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    Comp Day 14 - Last Day

    by Roya on 03-15-2023 at 05:16 PM
    3-15-23 - Comp day 14 (terrible recall - every time I woke up I started to think about my mom freezing to death in her house with no heat - wasn't able to contact her - too worried about my mom being without power in CA) (update: she is fine Now four hours later, I worked on remembering...but it's still terrible recall today.

    The dream with my hair that extra crazy piece which was super long tangled and wild that attached to my own hair

    Looking or shopping for clothes again

    Cooking something or baking something for a party with another FDC

    The police that pulled us over, FDC poured out some beer? Then tossed the cup out onto the side of the road. I thought that was horrible. The police guy came up and over and was looking at some part of a trailer we had behind us. He was drawing some type of flower with a black marker. Lots of leaves. (1000 petal lotus?) Not sure

    M and R - going out and doing something with other DCís, R not feeling well and was home in bed.

    5 Dream Frags - 2.5 points

    Comp Day 13 LUCID Twice Yippie

    by Roya on 03-14-2023 at 02:20 PM
    3-14-23 (no exercise no vitamins)
    WBTB earlier attempts failed:
    OBE attempts WORKED TWICE (it really felt so easy - why canít these happen every single time I try?)

    Lucid Dream #1 - After feeling the movement and seeing the binary images I slipped out of bed, landed on the floor with sheets wrapped around me (yes it felt so very real) I felt the floor as I got the sheet off of me, then started to rub my hands together telling myself to stay calm. I immediately went down the stairs, I was floating down, and didn't feel the floor under my feet. I went through the entry hall, feeling my way through the darkness and went into the bathroom. I turned the light on in the bathroom, the dream became a little lighter and I grabbed the piece of paper there. I've been wanting to see if I could read what my husband wrote on the back of this paper for a while now. I picked up the paper and felt it in my hands. I looked at the back of it, and while it was a little light in the room, I couldnít see the writing on it. So I moved into the laundry room which seemed a little brighter. I was telling my dream to get lighter. I said it several times, then the last time, I said it very strongly and with more force I felt like I really said it outloud. I could see something on the paper, but I just couldnít make out any of the letters or see what it really said. I held the paper up to the window and still couldnít make out the text. It was almost like I was looking at the text backwards through the paper and upside down. Husbands Alarm went off! I woke up. Just for a moment, I tried not to move and I gave it a second tryÖ

    Lucid Dream # 2 - I was still on my back and knew I wouldnít have much time, his alarm would be going off again soon. I waited and then I felt the movement again and I seemed to see the binary visual again. Same thing happened. I slid out of bed again with the covers still wrapped around me. I had to unwrap myself from the sheets. Then I started down the stairs again, this time I felt my feet on the floor and I felt the edges of the stairs under my feet. Made it down to the landing, turned left two more stairs I counted. Then through the entry way and into the bathroom again. I grabbed the piece of paper and this time went straight into the laundry room as I saw through the window it was much lighter out more windows in the laundry room. I looked at the paper and this time I thought it looked like Chinese characters. I found a piece of cardboard which was white and it felt like where the words were was sort of translucent and I thought if I held the paper up in front of the cardboard I might be able to make it out. NOPE - I Could not read the writing on the paper.

    So I decided I gave that enough time, it was time to translocate so I opened the regular garage door to walk into the garage and the big garage door opened up by itself. I didnít state where I wanted to be; I just knew the dream would change as soon as I got out of the house. To my wonderful surprise, it was warm, and there was NO SNOW Anywhere. I walked out and noticed I was on a different driveway, there seemed to be two big vehicles, maybe one was a motorhome. It was big. I was in a neighborhood, not the country. The treeís had leaves. YEAH. It was warm, I know I said that already, but man that felt good. I took off flying down the road and just enjoyed the feeling of just calmly moving along. I wasnít flying high nor fast; and I was just flying above the road about the level of the tree line. My next thought was to find something to eat. OH and not one single DC was around. What the heck, I saw nobody! Anyhow then suddenly after I thought of the food; a rack full of donuts appeared out of nowhere, just out in the openness of my dream. I picked up one of the chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. It didnít exactly feel real while I ate it.. I was able to go through the motions of taking a bite, but the chewing, swallowing and texture didnít exactly feel real. And unfortunately the taste wasnít as I was expecting. But I seemed to get some crumbs on my finders because I do remember licking my fingers afterwards. 🙂 After that I wanted to fly up high into the sky. So I tried to push off from the ground, I gained some height, but the dream scene showed me some type of dark colored netting that was acting as a barrier. I knew I could blow right through it, but I couldnít push off well enough to get going up like a rocket. Two or three attempts later, the alarm went off again and I woke up. Feeling pretty happy as I knew it wouldnít be a long lived dream, I knew the alarm was going to wake me up soon. I felt pleased with the amount of Ďstuffí I could do in that short period of time.

