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    FILD Rocks oO / The world of drawings

    by Rubens on 06-13-2012 at 01:58 AM
    In the night I tried FILD one time with no success.
    In the morning I woke up at 6:10 naturally, wrote in my DJ, drank water, went to the bathroom and performed a SSILD about 6:50. I woke up again 8:30 with no LD yet. I changed of position and put my hand in the middle of my knees. I tough "why don't I try the FILD again ?", I started "playing my piano" and in about 15 seconds I felt the SP coming, heard that loud sound on my ears and there I am, inside my 8th LD ;D

    Lucid Part:
    I'm in a place where everything is drawn. The people is drawn too.
    I feel all my dream powers weak here, and everything is a little scary.
    I do a "Kame-Hame-Ha" in the sky and open a passage to the "real world".
    I fly and pass trough the passage and it leads me to a building. I fly near to some ATMs. I try to go through a wall but I only knock my head on it.
    I have to admit that I felt a little of doubt if I was really able to do that.
    I try again saying "pass through" and it works.
    There are really big rooms in this building and they look like offices, I continue to go through all the walls in the same direction, after 2 or 3 rooms I start to pass near some people.
    I realized after waking up that there were only women in that building.
    I get near to two women and give one of them a big kiss. I ask how are they doing.
    I can't say why everytime in my lucid dreams that I want to greet a woman I kiss her, I'm sure I was still lucid but don't know what I tought there, I only know that it was a great kiss xD
    I start to fly again in the same direction. I pass beside to girls and understand that they are choosing place to some friends of mine to work. I speak with them for a while.
    While I was speaking with them I seemed to lose some of the lucidity, I was becoming just a character in the story and not the director, but after the talk I said "it is a dream" to myself sometimes again.
    I left them there and start to fly again the same direction. I pass through a huge glass window that is in maybe the 30th floor of that building. I can see the city very far from me. I start to fly fast and just appear over my aunt's house in Catuji.
    I jump to a wall and from there I see a cousin of mine when he was 5 years old, and near the wall I see Ruck.
    I jump to the floor and start to play with him.
    Ruck was dog and died some months ago, I knew that during the dream, but felt happy to be able to "play with him a last time".
    I hug him a lot. I felt a reaally huge happiness while doing that.
    I am going with him to near of my house and I see 2 more "Rucks".
    After playing with him I try to get out from there, but ruck does everything to keep me there, some puppies appear and try to keep me there too.
    When I say that they were trying to keep me there, it's cause they were running after me, kiding with and that things that our dogs do with us.
    I start to run away from there and a black dog appears and tries to stop me, I start to fly. It almost gets me but I get to "escape", but I wake up.

    I am only sure that that was a dream when I was doing the FILD because I woke up in the same position that I slept. I never imagined that FILD could be so powerfull

    Dream Stats:
    Went to sleep: 00:30am
    Duration: ~20min (only lucid)
    Woke up at: 9:00am

    Strange hands at last

    by Rubens on 06-08-2012 at 01:15 AM
    Non-Lucid part:
    I'm a professional football player and I'm in a street near from the place where the players of my team stay. I'm walking and speaking with two of them. A helicopter passes over us and we start to smile to the camera. I say something funny and we laugh.
    The dream scene changes and and playing soccer in a hall with a lot of DC's and one guy from a tv show that I like, he is known as "Bolinha" and he is wearing a jacker exactly like one that I have.
    I make some wrong passes and lose some opportunities of making goals and Bolinha starts to complain to me. He continues to complain and do that for a lot of time. I get very angry and think "I know that I'm dreaming, I'm gonna punch Bolinhas' face right now".
    I become lucid but the dreams starts to fade very fast. I wake up completely still and remember "my technique" of imagining my dream body moving in the first scenario that comes to my head, it works once again

    Lucid Part:I "wake up" in "my bedroom" already looking to my brother's bed, but it's not there, there is a mat in its place. I'm always sure that I am dreaming, I decide to look at my hands and bingo. My right hand has about 15 fingers, like three little hands stuck in it. Now I'm sure that I am dreaming, I shout "Stabylize" and it works.
    My room is on a strange house, the house is completely dark and my window is made of wood and is blocked by a wall.
    I decid to pass trough the window, I can't do it at first, but I try again saying "pass trough" till I pass the half of my arms.
    It was the only time that I felt so hard to pass trough a solid object.
    I start to pass my head trough the window when it is half passed I start to fear the possibility of something coming from behing me. When my mouth gets covered by the window I feel like I can't say "pass trough" anymore and get stuck. I pull my right arm breaking the window and give up on passing trough it.
    I decide to go to the other side, I start to fly fast and pass trough the other wall of my room, I see a window and finally get out from that house.
    I'm flying over a soccer field that is near from my church in Catuji (Catuji is the city I used to live). Some kids are playing soccer there. For a while I think about taking their ball but I don't. I fly very fast now passing near from some eletricity wires. I see a big killer whale dead next to the field, its mouth is a little strange. I start to fly more erect to lose speed till I start just hovering in the air, then I wake up.

