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    Recent Entries

    19 October 2014

    by scottiesdreamin on 10-21-2014 at 03:11 AM
    Had 4 dreams - can only only recall a small part of one.

    I was a doughnut vendor and my dead Grandmother was looking to get a doughnut from me. And for whatever reason, I was trying to hide the type of doughnut I knew she was looking for as a joke.
    A chocolate doughnut with chocolate powdered sugar.

    11 November 2010

    by scottiesdreamin on 11-11-2010 at 06:53 PM
    11 November 2010

    DJ 17
    Run into bunch of college folks that I use to hang with. Looking for someone to go out to a dance in town with Ė although what hey would be doing here is beyond me. Wound up going with blonde Lisa of the Ďtwo Lisasí. Even though she is married (in dream). End of dream Ė never made it to dance, so I donít know how the date turned out..

    DJ 18
    Iím babysitting a couple of young daughters of I believe of Lisa from DJ17. Iíve got them outside lying on blankets and covered with blankets as well, though it isnít really cool outside. There was something about the pillows that alludes me that was important as well.

    Iím trying to get them to take nap. Suddenly, theyíre floating off the ground (blankets, pillows and all). They get to about my head height and I decide to pull the bottom blanket that theyíre lying on out from under them. They start to descend back to the ground Ė not really falling, but coming down faster than they had gone up. They were totally unaware of the incident.

    I, with two others were taken prisoner after being captured in a medieval battle. Weíre sentenced to be tortured to death.

    We are tied to the ground in chains and then our hands are roped and a neck is put around our necks as well. The ropes are then set through a pulley on a tree near us and then back through to a crank. And they are winding the crank so that weíre being pulled tight by our arms and also being strangled by our necks. The other two are being stretched out of form (this should have been a sign to me), and then my ropes are started to be pulled, but for some reason I was given the chance to ties my own hands and neck. Just as the rope around my neck starts getting too tight, my hands slip free and Iím able to slacken the tension on my neck.

    I enter into an auditorium with a group of people (mostly high school folks that I knew) and weíre to hand in papers for an essay of some sort. My friend and I walk in wearing stocking caps on our heads and sweating because of it (itís warm). But we donít take off the caps. We eventually hand in the papers we had and take seats. I take a seat in a row where thereís gal I had a crush on.

    Suddenly, they decide to hold a raffle where we write down a number on a piece of paper that represents and amount of money we think they should give away to some lucky winner in the auditorium. And the number is ridiculously high. Never got to hit it off with the gal next to me.

    DJ21 (This dream sequence took place during two snooze periods this morning)
    In a cafť, discussing with a couple the legality of going sidewalk shopping during spring clean up and then selling those items back to the public. They argue that it isnít legal to do such Ė well one of the two does. And I point out that an antique piece that my father had just given them where they were trying to sell the item amounts tot he same thing, and itís perfectly legal for them to do that. They sheepishly agree with me, for they didnít know how I knew they were trying to sell the item.

    1 July 2010 DJ 16-17

    by scottiesdreamin on 07-01-2010 at 02:16 PM
    Happy July to all. Two non lucids. Rather frustrating night. Both happened late (0330-0430)

    DJ 16

    The first dream took place in a couple of different seasons. Winter and fall I believe.

    There was a park that I had walked by a couple of times in the dream (alone). The sidewalk that I walked down had entrance/exit (on the sidewalk itself) as if you had to actually gain entrance just to walk past the park Ė weird. The gates/doors are pretty elaborate design, made of cement. So, are going to be heavy to move Ė or should have been.

    The first time down the sidewalk the gate was closed. I paid it no attention and went around on the road. The second time it was opened. I played with doors a little Ė they werenít as heavy as they appeared. Intricate relief designs on the doors Ė mostly abstract, but very grainy cement, not smooth.

    The park scenes both took place in the fall.

    Between the park incidents, I was in a wintery atmosphere, as indicated by the snow and ice I played in. Iím not sure where I was walking or traveling to, but there was somewhere I had to be. Occasionally there were others around, but they were always ahead of me.

    There was a largish hill that I climb on the road I was travelling (snow covered) and as I got to the top of the hill, I noticed there were patches of ice on the way down to the bottom. Itís odd, but I knew what lay beyond the next hill I was going to need to go up as well (it wasnít as high on the upward side, but steep and long on the downward), but I knew what lay beyond. It too was going to be snow covered with little ice but it was going to start becoming an underground tunnel that I had to be careful not to be travelling too fast for, or I was going to hit my head on the ceiling.

