappear. I don't regret using my friend as a body shield, and look around instead. The place does look like a mall and in front I saw people moving like the undead, I shake the feelings off and blink to make them disappear. It works and I continue up the stairs that the man next to me leads me to, I really wanted to head out the main doors but then I woke up for real.

    Dreams from the past

    by Roguetta on 09-08-2017 at 09:29 PM
    Some I posted on a Subreddit, decided to post them all here in one go. Back at a time when I had many naps throughout the day and plenty of time to dream

    Spoiler for May 17th Dream 1/2:
    This one is pretty vague but set in a kinda fantasy like town on the outside. The place had snow so it seemed like christmas time with the lights on the houses, anyway I already had a story in my head in this dream. Someone had been doing something that affected my family, selling drugs or what I concluded when I awoke was witchcraft. So I had figured the lady doing this or the one who had access to the higher people in this group of evil, was at the town library. I walked over there and inside it looked like my old home, this struck me as slightly odd but I didn't have time to figure that out. I also had my brother with me, so inside was the lady and she knew what we were up to so she cornered us in the room and pulled out a like a mini machete. This she held infront of us as she explained that we could leave if we got around her. My brother was behind me and I guess our scared looks were a good enough answer for her cause the lights went out and bam! I took action. When the lights were back on I had grasped the machete and wrangled it from her, then killed her with it. At this point we were going to run off but then my other brother came in with a gun and I still had my kill instincts on so I killed him, beat him to death with his gun. Once again we tried to leave but of course someone else came in and it was a guard from the town. We thought we were safe but when I searched the purse of the lady I killed, I found a recording device that had been left on. The guard snatched it and took off, before we had time to worry about that something else happened. We heard a knock at the door and rushed to the masterbedroom and crawled under the bed. However the two women who came in already knew where we were and we looked a bit foolish when the younger of the ladies peeked her head around the corner and stared at us as the older one said stuff about how what we did didn't matter and it wouldn't stop anything. As if to prove her all knowingness, she pointed to the door and the brother I had killed came walking in using a crutch and a bandage over his left eye. My brother next to me and I were so shocked and scared that we scrambled out from under the bed and rushed out the door. The dream ended as we went out the door.

    Spoiler for May 19th:
    Had a dream that a killer was on the loose and I had done something bad to him so he was coming to get me. When we were aware that he was in our building, my brother and myself ran. The building seemed like one of those raised up beach houses. One of my brothers ran with me and jumped out the window after I did so, we landed on grass. I'm not sure where my second brother went but the first stuck close to me, I had a feeling that going a certain way would lose the killer but sadly when I turned around he was right there. A gun pointed at my face, when he walked closer I felt an overwhelming sense of fear that rooted me to the spot. He placed the gun barrel to my forehead and the first person view made it much worse as he pulled the trigger. I woke up in the dream screaming and my body twitching on the bed, my first brother hit me on the face to stop my screaming/wake me up. When I finally sat up I told him I had a nightmare but quickly said afterwards much more to myself than him, that no I had just had a bad dream. It was early morning, I went downstairs and heard gunshots. The fear and anxiety that followed the sounds pushed me to my knees in the living room, crying, screeching and half trying to stay silent. I violently gripped and shook my head as I saw my death from the last dream play out clear as it could be. I remembered then that he had said before he shot me that it had been me all along, perhaps I had deceived him somehow and not remembered it? Back at the house I rocked back and forth on my heels, still hearing the shots, I'd occasionally dart my eyes toward the window nearest to me as though expecting the killer to appear. It seemed as though only I could here them and as a result I must have looked terrifying crazy, I remember my second brother walking toward me and sort of looking down at me in pity as he spoke. Said something along the lines of, she must be seeing the images. Then that was all, I was still in so much fear that my body was shaking again but luckily I woke up for real soon after.

    Spoiler for April 5th Dream 3/3:
    I woke up in my current bed, in the morning and was going to open my window when I saw my notebook with a weird title on the front. Instantly I knew my mother did this and the title read, "The Vinegar Story and My Success." When I looked inside I saw my dress drawing designs were coloured in, but with a type of smudgy crayons I guess because the drawings were all blurry. This was really all I remembered so I guess I woke up after seeing the images blurry.

    Spoiler for April 3rd Dream 2/3:
    It was morning in my current home and I was on my bed petting one of my many cats, this one was named Yod and she was stretched out casually over my lap. I was sitting on my bed Indian style, or legs crossed infront of me creating a hole in the middle for my cat. I suddenly had this thought that she looked really cute and I should take a picture of her, so I grabbed my phone which was nearby and turned on the camera. Then just as I was about to take the picture one of my dead cats, that has been dead for two years in real life, walked into the shot. She didn't walk into the shot on my bed, but rather she was in the shot on my phone and it freaked me out so much that I tossed my phone far away from me. It landed near my mother who looked at me very confused, I would have told her what had happened but in the few short moments I was struck dumb, the dream took this time to end suddenly.

