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    by ryan169 on 07-22-2014 at 09:21 PM
    I wake up a in a hotel room. I know I'm in Tahoe and it's the day of the hike, so I start getting ready. I grab sunscreen and some water (I end up drinking two bottles) and look for a small pack. I open the door and see my aunt with a hat and backpack on, heading out. I get mad that no one ever told me what time we were leaving. I look and see that the hallways seems to be part forest - there is a man with long hair and a hat hiking.


    by ryan169 on 07-22-2014 at 09:13 PM
    Dream 1

    I am outside somewhere with some device that looks like a black waffle iron. It has a flat section that heats up and a flat top that presses down over it. I am picking up cool rocks and flattening them with it. I tell my friend about how cool it is.

    Dream 2

    I am at an outdoor pool with Sage and my dad. Sage and I are swimming when a man comes on to the little 'stage' at the edge of the pool. It is the singer from America. He is going to sing but first he is doing some trivia. It is something about a horse with no name and 2 horses with no names. Sage and I get it right and she gets excited because we are like the '2 horses with no names'. We find out that we have won a date. I think this is already the date, but it for somewhere else.

    Dream 3

    I am in a big room where lots of people (from school?) are lining up to get free coffee. There's a man at the front of the line spraying coffee into the crowd. I get up towards the front and see two men with what looks like bottles of coffee creamer - caramel and blueberry? flavor. Now, I'm in the hallway with someone. We get to a table that has a huge cake on it. I take a huge piece and tell the guy at the table that I will eat it all. A girl is here and says the windows are dirty. I know I must be at the Green Lantern Inn, so the concert must be tonight and I have to call my dad.


    by ryan169 on 07-18-2014 at 02:53 AM
    I'm walking out of Dad's house, wearing my work uniform, to my car that is parked almost in the middle of the street. I get in and start driving up Lakeside to get to work.
    The road is steeper and windier than I remember. I see pine trees and lots of big, granite rocks. There are also tons of moose roaming around. I see the silhouette of one by a tall rock and tree. It is surreal.
    The road has ended and I am now walking on a dirt road. Dad is with me, saying how this is a more direct route to my mom's house.
    We're approaching the top of the hill and im texting either C or F about how I'm going to see Frozen.
    We get to a house and I climb up through the entrance. I hear a voice talking about 'how babies are made'.
    There's boys room and a girl's room; I go into the boys. My grandpa and a young boy are laying on a large bed. My sister is here, complaining about how she wants to stay with me but can't. She leaves.
    I lay down but feel that my shorts are damp, like I've been swimming, and I want to change them.


    by ryan169 on 07-18-2014 at 02:30 AM
    I'm in a large park with grass and playground equipment.
    Two other darker-skinned guys are here. One is fat and short, the other is just the opposite.
    I do not know them, but we are running around, wearing baseball gloves, throwing tennis balls at eachother.
    It seems like they can never miss me and like I can never hit them.
    This goes on for a while.
    Now, I'm at the grassy area, and it is dark out.
    A fair or something is going on.
    I'm in a large, enclosed bounce house with a lot of guys, all Hispanic.
    Some guys are holding the entrance closed, and were having fun trying to escape.
    I say "I need some white friends" and a lot of them laugh.
    We finally get out and I walk away, counting a handful of change.


    by ryan169 on 07-18-2014 at 02:10 AM
    I'm walking into a school with a group of kids. It was raining outside, and a guy is talking about how Jesus made it happen. I get irritated and say loudly "the water cycle!"'
    We all sit down.
    An old friend, S , is here; she sits at the desk by me.
    We now get separated into 2 groups for a game. The groups are the 'bible believers' and the 'nonbelievers'. As a surprise to me, and everyone else, I end up in the believers group. I think that it won't be bad, since I probably know just as much as the believers. An ex's brother is my group. I tell him he knows a lot about the bible and he laughs.
    We are now at a dark baseball diamond, sitting against the cage, playing the same game.
    The group goes somewhere - into town.
    I, and 2-3 others, veer off from the group, down a little alley with shops on the sides. We enter a building. The building is dimly lit, quiet, empty, and impeccably clean. Shelves, boxes, and containers of candy, any candy you can imagine, fill up the walls and counters of both rooms. It's set up like a buffet, but with sweets.
    I admire the candy, but tell the Asian woman behind the counter that I don't need any. She tells us to have a nice day and we leave.
    Outside, I find myself alone and at a river. I try to cross the river, holding my shirt above my head while I swim with only my feet. The current catches me, but I grab ahold of a rock.
    I see a figure under the water with his hand outstretched. I grab him and pull him up; it is my old friend, K. We get out and start walking along an empty road towards a lone building. There is a urinal built into the outside of the building. We talk about that.