    Why was this important, because I was wearing a winter coat that I knew I was able to slide on like a toboggan. So after planning what I wanted to do, I started walking down the hill until I got to a patch of ice and threw myself on my stomach like you would one of those slippery-slides in the summer. So, now Iím sliding down the road on my stomach, steering myself away from the bare spots so I wouldnít slow down too much (I wanted to see how far up the next little hill I could slide before having to walk).

    As it turns out, I built up plenty of speed to clear the hill, and suddenly I jump to my feet, and Iím planting my feet in snow for dear life, because the tunnel is fast approaching and Iím going way too fast. I notice Iím wearing fancy cowboy boots and suddenly Iím able to plant them into the snow much better in order to slow down.

    Once I get into the tunnel the snow and ice pretty much disappear and Iím left to walking. One thing I realize in my dream (while Iím dreaming, as well as now IRL), the intricate design on the gates and the cowboy boot thing, and knowing what to expect on the other side of the hill (tunnel thingy) Ė I never paid attention to that stuff before in dreams. I blame this on Ninja and CUSP with their posts about attention to detail. Hey! Thatís a good thing guys.

    As Iím walking down this tunnel, I have to cross a wooden bridge. Itís very incomplete, very unsafe, and very white (not with snow, painter white). I start going across it without a lot of worry (although I should have been) and Iím looking at the railing pieces and how many are missing. I actually pull on eof them out of the wall and I can see the nail bend as it comes out. I decide to save the wood piece so I can replace it later when I come back with the other lumber. For some strange reason I take it upon myself to fix this rickety bridge. So I bring the pieces I pull apart with me being careful of the nails and setting them carefully nail side down on the ground on the other side of the tunnel exit. As I was crossing the bridge Iím amazed at the whiteness of it. Not just snow white, but almost a blinding white. I canít for the life of me figure out where Iím going to find paint that pure of white.

    As I look back toward the bridge as I climb out of the tunnel I see that itís now only being held up with a single support piece (weíre talking 1 x 4s and 1 x 3s here, nothing too beefy).

    As I walk back to where Iím lodging, donít really Ďknowí where it is, but I go there anyway. I run into another DC and ask if heíd help with repairing the bridge. He kind of had a blank look on his face, but agreed. So weíre travelling back to get material.

    End of dream (Alarm clock goes off).

    DJ 17

    Very short dream, but it ends up a continuation of the DJ 16.

    Iím back to the bridge with the DC from before and now where I wasnít concerned about traversing the bridge to cross it, now Iím quite concerned about going out there to repair it. There is still only the one support piece holding the whole thing together. Iím amazed that I was able to get the pieces I was going to replace for repairs as white as the original. That white color was still a shock to me I guess.

    Dream ends. I guess that would be a fragment, eh?

    30 June 2010 - DJ 15

    by scottiesdreamin on 07-01-2010 at 01:44 AM
    Only one dream to report Ė bummer. Alan Jackson in the background as I type.

    DJ 15

    Motel work and the ex

    This was a goofy dream in that we (my ex-wife & I) are checking in hunters for the deer season. But weíre not checking people in from our office. Itís an older two-story house. I donít even recognize the house, but it feels familiar.

    A group of hunters comes up the stairs Ė one of the normal threesome in Real Life. When they get up to the counter, they pay for the room, and for whatever reason I took the cash drawer out and set it on top of the counter. I never so that. Donna looked at me rather strange by this move. Then one of the hunters made a playful grab for a stack of five dollar bills. He and I are fighting for the money at this point.

    After I gain control of the money, Donna makes a comment about having a real cash drawer and this wouldnít happen. (Yeah, if we could afford it). She was referring to one of those large old antique cash machines. It was as if I could read her mind in what she looked forward to in a cash drawer. We showed the hunters out and to their room.

    That was the dream. There was more, but as this was the last of the night (4:30) I had to rely on memory this evening to recall it.

    29 June 2010 DJ 12-14

    by scottiesdreamin on 06-29-2010 at 05:09 PM
    29 June 2010

    Listened to Ninja recording tonight (9:30 instead of 11:00). Must have fell asleep to it because I woke to in a loop at 11:30.

    Had three (four) dreams. I say four because the fourth dream I woke up from I couldnít remember, but I knew I had been dreaming.

    Unfortunately got too lazy to get up to record dreams immediately (youíd think Iíd learn). But the first one was long again, and couldnít see staying up a half hour to record it like the night before.

    Anyway, to the dreamsÖ.

    DJ 12

    Iím in a hotel complex with a bunch of college friends. The dream starts out all fun and happy, but suddenly I go down to the hotel bar and one of the guys is pointing his finger at me and yelling something incoherent. The other guys start in as well. I have no idea what I have done to get them so agitated.