    DF #1 Had a dream about my hair
    DF #2 Had a dream with other DCís and we were shopping for clothes. This one rather large and tall DC seemed to be male but was dressed and looking for female clothes. Never saw facial details on these DCís that I recall.


    3-Step Task (got all three done)
    Step 1 eat - 5
    Step 2 teleport (changing dreamscenes by walking out of the house) - 10
    Step 3 fly - 15

    Personal Goal
    Perform OBE Experiment (attempt to read that paper) = 15

    WBTB Fail = 2
    2 Dream Frags = 1

    Total Points 48

    Comp Day 12

    by Roya on 03-13-2023 at 02:10 PM
    3-13-23 (no exercise, no vitamins)

    No dreams recalled - Failed WBTB -

    Words remembered: The color Green has something to teach you!

    Hahahaha Patience - growth is on the way? ? ?

    Total Points for Failed WBTB = 2

    Comp Day 11

    by Roya on 03-13-2023 at 02:08 PM
    3-12-23 (2 miles, B6 and Zinc) WBTB Failed. I canít seem to be able to fall back to sleep while on my back, so I turn to my side and end up falling asleep. Need to figure out a better way for this to work out!!!!

    Stairs: Ladders wanting to go down but the ladder fell and they couldnít get it back up for me to use to get down. I was stuck up in a loft area.

    Later there were stairs going down (two different sets)

    Stuck up in a loft, The ladder fell and they couldnít get it back up; I could not get down. Before the ladder fell, I was feeling a bit afraid that the ladder would slide out underneath me if I had attempted to get on it to go down..It did end up falling.

    That ladder that fell as I was almost ready to go down, then they were trying to get it back up but it was not stable, then it sort of moved animated like but down below. Rolling hills motion while someone else was trying to stay on it.

    Stairs - two sets of stairs were on the other side of the loft I was stuck on that I wasnít aware of. I didnít go over to the other side to explore. The people came up that way and they are the ones who had a bouquet of those plant clippings.

    The plant clippings that had a water pod at the end to help keep it alive. I wanted to take home the one that hadnít fully opened out yet. I wanted it because when the leaves opened up they would be the more tender to eat vs the ones that had already fully leafed out.

    The Stairs were very sketchy. Like no others ever seen in real life. Misshapen, boards not strong, boards with uneven edges, different sizes, colors, etc. I attempted to go down, but was not able to make it to the bottom.

    Some girl was supposed to go help me find the stairs, but she ended up going off with a bunch of her friends instead on bikes. Later, as I explored myself I found more stairs.

    The door opened up to another set of stairs, this door had a towel at the bottom of it so it wouldnít fully close, but would close enough to perhaps keep the cats from going through? A few steps down and there was a box lid with a cat and all her kittens. They were all curled up and just laying in this box lid all snuggled up with each other next to mom kitty. I didnít go past the point of the cats.


    The men who sort of Ďkept usí to help them do something? I donít think it was a good thing.

    There was a fire - On an upper balcony of some sort.

    There was a large container of some sort of beer they wanted me to drink; I didnít want to drink it. Some other FDC was helping me drink it.


    FDC and MDC they were a better fit than the other F he is seeing; eventually she walked over to him.

    WBTB Fail = 2
    1 Dream = 1
    2 Dream Frags = 1

    Total 4

    Comp Day 10

    by Roya on 03-11-2023 at 05:58 PM
    3-11-23 (walked again 50 mins, B6 and zinc) WBTB Fail so disappointing.

    D#1 4:22AM
    I might have had a heart attack - I had a dream I was in the hospital. I was hooked up to some type of machine that had a monitor on it that I could see. There was a graph on the monitor and there was a line diagram which started at a higher point at first, but then went down to a Level No 8 and then up to a point No 12 then kept going back up. I had some wires which were connected to the machine and that apparently was monitoring my heart. During the time I was there, a nurse came in and opened the window. The curtains blew in a bit with the breeze but so did the snow. I must have been naked though I donít recall my body at all, but I felt the individual snowflakes one by one as they flew in through the window and landed on my body. They felt wonderful. As if each one kissed me as it gently landed and then melted on my skin. I had also been asleep in the dream for a while, for a long while. I think there was another person in the bed next to me. When they were getting me ready to pack up and go, I remembered talking to a nurse and she said she thinks that I might have had a heart attack. As I was being released I was packing up some of my items, which some were scattered all around the floor and into another room as well. But I remember these socks. The socks were the Best Socks Ever. hahaha Literally, I felt incredible in these socks. They were high socks that went up and just over my knee caps, I had leggings on and I felt really good in them. They seemed to be two tones darker with lighter edges at the top toe and heel. Canít recall exact colors. I was with two other FDC when I was getting packed up to leave. One was in the room with me and the other had gone out to the car. I heard a honk from outside which apparently was from someone who wanted the parking space of the car I was going to leave from. But I kept finding items to pack and was a bit slow at leaving. But once we left we were in the car and we were talking about who was going to drive. It felt like a long drive ahead and I was the one who wanted to drive first. Just before I left to head out to the car, I do remember the nurses all thanked me, but then I came back with a much more appreciated feeling and thanked them; I should have been the one to thanking them, they not needed to thank me. There may have been a cat in the dream. Back in the back of my mind or in the back of my thoughts, it seems vague, but this seemed like a repeat experience of another time I had been in the hospital for the same thing. A long time ago.

