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    I had come here to learn more about lucid dreaming.
    I'm really interested in subconscious mind and I wanna try to understand it.
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    Psychology, Logic, Subconscious Mind, Lucid Dreaming, Music, Movies, Games
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    Browsing on the internet.


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    Not another dream reader...

    by scorqyon on 04-03-2012 at 06:11 AM
    I was in bed. My mom left the house after she told me to watch the bathroom because she let the faucet turned on (for some logical reason ). After a few seconds, I heard some noises coming out of my room. I was scared as there was no one in the house. I called my mom through the phone. I asked her if she's away from home in that moment. She confirmed that she left. Still scared as hell, I went into my room and I saw a lot of boxes dropped on the floor. I carefully walked through the boxes and there was my mom's clone. I came back into the living room and I asked my cloned mom: "Can you please give me my sword? I can't sleep without it. ". And she gave me the sword, so I went into the bed and put the sword near me. Then I woke up (still in the dream) just to realize that it was all a dream. The good thing was that everything was recorded, because I bought a dream reader helmet and put it on my head before going to sleep. Every single dream was recorded right there in a video format. I opened the last one. What I remembered was
    just a fragment of it. When the helmet started the video, there was more of it (and the atmosphere was much lighter that I remember it was). My mom came to watch it too.
    It looked just like a cartoon. It was about some kid that was at home, talking with his parents and stuff when he went to the bathroom. Her grandma went into the bathroom, turned on the faucet and left the bathroom. She also put that kid in charge of watching it while she was gone. The kid walked away and went into a room with a lot of people. Everyone was arguing about something. They all started talking at once and you couldn't understand a bit. That was until someone screamed "Shut up!! React to humans!. And he repeated "React to humans" a couple of times. After this, the part of the dream I remember was about to begin, but my mom went into the kitchen to get some snacks. That was when the alarm started and I woke up.

    The night of consciousness

    by scorqyon on 11-16-2011 at 07:55 AM
    DREAM 1: I was in the living room with my sister. As she got married and left home, we were talking about our lives and stuff like this. [Here I dreamed something about Lois from Family Guy having sex with me while my sis was changing in the closet, but I don't quite remember it.]. After she left the house, the lights suddenly turned off. I heard some shamanic beats and started seeing shadows on the wall. It got even weirder when I tried to change the volume, but instead of a Volume text with lines below indicating how loud the TV is currently set, it showed me a red WTF? text underlined. I tried to call my mom and tell her about the lights as I was getting out of the house trying to figure out what the heck is happening in my house. I was so freaked out that I suddenly did an RC. When I saw I was actually dreaming, I threw my phone away and rushed to jump on the window. I didn't wanted to just fall down, as things like this destabilizes my dream. I focused on hovering in slow-mo to the ground. After I came down, there came my buddy with his girlfriend. Of course, after having sex with his girlfriend (What? It's a dream. Having sex with someone's girlfriend is normal there) I took the bus forward and backward. I thought that maybe if I go for a walk, the "evil spirits" of the house will go away. I came back and guess what? I saw a waitress in the kitchen and had a fight with her. She was throwing fruits at me, so I took a plate and used it as a shield. After one fruit crashed into her head, she got dizzy. I exploited this moment to throw her away on the window. The lights turned on and I lost my lucidity. I went into the living room and I saw some Dream Guides. They started showing me how to make a book slap in a dream to make the monsters go away. After a long explanation, they put me look on a text. It was written there "Beautiful book". They put me look again. I didn't understand why, but I did it. The adjective changed to "Bad". They put me look once again. It changed again to "Horrible". I then realised that they were trying to show me I dream. When I got that, they were proudly smiling at me.
    DREAM 2: I and the peers from the high-school were visiting my elementary school. My old classroom was turned into a Chemical Laboratory. I showed them the classroom and I remembered that on 8th grade they put our class at basement. [I remember somebody was telling me to shut up and that I'm lying and something about my mom calling me and asking me if I want a shawarma. Nothing more]
    DREAM 3: My mom gave me as a present the Dream Reader device (from the "Dream Reader" dream). I put it on my head and it started showing a skeleton. It was not only reading dreams. When I was thinking of something, it would put all my thoughts in the skull. Like, I was thinking of a truck and it was right there. While it was reading my thoughts, memories and dreams, I felt dizzy.

    Updated 11-16-2011 at 08:22 AM by scorqyon

    nightmare , memorable , lucid

    Dream Reader

    by scorqyon on 11-11-2011 at 08:11 PM
    Notice that the brown texts are for indicating when someone else's dream is occurrin. It's a very rare event, but I'm gonna write it in the dream legend right next to the dream, so there's not gonna cause any confusion.