    Dream Stats:
    Went to sleep: 00:00am
    Duration: ~20min (10 non-lucid / 10 lucid)
    Woke up at: 8:30 am

    Updated 06-13-2012 at 01:17 AM by Rubens

    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , false awakening

    "This Cellphone Doesn't Do This !" / Semi-Lucid

    by Rubens on 06-05-2012 at 09:21 PM
    Non-Lucid part:
    I'm in my house. Walking from the living room to the kitchen. I pass by my sister and my cousin that are going in the opposite direction.
    When I say my house, I mean the house of my parents, the one from where I moved out 2,5 years ago.
    I'm in the kitchen and a song called "Meu Universo" from a brazilian singer known as PG starts to play very loud in there.
    I start to look from where the noise is coming from and find that it's coming from my dad's cellphone that is over the refrigerator.
    I think "This cellphone doesn't play MP3, I must be dreaming"
    He has a Motorola W220 since the cellphone arrived in that tiny city.
    Before I make a RC to confirm that I'm dreaming, my sister appears and calling for me and I go.

    I have to add that I tried to explain about the RC's to my family and they think that it's a little crazy to "ask if I am awake".
    They usually say that they always know if they are awake (even during the dreams, they "know that they are awake" xD).
    So sometimes I feel embarassed of doing a RC in front of anyone of my family. I'm sure that that was the reason for me to give up of doing the RC when my sister appeared.

    Dream Stats:
    Went to sleep: 00:00am
    Duration: ~5min

    Looking for the Short Haired Girl

    by Rubens on 06-04-2012 at 10:23 PM
    Non-Lucid part:
    I'm in a big city, running with my brother in the streets in the middle of the cars in a very heavy traffic.

    The dream starts to fade and because of that (I think) I become lucid, I wake up anyway, but I manage to stay still to try a DEILD. I just imagine my dream body running in that same street and in few seconds I'm there again, fully lucid.

    Lucid Part:
    I'm again running in the same street but my brother isn't with me anymore.
    I remember of my actual main objective that is finding and/or talking to the Short Haired Girl
    I stop running and go to the sidewalk. The first DC that I see is a woman in the entry of a construction site. I ask her if she knows where I can find the Short Haired Girl. She says that the girl is in the "Production Center".
    I don't have a clue of what is that "Production Center", I don't remember of hearing anything like this before.
    I ask the woman where is this Production Center and she points to the opposite side of the street saying "that way".
    The woman is very slow and used to loose the focus very easily when talking to me.
    I remember of seeing a men inside of the construction site that looked like the boss of that woman, and he wasn't appreciating that she was talking to me.
    Talking to her was a difficult task at this moment, it was hard to let the words come out from my mouth and even to listen to what she was saying.

    After the dialog I start going in the direction that she told me.
    The dream starts fading out, I remember that the last time I tried to stabilize by rubbing my hands or touching the ground it didn't work, so I only put my hand in front of my eyes and take a nice look of them till the dream get vivid again, it works very well and the dream is even more lucid and vidid that before, but the scenario is completely changed from that big city to a small village.
    I continue going in the same direction I was going before see a car stopped there with a boy and a woman standing near of it. Both are blonde, the boy was about my and has an "emo bang" over his face. I assume that the woman was his mother.
    I go in direction of them and ask the boy if he knows where is the Production Center that I am looking for, he says "I don't know" but his mother points another direction and says "I think that it is that way", I thank her and say "goodbye".
    I start walking in this new direction and a group of 3 boys passes by my right side.
    One of the guys seems to be the same guy I saw before.
    I say "guys!" intending to tell them that that was a dream, but change of idea cause it wasn't my objective.
    They just turn and continue walking in front of me in the same direction I was going.
    I scream again "People!", they only look in the 3rd time that I scream. I jump really high over them doing a somersault.
    They say things like "OMG, it was incredible / I never saw anybody doing anything like that". Now we four are walking together till we get to a fence.
    I jump again over the highest wire of the fence and use its elasticity to push me into the air very high and do another somersault.
    When I'm in the floor again they say the same things they said before.
    One of them tries to climb the fence, but with much difficulty.
    The dream starts to fade and I woke up again, but once again I was able to stay still and tried to do the same I did before, I imagined running in the scenario, but I wasn't able to imagine the same scenario I was before, the only image that was in my head was the image of my bedroom, I decided not to force imagining another scenario and risking to wake up, so I imagined a treadmill in the place of my bed and imagined me runing over it, everything fades and I experience another FA