    D#2 4:30
    I was in some room and there was a kid hiding between two larger box type units. There was a space in between them that he just fit in. Maybe he was hiding. He was getting into trouble because he had this huge sandwich. He was acting like he wasnít supposed to have it. And he ended up throwing it cuz he got mad into the room towards where I was. And then I ended up having to pick it all up. Each piece and the sloppy gooey meat, lettuce and bread pieces. I was picking it up off the floor and putting it onto a table top.

    D#3 4:30
    UPS Driver - We were in the back of a store front area, like in alley ways. We were all driving different directions. I was in a larger vehicle too but not driving. There were several trucks and we all seemed to be driving into the direction the others wanted to go. Trucks were backing up letting others go, and maybe even a three point turn to go the other way. So it felt like we were dodging each other trying not to hit each other to get out of the alley area.

    D#4 6:56
    I was in another hospital and I wanted to walk through all the corridors there. I didnít want to visit anyone nor was I a patient in this dream. I just wanted to walk through the corridors and hallways throughout the building. I had gone to an area where I thought Iíd be able to walk through, but there was a door that said do not enter and a nurse was there. I wanted to go through but she said it was a restricted area and I wasnít allowed in. But it felt like to me that was the area where intensive care people where staying and I thought I could still walk through even though I wasn't visiting anyone. She told me I had to go out the other way, and she said I needed to take a turn to the right. I started in one direction as there were multiple hallways there and she said, no, go further to the right, well it turned out to be the most left hallway and that had a door with an Exit sign. I didnít want to leave, (the rights and lefts were mixed up even in my dream) Anyhow, as I was walking a bit further, I came to a table area where these two girls were set up selling a basket of candy for $20. There was a man in front of me ordering one. I remember seeing tootsie rolls and other wrapped candy, but I also saw the other girl who pushed out some cookies from this silicon mold looking thing. All the cookies came out unbroken and I wondered how that was possible. They shout have been broken in the way they were being pushed out and released from that mold. Anyhow I didnít buy one.

    D#5 7:00am
    I had a cup of coffee in my hand and a scroungy looking guy came up to me asking what was inside my mug and sniffed it at the same time. He was a dirty looking guy with dirty clothes, a large dirty jacket that looked old and ragged. I said i was drinking coffee. He said he was wishing for and looking for a place where he could sit down and eat or go to the bathroom. A bit later, we had walked down to an area where there was another MDC and he was going to do something for this guy. But he said oh my ankle has a pimple on it and it had started to pop. The other man disappeared from the dream at this point and I saw this other man's ankle. It was pretty swollen and as the puss started coming out it came out like a thin snake. It just kept oozing out. It was kind of gross, but then I turned to walk away and thought I have a friend who is a nurse if you need her, but then we just assumed once the puss was out his ankle would then be ok.

    D#6 7:00am
    Adam had some type of jacket on, it seemed colored in parts, but on the arm were two cuffs. These devices were some type of electronic device blockers that blocked any type of other technology. And these guys were approaching us thinking that they would be able to tap into our electronic equipment. Adams all nope you canít do that with us; he said heís got these high end technology blockers on and nothing could get through to break in. Then all the sudden they were super friendly and nice to us. They had some type of equipment themselves. It was wooden and unfolded open. It seemed old. Something from long ago. They bought it to repair it and then use it for what I donít know. Adam knew exactly what it was and knew how to repair it and went right ahead and did so. One part was wrong and needed to be fixed so he made a couple of adjustments (I remember a no. 3) then gave it back to them, and they seemed really happy.

    DF#7 There was a round table set up and had something to do with art.

    DF#8 We were leaving this house and there was a door that slid sideways to open and close it and when it was closed it would keep the dog from getting out but the cat was able to squeeze through and come out underneath the gap.

    WBTB Fail = 2
    6 Dreams = 6
    2 Dream Frags = 1

    Total = 9 points