    DREAM 1: It was like 4:00 AM. My sister came into the house after she bought a dream reader device. She was going to give it to my mom as a present for her birthday. Anyways, the device had some kind of an arm with a sucker on it. You were supposed to put it on your head so it can read you your dreams. It was reading dreams from the most recent to the oldest ones. We agreed to test it on my sister. After we "plugged" the device into my sister's head, it started showing in the monitor her very last dream. My sister headed into the living room. Our mom was there. As she was starring at my sister with a look of an insane person, she started shouting "CATS! CATS! CATS CATS! CATS CATS!!!" while a weird music began (a song kind of like the castle song from Super Mario World). She moved along and from the left side, a random raven appeared and flew all over the room. It was kind of funny. Everybody was laughing. My bud was there too. It would had been a shame for me to miss the occasion to read his dream. He dreamed of an FPS game. He was a robot and was trying to escape from the cops that were chasing him. After all this, I wanted to test the device on myself too, but my sister wouldn't let me. She said that I would just overload the device. I realised that it was a dream when the device suddenly turned into a notebook. I tried to turn it back, but it didn't worked and the dream faded away.
    DREAM 2: Suddenly I found myself in a battlefield. I was a robot army leader. The leader of all armies put us all to construct a building that would protect all the robots from the enemy armies. I made a mistake in the contruction. I didn't knew how to repair it. I tried to find out, but I was making the building look even worse. I asked my friend and he told me to press the "Windows" button 2 times. I then realised that I was actually playing a game.

    Updated 11-18-2011 at 05:45 AM by scorqyon

    lucid , memorable

    The mutant plush bear and the talking turtle dove

    by scorqyon on 10-26-2011 at 09:17 AM
    DREAM 1: I was staying in bed at home. Suddenly I heard some noises from the bathroom. I was afraid that a thief came in my house. I tried to call my mom, but she didn't answered. Right after that, a music started. While I was going to the bathroom to see what's going on, I saw my sis' plush bear in the closet. It had 2 heads. I was like "What the heck is wrong with this bear? ). The bear was very inconsistent in color and shape. I totally ignored that thing and went into the bathroom. The window of my bathroom was larger than usual. I could see from there a turtle dove nest in my tree...(the weirdness just begins) along with stadium reflectors all around the tree. I saw one of the turtle doves walking on the window sill. I let him in. He was actually a talking turtle dove. After he came in he said "It's pretty cold out there, isn't it?". I invited him to talk with me in the kitchen.
    DREAM 2: I was at the high school. One of my peers wanted to play with me Monopoly in the break time. He lost the round and started crying. I started drawing a game of Monopoly by myself. Suddenly some peers from other classrooms came at me and said "Wow..that's certainly a nice drawing!"".

    There are some lessons to learn from those dreams:
    1. Never let your sister put her plush bear in your closet, or else it's going to suffer a mutation.
    2. Always talk to turtle doves.
    3. Never beat the crap out of your peer in a game of Monopoly.

    Updated 10-26-2011 at 09:19 AM by scorqyon (No space between Dream counter and Non-Lucid text)

    non-lucid , memorable

    A crazy day at the market

    by scorqyon on 08-03-2011 at 11:16 AM
    I was preparing to go in country side with my dad and my cousin. I dropped the bag in which I was keeping my Wii right on the ground. I was really worried, so I went home and turned it on. It turned off everytime I was trying to turn it on.
    My cousin came in to see what's going on. He looked into my Wii and saw a wire burned (The wire kinda looked like a sausage). We had not one of these wires at home anymore, so we went to the market to see what can we find.
    I found myself at a book department and when I looked through the books, I saw worms. I made someone come with me to see the worms. Some ladies that were in the department with us screamed and run all over the place, while a weird guy (which had a hobby on collecting worms) started collecting them and putting them in a bottle.
    On the roof, there were "the totally spies" (you probably know that show from TV ). Sam was some blond guy's girlfriend, but Clover and Alex found out that it was a criminal. Sam really loved him and didn't wanted to fight with him. While they were talking about this situation, the criminal found a way to go down the roof. He took a minecraft looking axe and broke the window.
    Down the roof there was an epic battle between Voldemort and Harry Potter. The cops tried to come and stop all the fighting, but they died under Voldemort's green lightning.
    The people were all screaming and frightened. I ran away to find a lader to climb on. After I made it on the roof, the spies left and I was there with my cousin. He found the wire we needed for the Wii. He mounted it on the wii, but it still didn't work. Suddenly a storm started. A lightning came right on my Wii. I was afraid that I will never be able to repair it.
    I found myself at home again and I wanted to test the Wii. It worked perfectly. I was both happy and surprised that a simple lightning repaired my Wii.

    Still...will the criminal ever be caught by the spies?
    Will Harry defeat Voldemort again?
    Find that out and more in my next dream!!

    Updated 08-03-2011 at 11:34 AM by scorqyon

    non-lucid , memorable