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    • FryingMan's Avatar
      05-19-2024, 08:08 AM
      Hello! Can you give more detail about what you've been doing in these three months, what you have read, what your day practice looks like, what...
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    • FryingMan's Avatar
      05-14-2024, 08:45 AM
      LD #302 07:00 2024-05-14 "Mural" bedtime ~23:00 recall on 3rd waking at 04:30, 4 dreams MILD on scenes from the dreams, set intent (light,...
      566 replies | 82624 view(s)
    • FryingMan's Avatar
      05-05-2024, 08:46 AM
      LD #298 and #299 came on the same night at the end of April, 2024. LD #300 occurred the next night. (I guess I'm repeating myself here) LD #301 was...
      566 replies | 82624 view(s)
    • FryingMan's Avatar
      04-29-2024, 11:09 AM
      FryingMan replied to a thread Maple's Workbook in DILD
      Keep it up! I'm seven week in to my renewed practice, and I had 3 LDs in the last 3 days (2 LDs 3 days ago, 1 LD yesterday). Consistency is...
      35 replies | 7745 view(s)
    • FryingMan's Avatar
      04-29-2024, 11:07 AM
      LD #297 a couple weeks after #296, also a brief waking moment. I continue to practice the Four Foundational Practices of The Tibetan Yogas of...
      566 replies | 82624 view(s)
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    1. Happy Birthday!!
    2. Happy Birthday!
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      Aw, I preferred mexican gangster land as your location, it was funny.
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      Your welcome! Lol They must have been pretty distracting but i agree, whatever you had to go through, it was definitely worth it~
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      Your new avatar looks cool~ I like the pixel look to it. : )
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    Log 1: 359 Days Later...And onto a new format.

    by Jdoggad on 05-16-2021 at 06:22 AM
    Seeing as I cannot maintain a self-imposed schedule for more than a couple days at a time, I have decided to move onto a new format. Because adding the number of days I missed to the day counter takes too long and actually requires me to use my brain (Or a calculator). I will post a new 'log' whenever I feel like, just to make things easier on myself. The dream counter will stay the same however.

    Fell asleep at: 2:00 PM

    Woke up at: 3:15 PM

    Dream 121: Magical Mutant Madhouse

    I'm in a place resembling the interior of the Spencer Mansion from RE1 mixed with a cheap Rio Grande Valley home. The lighting is both yellow and white, presumably coming from different sources. The dream is in the first person, and I believe that I'm actually playing Resident Evil 8, and that I can pause the game, save, and load a previous save whenever I can.

    I "spawn" in what I believe is the entrance of the house. An L-shaped counter towers over me as I crouch down behind it. A dog is prowling around behind me, and a whole bunch of crazy mutated residents (A la RE7) are wandering around in front of me. I believe that this spawn point is needlessly unfair and try to reload the save numerous times. On one of these attempts I try to sneak around the evil residents when one of them, the mother (Resembling Lady Dimitrescu AKA 'tall vampire lady') spots me. I manage to reload the save before I die.

    On my final attempt, I decide to just bum rush my way towards a steel door to the rightmost corner of the room. I accidentally tumble into one of the Lady's daughters (None of the family members resemble the characters from the game, by the way), a college age girl with a black t-shirt and long black hair. As she falls forward, I see that she "melts" into a puddle of gray goo as she hits the ground, and I nearly fall face-first into the puddle. I assume that this is her "power." Behind me, another one of the Lady's daughters uses what I assume to be magic to 'hulk up' as she notices my presence. I pick myself up and keep running whilst crouched as she barrels towards me. I manage to open the steel door and shut it behind me, locking it from my side.

    Before I say anything, I spot three more young women behind me, huddled around a steel desk (In fact, everything in these corridors seems to be made of steel). They seem to be talking amongst each other about the other members of their family. I hurriedly sneak past them, further heading into the unlit steel hallways.

    I take a left, and as I reach the end of this hallway, a mysterious person grabs and restrains me from behind. They claim that they're going to set the both of us on fire using the two exposed wires in their hand. I struggle and try to turn the sparking wires back on my assailant, while also trying to reload my save (Apparently, in the dream, reloading saves is a manual process, and having both my arms restrained was interfering with the process).

    My attacker manages to set my jacket sleeve on fire, which I shove into their face, managing to break free of the grab. I turn the wires back on them, and they are now completely wreathed in flame. I barrel through the door leading outside. I immediately throw my jacket off and lock the door behind me, and only then do I notice I'm on the roof of the building.

    It looks like the roof of a school or office, not a house or a castle. The sky is cloudy and pouring rain. I find myself walking up a spiral staircase leading to another roof while being accompanied by two police officers. I explain to them what happened in the house. I get an overpowering sense of dread, as I'm being reminded of Ethan Winters' interactions with the police during RE7.

    A while after getting to the roof of yet another building, open another door, and we see that we are inside of a schoolyard. It is here where I see a kid expend purple energy whilst throwing a baseball to another kid. I panic as I think the kid is another one of those psychotic magical mutants, and that he was going to murder the other kid. The other kid catches the ball, though, and continues playing. I ponder this, "Why is this kid not a raging psychopath like the other 'Magic Mutants?' Maybe not ALL of them are evil after all."