    I wake in my bed with a very loud noise goind around, a mix of stone crusher and broken washing machine.
    I look at my hands, 5 fingers. I stand up and look at my hands again, 5 fingers yet. There is a table in the place of my brother's bed with a VCR and a Clock Radio, both showing the time, but one is different of each other and it gives me that thought "It's a little strange". I go in the direction of the door to see what was making such noise, but before opening the door I think "I'm gonna do a last RC" and try to fly. Bingo, I fly to the ceiling but can't pass trough it, so I come down again.
    When I'm coming down the room is not the mine anymore, but it's really like my uncle's bedroom.
    When I get to the floor again, a friend is using the computer. I ask him if he knows where the Short Haired Girl is.
    He says "Friend, don't involve with this people". I ask him why but he doesn't say a thing.
    I ask him if he believes in Lucid Dreams. He says no, cause it's impossible to 2 people meet each other in the dreams.
    I tell him that I'm the one that is dreaming, and he is not real. I ask him to remember me that I'm dreaming everytime he see me again.
    I'm a little sad about that because he never appeared before in my dreams, so its not much probable that he will appear and remember me that I'm dreaming, but I'm hopeful anyway
    Aparently he accepts what I ask for. I remember that I wanted to fly trough the ceiling to see my neighboor from above and I do that. I fly up but my hands don't pass trough the ceiling.
    I say "Pass trough" and it works. I'm in the upper apartment. It's completely empty so I decide to do the same thing again and get out from the building, and so I do saying "Pass trough" again while passing trough the ceiling.
    I don't appear over the building but near to my grandma's house in my old city.
    I try to reinforce my petition to my friend but before I could talk to him an aunt of mine appears and gives me a flick on the nape. When I'm trying again to talk to my friend my dog Ruck appears and walks near to me.
    My dog died less than 2 months ago, I am 19 and had him since I was 5, so I really loved him. Ruck is very old in the dream. Just to take note, during the dream I knew the he was still dead, but I became very happy anyway, because I wasn't near when he died so I couldn't see him for the last time.
    I caress his head just for a while and go back on saying to my friend again to remember me that I'm dreaming when he see me. After talking to him I go back to Ruck and say some times "Younger" till he gets younger like he was in his 3-4 years old.
    After that the dream fades and I wake up very happy and don't even try to go back to the dream, it was awesome like it was and I didn't want to risk forgeting anything.

    Dream Stats:
    Went to sleep: 00:00 am
    Duration: ~30min (5 non-lucid / 25 lucid)
    Woke up at: 7:30 am

    New Job / Hallucinogen Gas

    by Rubens on 05-28-2012 at 05:56 PM
    I have to say that the day that I had this dream I was visiting my family, so I was sleeping in the room that I slept since I was a kid to 2 years ago when I moved to the city that I'm living now.

    Non-Lucid part:
    I'm somewhere with my mom and my best friend D.
    I'm going to an interview for a job related to psychology in few minutes.
    My mom complains about my clothes because they are wrinkled.
    I am using a gold social shirt, that I don't actually have.
    I fix the shirt and go to the factory, I'm there. I'm in the entry of the hangar where I should answer to a questionary.
    From the gate I see one woman inside the building and she tells me that there is a door in the right side of the building.
    I do how she said and enter in the building. There is a computer inside of it where I have to answer the questions and I start.
    I remember of answering some idiot questions like "What is the origin of your name in your opinion ?".
    One cousin of mine appears next to me and start to disturb me and I get worried about don't having enough time to finish my questionary. I tease him calling him "big-headed" but stop doing that because his dad is near. I think "why didn't I come early ?" but I get to finish it and go out from that hangar.
    I go to a square near from there and meet some friends, including D and an aunt of mine. They are near to a bush breathing (not voluntarily or not knowing what was that) a gas that is coming from beneath of the bush that causes visual and olfactory hallucinations. They are all saying things like "what a crazy smell" and "I'm high".
    I knew that was the gas that was causing all of that things, but for some reason I didn't tell anyone and I couldn't feel the effects like them.
    I start flying around like crazy asking why I couldn't feel it.
    It's not the first time that I have this behavion in non-lucids when I get angry.
    D calls me and says "Come here that I will show you why you can't feel it" and goes start to go to outside the square running, I go beside him flying.

    Lucid Part:
    I find myself in a street not too near from that square. I'm lucid that I'm dreaming.
    It was not a high lucidity level.
    I start floating around the streets with not much altitude and the dream starts to fade. I stabilize it.
    I want to go to the top of a building and want to do it by jumping, I jump once but not too high, jump again and almost get it, but before falling to the floor I start swiming and get to the terrace of the building.
    I'm always repeating "It's a dream, It's a dream" this time.
    Over the building the dream fades out very fast and I start spining my body when I couldn't see anything but darkness. It leads me to a FA.

    I wake up in the room of my house feeling "a little of SP", my hand is feeling weird and a big part of my body is dorment.
    Some seconds after I wake for real in a completely different position.

    PS: After writing the dream in my DJ I realized that the square of the dream is very alike to one square wich is in the way of the bus I used to go to work everyday.

    Dream Stats:
    Went to sleep: 00:10am
    Duration: ~30min (25 non-lucid / 5 lucid)
    Woke up at: 4:30 am

    Updated 06-07-2012 at 09:04 PM by Rubens

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening