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    Put an end to their research

    by RommiH on 07-13-2013 at 12:33 AM
    I am in a very futuristic setting. I am in a small lab like place with a few other people. One of those people is .... from how i met your mother.. kinda. There was also a young boy who was playing on a computer or something. The lab looks like somewhere you'd see in Dead Space except the place was tidy and well kept, not falling apart and smeared with blood. The lab was for some sort of special research. The people in the lab have been trying to find something for something. Shortly after the start of this dream, we are told that they're coming. I understood. There was an opposing side in this dream made of people who wanted to find us and put an end to what we were doing. They did not want our research to take place. They were looking for us and the lab. We know that if we were found, we'd be killed. So we started to shut the place down and hide some stuff that was out. Then we were directed by .... to this little capsule thing where we were to hide. He turned of the lights and we entered this capsule. We were about five inside this thing. We were all very silent and entered quickly. There were windows in the thing we were hiding in so we had to lay down so no one could see us. I kept making sure my head was under the window so I wouldn't get spotted. I noticed that the door through which we entered through had some sort of seal that could be zipped closed. I went up to it and zipped it. It malfunctioned a few times (there were several zippers where there should only be one) but after a few tries, I closed the seal.
    Then, to my surprise we began to move. The thing we were in rested on a rail way to that lead to somewhere vast that existed below ground. We began to move and we dropped steeply to the area below. As we began to move the guy kept saying we needed guns badly.
    Now we were in a very large area. Still very futuristic. There were large intertwining structures every where that rose up from the ground. The lighting was bright. Infront of us was a path way that the .... guy walked. He now had a large gun in his hand. Closer to a pistol than a rifle but very far from both. He turned right on a corner around a building and began to shout. He kept yelling "Thy're here!" and began to shoot. Fire was returned and non of us could see anything. He continued to shout for a while then started to scream as if had been shot. He also scram "Im out of ammo! Get me ammo!" Now we began to see the emey coming in from all directions. At that point a i wanted a gun really badly. And it began to get darker.
    We all went our own ways at this point. I dont know about the others but I began to run around in search of a weapon. I quickly found a machine gun and ran to .... to help him out. I aimed at the enemy and fired. I was satisfied with the strong hail of bullets flying from my gun. The enemy was dressed in these dark suits with hints of yellow and white here and there. SO now Im trying to help out our guy. But it looked like he already shot the guys he was having trouble with. I started after some others. I was having fun. I wasnt relaxed or anything but it was pretty easy to dodge bullets. Now Im out of ammo so I look for another gun. Im running around dodging folks while searching for any sort of gun. I keep picking up the enemy's guns and trying to use them but they were not working with me. I quickly gave up on using their plasma guns and looked for our own types. I soon found a shotgun and used that. Now things became very video game like. iwould shoot people and their heads would vanish and blood would spew from their necks.
    At some point i took the suit of an enemy and put it on to disguise myself as one of them.
    Not so sure what happened but now the setting changed to that of a super market. In fact it was the Walmart I used to go to in KY. So Im running up and down along the dairy section shooting folks. No one seems to really be fighting anymore. BUt I carry on. Now I run to the end of the store and turn around to face all the aisles. I spot an enemy in the distance so I run to them. I run and jump over an aisle. I was impressed at my jumping skillz. Once I reach a certain point in the store everything changes.
    Im walking now looking for the video game section so I can get back to what I was doing (fighting). I meet Khaled or Loauy and I ask them where the section is. They ask me what Im doing and I explain.

    I think thats it...

    k excuse any lame mistakes.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Failed Advanced Task of the Month :( (But otherwise great LD)

    by RommiH on 07-04-2012 at 05:29 PM
    I wake up early for some reason. I feel pretty awake. BUt I dont see any point in getting out of bed. Its still dark out and everyone's asleep. I am about to go back to sleep when I realize this would be a great time for a WILD. I also want to see if listening to binaural beats would help any. So I get out my iPod and start listening to one that should help me relax. The headphones were uncomfortable so i took the one in my right ear out and rolled onto my rights side. Now the headphones weren't digging into me. After what FELT a long time I finally got relaxed. Deeply relaxed. For some odd reason I imagined myself walking around a fixed point. After a few rounds I was very close to my body falling asleep. I felt a few subtle vibrations. But those didn't last very long. Then i snapped out of that deep state where whatever you imagined you could feel. Which was the case with the circles I was walking in. I could FEEl myself walking. It was like a partial dream state.

