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    I'm a Natural Lucid Dreamer which means that when i was born all the way up to now i never taught myself to Lucid Dream the way i do, it just comes Naturally to me.
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    High School Student
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    I was curious about my "Unusual" talent that i didn't even know was a talent (Natural Lucid Dreaming)



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    I was Captured!

    by Samarium on 01-30-2016 at 10:48 PM
    This was a very short but frightening Dream....
    When my Dream started I had woken up (In my Dream) in a large cage made up of what looked like bamboo and rope. I wasn't hand cuffed or tied to anything. I was really scared and didn't know what to do, It looked like it was getting really dark outside and i heard a bunch of people arguing and screaming at each other. They were speaking a language I could not recognize. I wanted to scream for help to see if anyone would help me but I would probably grab the attention of my attacker.
    All around me were other large bamboo cages, I was surrounded by what looked like a Jungle. I looked closely at the other cages and noticed that every other cage had a man/women from the U.S. Navy/marine corps. They were all tied to the sides of the cages except me, I didn't understand what was going on and tried to get their attention but they all looked dead or unconscious.
    A few Minutes after walking back in fourth in the cage panicking I finally woke up from my Phone Alarm.

    Weird Sand Hole sucks up my Friends

    by Samarium on 01-29-2016 at 10:19 PM
    Me and my Friends were hanging out in Joshua Tree in side of an old market Town. We were running around trying to find something to do or a game to play. We decided to play Tag like the little kids we are (Were actually 14-15yrs old).I was running behind a big group of my Friends while being chased by the Tagger. A couple feet away I noticed 5 of my Friends falling in a weird invisible hole, it wasn't actually invisible but it was a huge pool of what looked like quicksand and it sucked my friends right through it. I panicked and grabbed my other 6 friends including me and tried to dig through the sand but once again another one of my friends fell through. There is now only 5 of us not including me and we run to find an adult. We run in to what is now another Sand hole and 2 of my friends fall through we panicked and i yelled for them. I threw a rope that was inside someones yard down the hole and told them to grab on. I felt a tug and pulled up but what was on the end of the rope was what looked like a neighborhood Stray dog. I yelled for them again and heard a voice. I jumped in the hole with a rope tied around me and told my other 3 friends to hold on. I saw all my friends and told them to climb up the rope which my friends had tied to a tree. They climbed up one by one slowly, and while the last person was climbing the rope i saw in the distance down the canal of the hole a Huge worm about 3 feet tall and who knows how long. I screamed and told them to pull me out and they pulled me out a second before the worm could reach me. We plugged the two holes we found with rocks that were scattered everywhere. One of my friends came running over to me saying "You Have to come see this", I followed my friend and what we found was a whole valley full of these barely visible holes. I took a couple steps back in disbelief and then 'I woke Up'

    Jurassic World Gone wrong

    by Samarium on 01-29-2016 at 09:38 PM
    My Dream was about how Scientist tried to clone dinosaurs afters decades of testing and experiments and they finally were able to clone the first dinosaur which is my favorite dinosaur of all time, The Torosaurus!

    [ https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/i...Tnwf2bxYqIfr9A ]

    After cloning the Toros they cloned many other dinosaurs, and when the first Dinosaur egg first hatched the immediately knew it was a bad idea and tried to put it down put they could not find it because it had ran away out of plain curiosity.
    They evacuated the Lab and left the other Dino eggs there which also eventually hatched as well. They also ended up breeding mammoths, Dire Wolves, and Sabers. Soon enough the world was in Anarchy and these Prehistoric Creatures were everywhere. I was alone and a survivor and build a huge Tree house in the Highest Red wood Trees i could find and camped there for years to come. In this time I Tamed Sabers/ Wolves/ Raptors/ and other small creatures and made a living. Both me and the Tamed animals made a living off each other, In return for these animals hunting for me i gave them shelter and protection, which held our Relationships Close.
    After many years a Huge group of people (about a Hundred) were hiking along the path nearby my tree house. They noticed the Tree House and stopped in their tracks to investigate the forest beneath. My Saber-tooth Cat came darting from the trees into the the large group of people who held Guns and Knives. Before the could shoot i ran out to protect my Cat. They are now pointing their weapons at me, and i could tell that they were scared. We walked by to their Camp after talking and they gave me a place to sleep and food to eat. I couldn't let by Tamed animals inside the camp but i still protected them day and night.

    Never ending flight #333

    by Samarium on 01-23-2016 at 03:17 AM
    So... last night was probably one of the LONGEST Lucid dreams I've ever had....
    Yet it wasn't very exiting at all...
    Ok so, I was packing up for a trip to a place I've been wanting to go to my entire life, which was Sweden! I was super exited but also very nervous. I got to the airport about 2 hours earlier because I couldn't wait any longer to go, I was very worried about leaving my Animals in the care of another person which i usually always am. One the flight attendants said we could begin to board the flight i hopped out of my seat and ran inside to sit down and make myself comfortable because it was going to be a long flight from California all the way to Sweden. After about 12 hours i knew that we should have been over land by now but when i looked out the airplanes window i could see water bellow. I was very confused but i couldn't see any flight attendants any where so i could get some answers. I decided to go to sleep and i knew for sure that we would be there by the time i woke up.
    When i awoke the plane was still in the air and we were still flying above water, now i was worried! I looked for flight attendants but i still could not find any. I decided to go on my IPad to get my mind off of things and I found a news article on my Facebook page that said the American flight #333 went missing yesterday around 7:30- 8:00. I remember looking at the plane as i boarded and realized that the plane i was on was Flight #333. (I can only explain this Flight # by saying this in 5 simple words... My favorite Number is Three!) I panicked and began to share my information with the other Folks on the Plane and everyone began to panic. We still saw no sign of Flight attendants so i got up from my seat and went up to the from of the plane where the Pilot and CO-Pilot where but no one was there.... no one was flying the plane and no one was serving the drinks that looked like they were just recently prepared for the passengers. I turned around to go back to my seat but now there were no Passengers and that's where i realized that it was just a dream.... and i woke up feeling like I had slept for a year straight.

    Futuristic Freeway almost kills me

    by Samarium on 01-22-2016 at 07:28 AM
    Most of my Dreams I like to spectate to see what my mind can create as I'm sleeping but that usually leads to Nightmares or possible Dream Paralysis.
    Two nights ago I had a dream where there was a new freeway build about a mile away from my home, so my Father decided to take the new freeway route even though it would take longer to get to our destination which was the Movie theater. My dad loves to take me and my brother to the Movies to enjoy some time with us, because my parents are divorced and i don't see my dad that often. He was driving towards the freeway and I got very nervous because this new 'Freeway' looked very strange yet futuristic. The Freeway was basically two long metal rods that stretched all the way to another main road. It looked sketchy and i was very aware of my dream at this moment because i was inspecting the look and detail of this weird road. My dad began to speed up as he entered the freeway and in no time at all our car was sitting on two metal rods, the left two wheels on one rod and the right two wheels on another. No one said a word it was completely silent. All the sudden the car got off balance and flipped off the two rods which led t our car plummeting down about 100ft to the ground. My stomach felt like i was on a Fast traveling Roller coaster going 80 mph like i was just about to make a speech in front of my class it was a disturbing feeling... then after the car hit the ground i found my self still alive untouched which make me then realize that it was all just a 'Dream'