    Suddenly, theyíre throwing beer bottles at me. The guy who initially pointed at me takes a beer pitcher (glass) breaks it, and hurls it at me cutting my face slightly. Now Iím pissed. I storm out of the room trying to think of what I can do to diffuse the situation.

    I go back to my room to see that itís on fire. I run in and grab a pair of oven mitts (theyíre burned) and I meet one of my friends in the hall. And Iím looking at him and rubbing these burned mitts on my shirt, which is now becoming stained from the charred material.

    One thing I noticed during the dream is that I rarely ever (if ever) talked to anyone. Iíve never noticed that before.

    Thatís about where the dream ends. It was a much longer dream, and I told myself Iíd remember it in the morning. Well obviously that didnít happen. Lesson learned.

    DJ 13

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

    I know I shouldnít get too excited over something so minimal, because it was so short, I didnít know what I should do and didnít seem to be able to Ďdoí anything of my own volitionÖ..


    I was sitting at a computer screen (a rather large screen) and Iím scrolling for something on the internet. Weird there was no keyboard to use, but I was still able to scroll for whatever I wanted from on the screen.

    Then suddenly, then the screen sort of froze up and Iím trying to scroll whole pages of information, and the screen starts getting larger. And I stop and think, ďThis definitely isnít right.Ē

    So I think Ė reality check stupid. I go to pinch my nose (this should be a simple task), but Iíve got fat finger syndrome. And I mean literally my fingers and thumb are too large for normal. And I wind up half the time trying to plug my nose by shoving a thumb and finger up my nostrils. This was frustrating. Finally, I managed to pinch my nose off. And I could breathe just fine.

    I thought in my dream, okay Iím lucid, now what. Then it hit me, ďIím LUCIDĒ. Suddenly I couldnít see. Itís like I had shut my eyes and couldnít open them. I couldnít spin, couldnít walk or move for that matter. I just didnít know how.

    I was getting disappointed fast, because I wanted to be able to do something fun. I found myself floating into a shower that I was remodeling in our motel, and Iím getting closer and closer to the corner that I hadnít grouted because I was going to caulk instead. I feel like Iím shrinking so that I can fit into the crack in the tile. All the while Iím thinking, this isnít what I want to do while Iím lucid.

    Itís like okay Iím know Iím dreaming, but Iím still not the one in control here. Why canít I control whatís going on?

    I wake up. Iím happy for the lucid, but itís bittersweet because there was no control on my part. I really donít even feel like classifying it as lucid. Seems kinda cheap. But I suppose itís a first step?

    Anybody else ever have that happen?

    DJ 14

    A friend of mine PT and I decide to head to a movie theatre. Iím not even sure what was playing, but from the get up everyone on the outside was in, it must have Star Wars of some sort. We get into the theatre and take out seats and it turns out not be a theatre at all, but a play.

    Star Wars as a play Ė yikes. Well, this thing skips ahead to where Darth Vader and Obiwan go into their light saber scene and suddenly other people from the audience start going up on stage. With light sabers as well (fully functioning). Obiwan actually decapitates Vader and sliced him open at the chest after he hits the floor, and a smaller version of Vader comes out of the body. He decapitates that Vader and disembowels that one too, and yet another smaller version pops out. This goes on for a while.

    There are still people crowding into the theatre to see the show, and a cute lady sits down in the aisle in a folding chair as all the other seats were taken. Her hand inadvertently comes into contact with mine and we glance at each other and exchange small talk. I donít know who she is, but want to. But in my mind I know itís PTís girlfriend (though sheís not). So now Iím feeling guilty and move my hand. PT gets up to go on stage. I grab at him to warn him not to go unarmed as practically everyone on stage has a light saber.

    He doesnít even notice the girl sitting next to me. I look at my hands and theyíre very dry and cracked as if I had been washing dishes for weeks on end in the winter, Theyíre painful to move. This lady puts her hands on them and caresses them as if to soothe them from the roughness. I feel a bit awkward, but I also think why wouldnít PT at least acknowledge her being here. He looked right at her (or through her).

    I take her hand in mine and suddenly the play isnít important anymore.

    Dream ends. Damn alarm clock has gone and woken me up at 4:30. I hit the snooze hoping to get back into the dream, but to no avail, I just sleep for another 15 minutes until the snooze alarm goes off again and itís time to get up.

    Now why couldnít this have been the lucid dream. And letís keep our minds out of the gutter here folks. Thatís not where I was headed.