    I guess I fell asleep at this point because I woke up remembering a dream about dogs.. I did manage to keep still and keep my eyes closed. The small dream I had was interesting. It started with me watching an old film that revolved around small dogs. Then I was at the nady walking towards the door when a small dog came through it. The dog was cute I petted him. Oh sick just remembered another dream! Anyways I walked through the door with the dog and met the dogs owner who was slouched in a couch. He seem ill and sickly but nice. Thats all there was to the dream.

    Now I lay in bed trying to decide whether or not I should just get up and write down the dog dream. I decided no, I'll try to WILD. I went over the dream a bunch of times so I wouldn't forget it. Again, once I was deeply relaxed I did the thing where I walked around aa fixed point. As I did that I started to visualize myself walking. Then I could see asphalt form around me, and the point I was walking around was a sewer cap. I visuals kept getting stronger and more clear. Then I felt them vibrations. As I walked in circles I rubbed my fingers together to further stabilize the forming dream. This continued until I was in a full-on dream.

    Like the last 4 lucid dreams I had, this one took place in a suburban neighborhood. Specifically the one I'm in now. I walked past some cars and felt them while I thought of what to do. Instantly i remembered the advanced task of the month. I was looking forward to my date. But I wasnt so sure where I was going to find her/it. I decided I would fly into space. I wasnt so sure what I would do once I got there. i guess I was hoping I would get lucky. I walked down a sloped road. I noticed there was a fair amount of people around. I thought, maybe they can help me. I shouted to them "HEY! LISTEN UP". I then yelled out my plan. They all ignored me. I was now nearing a cul de sac. In it I saw Mostafa. Excited I ran to him.
    "HEY MAN! Listen- " I told him my plan and he gladly agreed to help.

    We walked to the end of the cul de sac. I saw a trash can tied to a light pole and wondered if I could use it a spaceship or something. I looked out to the scenery around me.
    "CLARITY" I yelled. Everything got super vivid and crisp.
    "COLOR!" When I yelled "color" everything became super saturated.

    "WHOA! Mostafa check this out! This is so cool"

    I started to wonder if Mostafa was a DC or if he was his actual self. Maybe we were having a shared dream. Mostafa has natural LD abilities. He's got mad LDing skills like no one else. So I figured it could be possible considering it was him.
    "Are you dreaming?" I ask him.
    No Answer.
    Typical DC

    I follow him up this hill (we're off the street now) to this cement bunker thing. He just stands there on top of the structure doing nothing. I ask him twice more "Are you dreaming?"
    He asks me "Are you okay?"
    "Yeah I'm fine. Its just that-" I was about to explain the whole possibility of a shared dream but I decided there was no point.

    I leave Mostafa and walk back into the street and decide to try flying into space and see what happens from there. I wanted to avoid simply flying be cause I haven't really had any luck with that yet.Which is why I wanted to see what help the DCs might have for me. I tried several times to fly by just jumping into the air intending to take flight. Fail. I tried the same thing but with a running start. Also failed. I kept trying for some time until the dream ended.

    Or at least that part of the dream. All of a sudden I was in a locker room. I was still lucid. But not Lucid enough to notice this sudden change in location. Maybe there was a smooth transition and I just cant remember it.

    All I did there was wander around the locker room doing nothing what so ever. I saw a bunch of guys with longboards and thought maybe they were some sort of team. By then I had lot my lucidity.


    by RommiH on 07-02-2012 at 07:40 PM
    Recall still sucks but I was soon to travel to the US. The dream mostly consisted of me saying bye to everyone and finally getting in the car to go to the airport.

    Shoot him in the face.