    I then turn to my right and see an already bulky guy in a tight red shirt and white shorts 'hulk up', and charge towards me. Just great.

    I nonchalantly walk into the gym (using the same door we used to get in the schoolyard, for the record) and see another kid use purple energy to throw baseballs.

    Then the dream ends.

    Spencer Mansion Interior: From the PS1 version because, as I said, the mansion in my dream looked incredibly cheap.

    Schoolyard: I swear the courtyard from my dream looked almost exactly like this, although not quite as JPEG-y.
    non-lucid , memorable , side notes

    Day 828 --> 830: A Really Interesting Title

    by Jdoggad on 05-21-2020 at 09:08 PM
    Day 829:

    Fell asleep at: 3:00 AM

    Woke up at: 9:00 AM

    Dream 119: Tooth-Conscious

    I'm in my house, possibly a FA, and I go over to the restroom to look at myself in the mirror. I find that my two front teeth are horrendously mangled, crooked and with a wide gap in between. I begin to freak out, wondering how my teeth got this bad. Then I woke up for real.

    Day 830:

    Fell asleep at: 3:00 AM

    Woke up at: 1:00 PM

    Dream 120: Monster Hunting

    I'm in a house, a moderately expensive one it looks like, almost certainly not my own. I'm sitting on the couch playing a Monster Hunter game with my family, which is odd, as MH doesn't support split-screen nor is it the kind of game my family would play.

    My dad, who usually wouldn't play anything more complex than Mario Kart, is complaining how we've only been killing easy monsters. So, in retaliation, I select a mission involving hunting a Tetsucabra and Glavenus at once. It absolutely wipes the floor with the rest of my family, but at this point I'm too involved with my performance to really care.

    As I'm soloing the Glavenus, I find something...off about it. Every now and then it will let loose a stream of blue Pikmin from its gaping maw, sapping my health away. I'm juggling between slashing it with my Great Sword and guzzling Mega Potions and getting nowhere real fast.

    Then the dream ended.

    Day 828: My Sixth Zombie Dream

    by Jdoggad on 05-19-2020 at 08:02 PM
    Fell asleep at: 3:00 AM

    Woke up at: 11:00 AM

    Dream 117: The Non-Zombie Related One

    In what seems to be a cheap hotel with concrete walls and poor accommodations. It has a window and a minifridge at the very least, so there's that. Not five minutes before I begin settling into my room, a young girl (She looks no older than 15 to me) barges in my room and starts coming onto me. I get massively uncomfortable, thinking someone's going to see me with a minor in a fleabag hotel.

    Next thing I remember, we're both lying on the bed (Fully clothed, but still). And now I want to give my dream self a SERIOUS talking to. I swear my dream self and myself are two completely separate people.

    Dream 118: The Zombie One

    In what seems to be a high school in the middle of a zombie epidemic. I'm sprinting through a series of tight hallways with a shotgun in my hands trying to seek shelter. I spot a female zombie that looks massively decayed, basically just skin and bones now, as she convulses on the floor. Turning a corner, I find a door ajar with what looks to be human survivors in it. I get inside, and lock the door behind me.

    Now I'm inside what was once a computer lab. Low ceiling, but a wide enough area to stretch your legs in. I start to converse with the survivors, one of which resembling my sister and the other resembling her husband. My brother-in-law has decided to keep watch, guarding the entrance with what looks to be an assault rifle. I go over to another survivor, a teenage girl chewing on a laptop. I don't remember much of the conversation, to be frank.

    My brother-in-law then announces that he's going to set off an electrical grid that will shock all the zombies in the school to death. After a three second countdown, he does just that, and we make our escape from the school.

    An epilogue then plays out, explaining that our group of survivors were able to clear our town of zombies and rebuild. And that's about it.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Day 823 --> Day 827: Sycophant Supreme

    by Jdoggad on 05-18-2020 at 08:17 PM
    Don't recall anything leading up to Day 650.

    Day 650:

    Fell asleep at: 3:00 PM

    Woke up at: 10:00 AM

    Dream 116: Fawning Over A Psychotic AI

    Inside this broken down facility, everything is some shade of brown with the odd red hazard light. Pipes, broken down machinery, with the foundation of the building in severe disrepair. I am talking to an artificial intelligence that was formed from the consciousness of a recently deceased woman. Think Handsome Jack from TFTB, that kinda scenario. I come to the conclusion that she has uploaded herself to the factory's computer systems, as she communicates to me over an intercom.

    In order to save my skin, I start giving her undue praise. Apparently, when she was alive, she was quite a sadistic ***** that caused trouble to a lot of people. I never quite understood how or why her consciousness turned into an AI postmortem, but that seemed like something that would provoke a reaction from her, so I didn't ask.

    I then spent the rest of the dream trying to bootlick this AI until I was on its good side.
    Then the dream ended.

    Updated 05-19-2020 at 07:36 PM by Jdoggad

    memorable , side notes , non-lucid

    Day 822: Major Blargh

    by Jdoggad on 05-14-2020 at 01:53 PM
    Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

    Woke up at: 3:30 AM

    No dreams to report. Had a nasty headache before going to bed, while also having listened to Silent Hill 1's main theme earlier in the day. I don't know which made it harder to fall asleep.

    Updated 05-19-2020 at 07:35 PM by Jdoggad

    side notes