    Spoiler for April 1st Dream 5/5:
    This one started out with me waking up from my bed, I was in my current home and it was dark out so I assumed around 8 or 9 PM. Once I woke up I got out of bed and noticed a full glass of chocolate milk near the bed. The glass was holding a slip of paper in place that was a reminder for an appointment for my mother to see a Dr. Krusher. I called this out to her, then went downstairs to fix myself a bowl of the food which was pasta. I also looked over and saw that everyone was already starting in on a movie without me, but I didn't know what movie it was and wouldn't know because the dream ended right there.

    Spoiler for March 30th Dream 9/9:
    There doesn't seem to be a clear point of view from this dream, but it is more like the way you would describe someone's actions in third person but never being quite at the center of the action. The setting starts off with some people looking up towards the sea surface, they are under the surface far below so the light that shines down is quite dim. Then gradually a shadow appears over the water and blocks the light, our point of view or rather camera view zooms in on the shadow until we have breached the surface of the water and we are now look up at a giant Octopus the size of a house. (Not sure how big they get in real life.) The detail on this water creature is really good and you can spot some discolourations on it's skin, but it's mostly a dark grey colour. The view then zooms up and out so we can see how the Octopus is above the water and out of it, a few feet away from the water actually. Some balloons are held in it's tentacles and that is what weakly holds it's massive weight. The balloons I believe were blue and fit the light blue sky as it was morning. This poor Octopus was was trying to join the other creatures that were floating away and almost out of sight beyond the fluffy white clouds, but it seemed that whenever the Octopus was getting somewhere; gravity dragged it down again almost into the water and many times just to scrape the surface before rising again. This was how it went until the dream ended.

    Spoiler for March 28th Dream 1/1:
    The setting is my old home, it's and the clouds seem to have piled up over the moon. While this light was slightly blocked, I found myself running away from something inside and my mother ran with me. It seemed that we were either in the middle, end, or start of a zombie apocalypse and that was what we had been running from. My mother and I ran with great fear, or atleast I had my heart pounding, I'm not entirely sure of my mother's emotions but she seemed to be running with me to protect me. We ran out the gate that lead into the back of our yard, this was on the right side of the house as it would have been in real life, then for a brief moment we crouched down infront of the house but still to the left side and rested. While we were resting, another person with a hefty weight around the gullet walked out from the right side calmly until their face was slightly illuminated by the street lamps. The figure, the man, was Alfred Hitchcock and there was no mistaking it. He started speaking but either we couldn't hear him or I didn't remember his words. Only that we were in a movie and waiting fearfully for anything to pop out either near him or us. But as my eyes darted about to each shadowed area, of which there were many, I found that I wasn't seeing anymore for I had awoken.

    New neighborhood and new home

    by Roguetta on 09-05-2017 at 11:17 PM
    September 5th
    1. Old home, drag guy along so I can see a remodeled part of the neighborhood. Once I get there I get a frightening feeling and start to shake as though I remember something, wake up.
    2. In current home and guy comes in saying he wants everything in here, so all have to go but I grab a plastic bag and stuff tons of makeup kits, jewelry stuff and others in it. Something about taking care of a baby, jumping onto a ship. Getting caught between fire and going with a lady to hide.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Secrets and Serenades

    by Roguetta on 09-04-2017 at 02:09 PM
    September 4th
    Non LD + LD

    1. Running to an area, I get to it by breaking doors in and others behind me try to give chase and catch me before I discover the secret. Once I get to the area the secret destroys me, I feel like the whole world has been let down. I think the secret was some device made to save humanity but it turns out theyíd never been working on it.
    2. Children running around current home at night, Johnny Depp casually walking behind them as they wind around our car and then a woman whom I think is my mother but itís hard to tell in the dark, lead them to bed. I attempt to catch Deppís eye by doing silly dances and eventually someone joins me, steps out behind a tree really. This new person is Michael Jackson and I even state this fact out loud to acknowledge his presence even more. We dance around a tree and seem to be having fun, I actually forget about Depp and then in a spin I dance off further away from the house. Once away from the house I actually look back on what happened and notice Iím dreaming, so I fly up high and touch the tops of the trees. I try to imagine myself someplace else, but my imagination carries me away to my old home and into my old bedroom with the bunkbed. Except the desk is closer to the bunk bed then I remember it and mom is on her computer there and Christian is sitting on the bottom bunk looking over her shoulder. I go into the kitchen because I feel hungry, I look into a container we often use for bread and notice dough is in there. So I place my hands over it and tense them as much as possible as I watch the dough rise and rise until itís bursting out of the container and spilling over the top, then it starts to brown and I stop when I think itís probably finished. I munch on this and deem it to be satisfactory, it has some spices in it but mainly tastes like dill sweet bread. I bring the rest into the bedroom and let mom and my brother have some. Mom says it would be nice with some onion in it, I mention that sweet onion would work wonderfully. I can feel myself waking up and it seems to even affect the dream because it starts getting light out and then I wake up.
    lucid , non-lucid