    by RommiH on 07-02-2012 at 06:53 AM
    I am with three people. Two guys and a girl. We are climbing up and along a steep but not vertical cliff or mountain. It is cold and everywhere is snow and ice. We are running from a group of people. We sort of make it up this snowy mountain when I spot the people we were running from. I cant remember what happens at this point exactly but I am captured. ☹ frowny face. Gap in dream….. Cant remember what happens. But I do remember that I am being held somewhere but I manage to get help. Some sort of plan has been created to get me out or something. I remember climbing through air ducts in the building to escape. I meet an Asian lady in there who helps direct me to where I was supposed to go. For some reason there was an area in the ducts where the cameras of hostages, such as me, were kept. In the dream it was very important that I get my camera. I couldn’t just leave. I had to get it. I guess someone was behind me because once I reached that area I was in a great hurry to find my camera among the many that were there. I desperately had to get out with my camera. I just in time found mine and jumped down though a hole in the duct. At that point I was outside and I ran to the van the was supposed to pick me up. Then this guy who was apparently called “The Butler” found us. He ran whatever place I was being held in. I figured were we’d all be shot dead any moment now. He walked up to me and said my name as if he pitied me. I started looking through a bunch of camera bags that were next to me hoping to find a gun in one of them. On the third case I did. I found three bullets in the same bag and quickly loaded them in to the pistol I found. I couldn’t understand how I was still alive but without wasting another second I shot the dude in the face.

    There was so much more to this dream. A lot happened while i was held prisoner. I couldn't record this dream right when I woke up though. This is all I remember now

    Their death is up to them + TOTM

    by RommiH on 06-24-2012 at 03:15 PM
    A violent dream where everyone is either being shot or is shooting someone else. Sort of like the bar scene in Inglorious bastards. Cannot remember anything else about the dream. At the end I have been shot in the head and I begin to. slowly? Die. Right before the dream resides completely I realize this was all a dream and relax. The dream ends. I keep my eyes closed and I don’t move. I fall back asleep and re-enter the massacre dream. I am in a room with two beds and in those beds are two dead bodies. They have been shot. I look at them and recognize the dream scene. I become lucid. I look back at the bodies; they are two middle-aged women. I tell them to get up. I tell them that they are part of dream and that anything is possible. They don’t have to be dead if they don’t want to be. I tell them to get up and out of bed a few more times. At his point the dream sort of fades slightly. It doesn’t end it just becomes very unclear. I don’t really remember what happens at this point. I do remember that I need to stabilize the dream so I start touching things. (I want to remember to attempt voice commands) I think I walk around at this point just exploring my surroundings. But then I think, I do that every time I have a lucid dream, I just walk around. I figured I had to do something this time. By now the dream was very stable. I think, What to do, what to do… Then I remember the task of the month! I look around and find a mirror on the wall to my left right beside my head. How convenient. I take a few steps back and run at the mirror. As I run I see my mom from the corner of my eye. She says something but I ignore her. Once I am just a few feet away from the mirror I leap head first into it. I am a little disappointed at the outcome. But it was interesting nonetheless. I was sent into another house like the one I was in. I came out of another mirror into a very fancy living room. It was well light by a huge chandelier in the middle of the room. The ceiling was very high in this room. On a couch was a man reading a newspaper. I can’t remember what I did next but I guess I walked around and ended up at the front door of the house. I gladly walk out of it. The house was a bore. I walk out and by now I notice how vivid and real it is. I have no fears now of it losing stability or me losing awareness. I am now on the street of a suburban neighborhood. again. It is beautiful. There are massive trees everywhere and the sunlight bathing them was spectacular. Somehow there is a white book in my hand. I look at its cover. The “words” are just random nonsense. Every time I look away and look back it changes. Then I try something. I think of of a phrase in my mind and look at the cover. What would show up on the cover would be very similar to what I was thinking of. A few times it was the same word for word. But none of the words were spelt right. Sadly, I cant remember what phrases I thought of. I even told myself in the dream to try to remember what I thought and what it turned out to be on the cover. Looks like I failed. I look around some more and decide it would be cool to skate. I try to summon a skateboard. I try to will one into existence by thought. I look down at my feet. Nothing. I try that a few times and all attempts failed. I then tell myself, Ok, when I snap my fingers a board will appear in front of me. That didn’t work either. I then look at the book and try turning it into a skateboard. I set it on the ground and see that the book has wheels attached to it. I get on it but it is too small to have any fun with. Then I try flying. At first I’m stuck at jumping really high. But after a while I get higher and higher. But I always fall back down. While trying to fly I hear a little boy laughing. I continue practicing. As I slowly move down the street I see the source of the sound. Sitting at the top of a little slide is a boy. He laughs, says my name, and then laughs again. Repeat. The kid freaked me out a bit. I ask him, Who are you? What are you? But my voice seems drowned by other louder voices. I take notice of other DCs walking in my direction. Once in front of me I ask this dude about my age if he can teach me how to fly. Dream fades. Dream ends.